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The flutter of Wings

*The flutter of Wings*

I hope everyone's keeping warm!  After 4 years we have finally gotten a freeze here in Houston! Very happy over this and hoping it kills off some of the mosquitos here for spring and summer. They are so bad~ but strange because we don't get much rainfall in spring time and summer. Many times in past I have said how "I miss the snowfalls". I am about to change my thoughts on this! But I think I will always miss the snows to watch and play in. Maybe when we go back to Scotland in wintertime I can finally make a snowhorse..a dream of mine!

Here is what I've been doing.  She's such a pretty Missy isn't she? She will be listed on Etsy for sale at Singingglass my Lampwork page. I guess who ever takes her home will name her!

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Nice job, I love the focal. Cheers!
Lori in Atlanta


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