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I think I need a better pic of this! Its so brilliantly coloured and I love the way it came out this bird nest amongst the dark nuggets and czech faceted rondelles.
My husband Ron has been in hospital and that's worrying. His company sent for ambulance bc his blood pressure was out the door high. Two days of tests and more tests. He sees the Cardiologist in 2 weeks. But they did say his heart was strong...I thank the Lord! Ron's so precious to me Ive got a lovely British kind and gentle but not a wimp husband. I pray for One can never be too prayed up in my book. Heaven awaits me that's for sure.
I am going to be doing some more jewellery soon, but meanwhile Houston where we live Ive never seen such heat! I told my husband today lets go back to Scotland its cooler there. Ive been working on alot of Halloween projects at my work. painting and carving display pumpkins having fun and keeping busy. One project was 3 pumpkins all stacked up one on top of the other each painted different colours like purple, orange and lime green. Glue them one on top of each other, mind you cutting off some of the bottoms so they sit right. Then write the house number say 450 each pumpkin a different number. Then paint the numbers in black and when dry put those googly eyes in a row over the numbers. Top with a spooky black bird. Work is never dull!
Good Night and Bless you all! x

Thinking of Scotland tonight

Thinking of our home in Scotland tonight! My husband keeps saying how he wants to go "home". I don't know what the future brings but who knows? With the global economy the way it is the UK has also suffered many job losses. But Aberdeen is the oil capitol and we would be going to Aberdeenshire if we do go back to my husbands home. Scotland is the land of loveliness. There are just castles everywhere. And the land is green belted where they don't let developers tear down and bulldoze everything like they do here in Houston. I believe the old saying "bloom where your planed" but well the UK is utterly beautiful. They have really great food and sweeties like mince and tatties, haggis which I loved, trifles, morning rolls or "rowies". And the little shops everywhere are a real delight.
Well its getting very late Id better turn off the water sprinkler and get to bed.
Night All!