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For the Love of a Dragon and his Jewellery horde..

What a Dragons horde..

Whilst messing about on facebook  last night I found this incredibly talented Artist Missy Oakley who brings Dragons to life. Look at these Dragons. The time she must put into these creations must be long, and the attention to detail. Missy uses DAS air dry clay and they are painted with acrylics. Wouldn't I like to be as a fly on the wall watching her! She does commissions. So I think I will put my order in today! Wouldn't that be something having one of these creatures on your wall?! I can only imagine the wonderfulness that goes on in Misty's head to create these. She also makes focals pictured below. This is one of her Blogs HERE and she is also on facebook.. So Ill leave you to look at some of her creations below..

Her focals too below..

Have a Great day creating! Me? To the torch I go..
I think Ill buy a packet of clay tomorrow lol..

Frustration comes..

Frustration comes..

But in frustration comes determination..
What else do we have to do but go Up? So Janet's started her  Journey. My Beads are round and pretty but Ive got so much to learn. Ive posted some great Round beads and then some that aren't that great. There is so much to Lampwork! But these are MY steps and one day I will look back and Smile a big smile.

And say You did it..

So I bought this Jellyfish tutorial by Mary Lockwood. I cant wait to try it..down the road, hopefully not too far in the near future. Ill put the new colour cartridge in the printer tonite and print it out. Even my husband cant wait to see it. I understand how things are done tho which is good so I start.

Its just Learning the Glass I tell myself. 
I want more servings!
Like learning to ride my bicycle..

No Lampworking today
..its Friday..
I need a rest!

Have a wonderful weekend!

What an Awesome Give~Away! Check this one out!

An Awesome Give~Away!

Andrew Thornton is having Some kinda Give~away! Check this out! Hes got a gazillion Green Girl Studio pendants he is giving away! Go to his page to find out all the juicy details HERE!

Bead Table Wednesday! And clean the house in 45 minutes whoa!

Its Bead Table Wednesday!

Is this a successful BTW?

Well yes and No. I torched these beads partly to go with GAEAS  Sweet as pie Balloon floating in the air focal. The sky colour is off. So I will use some of them for something else. Shucks I will have to scout around for a different greenish actually aqua background for the balloon. But none the less I made beads that I can use. So this will be back to the drawing board!

 Ill use some of the Sari Ribbons as pictured above. They were purchased from Etsy my other post tells where I purchased them HERE.

Un~matched in the greens but here's my BTW anyway!

**I seem to be so great at getting things NOT done. Now Ive got 20 minutes to clean my house before I torch!**
Something tells me I'm not going to make that happen!
(you know blogging, reading blogs, watering the grass, petting
the cat, on the phone...messing about)

So whats floating your Balloon today?

A Note:  I'm so THANKFUL that we were spared tornadoes where I live and shudder at whats happened in these Incredible twisters that have ravished many areas! Prayers out to all of the stricken families ox

Thank you for stopping by!

Such a Wonderful Giveaway from Barbara Lewis!

This is such a Wonderful Giveaway in Celebration of Barbara Lewis new upcoming Book release on Torch~Fired Enamel Jewellery! Ive looked inside this Book and its chock full of such Sweet and wonderful Jewellery ideas and how to step by step enamel!

Head over to Barbara's Blog for a chance to Win her torch~fired enamel beads!

If I can do can YOU. My Lampwork and beautiful Sari ribbons..

Here are MY Lampworked beads from Singingwoods! Ive come so far but that's not an in your face statement. Ok theres women's lib and pride, but because my husband makes some real green backs and I didn't I was relying on him to set me up into Lampwork. Ive come from begging "yes begging" for all of the equipment and his real fears to a fire or blow up to a milestone, and Ill tell you it feels just grand. So no matter never let go to what your dream is..what YOU want to do. Never. Its taken me 3 years to get everything together and buy this and that. It is costly too (a pair of glasses to torch with are $60.00), but we can do things in stages cant we? Sure we can. Ive probably said all of this before, but when we finally "see" things happening there sure is Joy in the morning. So I'm sharing my Joy here! Here are some beads I just made! (so far Ive done maybe 6 firings)  My goal in time, and this takes time.. are birds, berries, star and some jellyfish. But we set out goals don't we? Woot and you know what maybe religions not ok for some but I really believe that the Lord is SO good, He says He hears prayers and He said He will give you the desires of your Heart..He sure did me. I will always be so thankful and grateful! 

So I just bought a chair and I cant wait to use it for the no more back aches. Ive also been waiting for Sari ribbons to come in. I guess I bought alot?! But you don't really know who's is better and so on. I bought from two suppliers. One I liked better. But all in all the ribbons are beautiful. HamptonArtisticYarns were lovely, but I was a tad more partial to xxxcookie. Both can be found on Etsy, and both have very good prices. 

I know alot of pictures! 

So now to clean up the house or do I torch?
Umm torch and try out the new chair..

Have a lovely blessed day

Give~aways are Great! Check this one out!

Andrew Thornton is hosting a really great Give~away! Hes giving away a Beaducation class on Metal Fold Forming. Go to his page and check this out!

I've recently taken a Beaducation class and they are just great! You get unlimited access and you can order whatever tools you need from any class. They have alot of classes and instructors. So get on the case and click on Andrews link!

My Daughters opened a new banner Shop and I am still making beads and where is Singingwoods?

 I thought I would show you what my lovely Daughter Jenny made for me! 

A little STORY...
When my kids were very young my X and I lived in this really sleepy southern town of Summerville SC. To get to my parents house we would drive through the older homes part of the small town. There were all different small sweet homes with alot of big pines and gigantic oaks with moss in the trees. (it was really such a sleepy beautiful little town outside of Charleston SC) One house had this black wrought iron sign that swung in the wind up on a pole that said “Singingwoods”. I always loved that the people named their home that name and I never forgot it. Thus came my Blog name Singingwoods. Some things are never forgotten and are deeply plowed into our hearts! 

She has her own shop at Etsy and makes wonderful banners!
Her Shop name is Three Little Pixels HERE
She is very talented check her out..and tell her Janet sent you!

Count your Blessings that you woke up Today and that you are Blessed with sight and a working body..these things in themselves are Miracles..

I'm still torching and there isn't a day that your on the torch that you don't soak in SOMETHING..

Here's a peek at a necklace I was working on..
See my shabby chic Lampwork beads I made to go with (Gaeas) ceramics? 
It feels so good to finally do something of my own 
being more self sufficient! 

Well its getting late and tomorrow comes quickly with vinca flowers (can withstand heavy hot sun) and black mulch to put in too. Then torch time..

and God Bless you!