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Andrews Great Sale and a Wonderful Shop!

Andrew Thornton's

Andrew Thornton has a really Great Shop! And his prices are very wonderful!
He also has designer pieces...worth checking out.
Check out Andrews great blog too!

Take a minute and check all of his treasures out. This is
a great Sale! You can check Andrews
shop out here!

He is
cleaning HOUSE!

Yet Another Give~away! For an Artist who has Lost everything!

Yet another Grand Give~away!
Lori Anderson is having such a Worthy Give~away.

A talented Artisan has lost her Studio due to a fire. Please read more..

(here is a wonderful Big bead goodie bag from Lori)

Last month, Kimberly Wilcoxs studio was completely and devastatingly destroyed by an electrical fire. Gone. All her tools, many of which were large and expensive. The entire studio structure. Insurance has barely scratched the surface and won't come anywhere near to helping her rebuild her livelihood.

PLEASE visit Loris blog and read about what has happened!

All donations will help and you have the chance to Win a great big Goodie bag!


Thank you for your generosity Lori!

TWO Great Give~aways!

Two Great Giveaways!

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Maria Grimes is having a Great Giveaway to celebrate
her 8th year of lampworking! She will make
5 lampwork beads for you..
Don't miss is worth checking!

Another Give~away!

Andrew Thornton is a very generous Blogger
who also is hosting a grand Give~away!
Hop over to his blog!
He features a great talented lampwork Artisan
Sue Kennedy.

Wonderful Things! You have to Look!

Beautiful Things!

Drip-1466-Made in JET and LEAF smooth leather. A nice sleek belt bag, pouch. Enough room for your mobile and a few coins, etc. This little pouch holds a surprising amount.

Some Wonderful things Ive found Today!

So come with me and have a look..

Ive found this Shop and what different lovelies they have!

All handmade and all different..a bit like you and me..

**** The Shop is I away with the fairys? No but I am so in love their Wonderful things and am passing these on! Needing to visit Scotland to see the family and buy some of these..


Lovely Jubley as my British husband would say!

Nicely different and I am so in Love love love!
Well made handmade handbags..

Pod-1458-pod,bag,large,caramel brown,messenger


Squish-1103-Made in 'plum' pull up leather, thick and soft which changes colour as it moves, its gorgeous! Its called SQUISH because it has 3 pockets to stuff all your bits in! One large (the actual body of the bag) and two small. The front flap forms the cover for the front pocket with press stud closure. This bag suits a smaller shoulder strap length, for just picking it up and slinging onto your shoulder so the strap is not over long.  Raw edge seam detail for a unique finish.

Hennock-222-Made in softest emerald nubuck leather with vintage style button detail on the front flap.  Fully lined with a linen lining complete with interior pocket.  Easy to use magnetic closure to keep it all inside.  Dimensions: Width:28cm, height:20cm, depth:8cm, strap:90cms.

NOMADS evening bag-

Nice cuff!

<span class=

Yes I like this..



Just Lovely!

Ditsy print-dress-dress,black,pink

I can live with these..

Leaf-754 UK 6-

and these!

Fingle-713 UK 6-

These are called *Queenie fairy shoes they are so lovely!
But Im not going to any fancy balls these days!

Something for everyone! And what quality Sublime!

Imagine wearing these!
Cute as buttons but not today..

So wonderful!

Berry red cardigan-


Fairy cowl-<span class=

Something to pin on your fancy frock..


All of these can be found at FAIRYSTEPS!

And here is the BLOG!

Another Grand Giveaway!

A Great Giveaway!

Gaeas beads..


This is a Great giveaway!! Over at Andrew Thornton's
Blog he is giving away TWO of Gaea Cannadays bead sets.
This girl Rocks! Why? Because her beads are so creatively unique.
Ive spent a good bit on her beads lately but heck maybe I cant eat
now..but she can! lol. She is having a big sale too right now
worth checking out.

Go over to Andrew Thornton's page and check this
giveaway he is sponsoring. He is one generous dude!

No Jewellery today... but the passing of a dear little Owlet

An Owlets passing..

This picture by artist John Atkinson of "Owlets in the Sky"
for the owners of the owl box Carlos and Donna Royal.
Lovely isnt it?

Its probably not new news of the Owls Molly and McGee of San Marcos California.
The live Owl box on USTREAM. But I'm saddened that the 3rd owlet born out of the
4 has passed. Pretty exciting as I saw one of the owlets born live!
Kelly died in the wee hours of the morning last night. To avoid predators
she was consumed by Molly.


This is Molly yesterday with her owlets from my screen shot.
At least the weather in San Marcos
is not as scorching as the rest of the country
in the man made built box..

This is the last Owlet the 4th that was born her name is Jody.
Look at that Mother Molly helping..

I believe the Lord has all of His creatures covered
and she is now in the arms of Love..

7 Things about me and British Spotted dick dessert!

Get to know me Blogger Award

7 things about me..

(pics below)

Lori Anderson over at her Pretty Things Blog had an Award given to her about being a very Versatile blogger. Congrats Lori! She has invited others to take the ball with this and run, so I thought why not? Tho I did not Win this award Ill give it a go anyway!

1. I took BALLET as a child and studied 8 years. Part of that time I studied under Soviet Ballet dancer defector Andre Eglevesky.

2. I learned to ride a UNICYCLE as a kid and rode all over the neighborhood. It was very hard to learn!

3. I helped my father raise CATERPILLAR'S for his study in the field of lepedopteria.
I knew the name of every butterfly I saw! The Cecropia Moth emerges and has No mouth parts to eat. She lives to lay eggs and he lives to mate then dies. How sad.

<span class=

4. I cooked in a Pillsbury Bake-Off in South Carlolina. Tho I didnt win it was great fun!

5. I went to Parsons School of Design and The New School in NYC for Fashion Design and
fashion Illustrator. It was very exciting! (left to get married to the X lesson learned!)

6. I lived in Scotland with my Brit husband for 4 years. I ate and cooked HAGGIS, neeps and tatties, bubble and squeek , rowies, baps, cockaleekie soup, black pudding, yorkshire pudding and mince and tatties. All wonderful food!

This is haggis below..

Haggis is distinct in that is it made from lamb's offal and suet. Lamb's offal is the
lung, heart, and liver of a young sheep. Suet is the white, hard fat from the
kidneys and loins of livestock, like cattle and sheep.

Traditionally served with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes)

Black pudding..on the right. Spotted dick? Would you like some? (many a childs laughter)

Spotted dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit (usually currants) commonly served with custard. Spotted refers to the dried fruit(which resemble spots) and dick may be a contraction/corruption of the word pudding (from the last syllable) or possibly a corruption of the word dough[1] or dog, as "spotted dog" is another name for the same dish with the use of plums rather than currants. Another explanation offered for the latter half of the name is that it comes from the German word for "thick," in reference to the thickened suet mixture.

Spotted dick in the can to the left.

20081209-<span class=

Spotted dick is always served with custard!

All Black pudding is made of blood and Yorkshire pudding is the British name for the American popover. I learned so much in Scotland. Alot of culture too and an eloquence that I well admire to the mannerisms to the way of life.

Here is the house in Scotland of my husbands!

7. I worked for a Millionaire in Virginia before I came here to Texas.

I'm sure many of you have alot of things about yourselves.

Pass this on and write something about yourself!

Have a great day!

Much needed Changes and a Rainey Summertime Necklace!

How do I love this? Let me count the ways..

I love this necklace!

Been trying new things..made the chain today too all handmade chain and clasp
and the pendant by superwoman Jade Scott. It is called "Indian Harvest" Look for them in my Shop soon..

Its really nice having some friends in the jewellery world! I had a nice chat with Cindy Wimmer today. As with anything quilting or any hobby isn't it nice when there are people out there who reach out. Shes helped me on few things a lovely woman and talented too at her Sweet Bead Studio in Virginia. Shes such a busy bee with her family and her jewellery always has a bounce in its step!


Well I've left my job due to personal reasons but I was so very happy to do it! I would say I was treated badly by the assistant manager and Id had it was time for a change something Ive wanted to do for a good while now. My daughter and I have a venture in mind for our own small business and I will definitely be doing that..but more time for up coming Lampwork atleast.


I also have created this piece. The ceramics are by the ever talented Gaea. A few industrial chic thingies here and there and a smattering of handmade polymer clay by ME, all chain handmade by myself as well. House focal by Jubilee. This is called Happy Home!

It is finally cooling down a tad here in H town Houston..I savor the fall and winter
I really look forward to the soon changes!


And Summer her dress once so golden
and splashed with all of her painted colours
was now ragged..
Because she had danced so hard all that came near
her had died..
But the cooler winds now beckoned her
to lie down and sleep..
So she slept and forgot!
But the Crimson Autumn rustled up and came out to the edge
and lept out into the crisp cool Night!