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Ive been so out of Blogging because..and the Traveling Bead Box

Where does the time go? Its so blasted hot here its been 104 degrees in the shade! And tonight it is 95 at 9 PM. 
The ACs been running non stop. My front yard is burning up. This is really bad heat to handle! My Studios really warm and hard to Lampwork in now. We were really kind of hoping the hurricane would hit here! Maybe another will come..its rained 2 very small showers this whole summer. Never seen anything like it.
I've been busy with my family..a good thing! This is my latest Lampwork below. Meanwhile I Won by a random pick "The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box"! I was so happy to of been picked the winner after 20 tries at the I'll be posting about that in another week and a half.
News is Ill leave you with my latest Lampwork. I guess my style these days is Shabby chic Lampwork as I call it! My Lampwork has been selling a bit well..and I'm so pleased! Lampwork is such a learning curve believe me. Thank you for those who have bought! I Always put a little extra something in the bundles I send out too!  I Love to work with glass and its really relaxing these days especially when another skill is mastered.
 I love this set because it reminds me of the fall harvest when there's a bounty. Red cabbages, eggplants and rhubarb! This can be found in my Etsy Shop HERE.

I hope everyone is ok and surviving this heat and hurricane..
God Bless you!

Here it is..My SOUP

My long awaited Soup has arrived!

My partner Davina Algeri of Back Pocket Designs. She works with polymer clay and makes Jewellery. Here's the Soup she sent me!


She also made me some extra tags from polymer clay. That was so very thoughtful!

So I will have to see what to do with my Soup!

Have a great day everyone! 
And to all at Bead Fest..send me a bead! ox

Bead Table Wednesday!

It is Bead Table Wednesday!

That's the Latest for me! That's what is on my Table and went to visit with all the other beadie friends in the Shop LOL. 

You know when I torched this I did not like the beads! Why well I dunno. Silly I guess. When they are all bundled they look like a beautiful arrangement! We all need a little more faith sometimes don't we?!

I hope your day was wonderful. If not remember tomorrows another day..and that the night washes away the sediments of today! Have a great day everyone..

Torching away!

Its super hot outside..when will it stop?!
Been torching. Some Ive made I didnt like! But here are some that will be Loved in their new home..sold today. A good feeling. Thank you!

The Bead Soup Party and My Partner!

Its Bead Soup for Tea! 
As My British husband would say.."Janet whats for tea"? And that means whats for supper..and so the Bead Soup Party continues!

And so I am pleased to say that my partner 
for this years Soup is the lovely Devina Algeri Aussie 
from "Polymer Clay Beads Baubles and Buttons". 
She does wonderful polymer clay!
And makes beautiful jewellery to boot!

Today I will torch her some Lampworked beads. 
What to torch..I'm just not sure? 
I will play with my new 
and see what comes 
out of the kiln!

I've to meet my Muse in the Studio today
and she needs to be on time! 

Oh Yea! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box emerges once again!!

This is Bliss! And from The Bliss Guild~Alice's has the Box up for grabs!

As of date there has been 19 Lucky people that were randomly chosen to get this Treasure Trove! 

Heather Powers was the Smart Cookie behind this Box..what a wonderful thing do do! Here is Alice over at The Bliss Guild..Good Luck to everyone!

This is Yee Haw!!

Whats on Your Bead Table Wednesday?

Today is bead Table Wednesday..
And it is a quiet day here but steadily heating up. Last night it was so oppressive it felt like a sauna as soon as you stepped outside. I saw a medium sized frog the other night too and was shocked to see him as we never get water. Amazing! 

If your on face book then you have already seen these two Sets. So they are whats on my BTW. They can be found in My Shop too here at SingingGlass!

News is scarce! Ill be torching today and I will try something new!? Hope that goes well.

Have a great day and keep calm and cool!

Today is a brand new day! A Playdate of beads yey and Todays Friday..

Do you ever start a Blog and not really know what to say? Wear your heart on your shoulder or just get on with it? 

I will say..this life is not for the faint hearted!
Sometimes I say to myself Janet your too touchy feely. But no this is the real thing. But sometimes your heart is so broken. Theres been a serious family problem, but this too shall pass I say.
Have I torched? No at times you just cannot do anything but grieve. But today is a brand New day and things are gonna be ok.

Here is a set of purples that Ive torched 
and Not shown before..

 They have a play date with Gaeas beads and are fighting for their placement with my Lampwork lol..

My Lampwork on L and Gaeas beads on R

 Here are my new loveys from Birgitta at 

 I'm bad for hoarding and not wanting 
to take these beauty's to create to sell!

My husband was home for a week on Holiday. No torching then. Then the catastrophe in the family and here's my glass and tools that have piled up and not been brought into the Studio. I'm really good at freezing up and not being able to create when this happens..

So I raise my glass to everyone and wish you a Happy Friday and may the good Lord Bless you!

Bead Soup Party!

Lori Anderson over at Pretty Things is now 

taking names for the Bead Soup Party! 

For More Information click HERE! This is one 

heck of a Party Bead Swap you do not want to 

miss! Lori also has a book being published on 

this! Whoo~hooo let the Party begin!

(hurry..sign~ups are only 3 days!)