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Time to get BUSY and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box

You ever just want to kick your OWN hind quarters? Well I do. Despite big changes in my life and I'm not feeling so great sometimes.. I've told myself today Janet you've just to get back to work. The world waits for No One. And today it is clearer than ever..

The New Year is here and I will get back to my Lampworking I must crack my Own whip because if I don't make this happen No One will.

So I've made some Lampwork which is here and in my Shop here. I've got some pictures of Birgitta Lejonklous Hedgehog necklace its so Earthy and sooo pretty isn't it? She makes such beauty with her ceramic focals! And here too is her bracelet..and they are all Mine! Yey. Here is her Shop.

As far as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box it is lost officially LOST or was Stolen never to be found. I'm so sorry for that because it was just GREAT because it was Legend. Heather Powers many Thanks to her for the Box as she started it..

My Lampwork at Etsy
and Birgitta Lejonklous beautiful work..