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i heart macro

i heart macro

In the world beauty spills out!

a rose is a rose is a rose

already the acorns are growing..

I keep whispering to this mimosa 
wont you please grow
and bring me some of your

the prickly pear
thrives..maybe some flowers 
from you next year?

in this mega heat its amazing how the bees
just know where to find water..

inside the bird bath
I wonder what lives in it?

 i love macro 

from my house to

i *heart macro* a Sunday thing and My Fathers Day..I miss you Dad


(its a Sunday thing!)

Here is Queens Anne Lace
so beautiful!

Did you know you can make a cake from the root of this " wild carrot" as it is sometimes called, and jelly as well. Its always been my favourest of flowers as it is seemingly fit for a Queen in all of its Glory!

Happy Fathers Day to everyone!

My Father is gone now how I miss him. He was such a good good man. I never heard him one time fuss at my Mother or ever say any cuss words. He gave me the best memories, and I wish I could once again thank him! 

We lived in the suburbs of NY when I was young. My Dad and I always loved the country so when he retired he bought this beautiful farm in Virginia. It had a stream that ran thru the bottom field covered by a small bridge so you could drive your car over. His fields over looked a vineyard and rolling hills. It was pretty breathtaking. 

This was one of his cats on the clothesline, but you can see one of the views he had from the house he had on top of the hill where he lived. He lived in a place called Fortunes Cove.

Theres my Dad Gordon sitting over on the far left and my little Jenny beside him peeking out. I was younger and pregnant to the right of them. Then my Grandfather from Norway and my Mother Dorothy. Sitting outside having a bite to eat. This was in SC, before moving to Virginia.

Here are Dads beloved cats Andrew and Dee Dee now long gone. How he loved cats! I think Dad is in Heaven now with these two and all of the Angels..

I miss you Dad!

Have a great Fathers Day!

A time for Giving..and Another grand Give~Away!

My Paying it forward..and another Grand Give~Away! I mentioned in my last Blog entry I was making a necklace for my neighbors daughter as they are going to be foreclosed is what Ive made from my own Lampworked beads and Green Girl charms. This isn't supposed to be asymmetrical or intricate as I don't know Mayas Ive kept it basic and simple. But its sure
is purty when its on!  
(she is away to her Grandmothers right now..
I've written her a Note with it..I sure hope she 
likes it..)
I wish them God speed in their days ahead..

(the colours are the same, but I've just lightened up the background a bit. My camera loves to project the colour purple in backgrounds!)

Now for the Give~Away..
Andrew Thornton's gone to the big Bead and Button show and brought back a treasure trove of beads some of what hes giving away. So generous! They are really beautiful beads! Here is the LINK

What to do this weekend?
Houston's so bloomin hot its hard to get out to do anything! With the city and suburbs seemingly encased in concrete and asphalt I would say its got to be cooler in the countryside! 

Maybe well go pool shopping?! 
Sounds like a grand idea lol..
have a great one!

BTW and Paying it forward with Kimberly

Okies BTW (for those who don't know its Bead Table Wednesday) is here and I will share what Ive been doing!

 My Lampworked beads are meant to be small (with this Green Girl Angel charm) to make this a wearable necklace for a 13 year old girl..

To cut a long story short my neighbors are having a hard time and the owner who is being the banker called me and told me she was going to foreclose on them, they must of fallen way behind. Daunting very sad! The owner who sold them the house "for Sale by Owner" and is financing the house called me to ask if they moved out during the night and to call her if I "see" anything. My husband told me Janet don't do that, and I can't see myself calling her. I'm not the Alice Kravitts type.

And I feel very bad for them as she is a single Mom with a 13 year old daughter and her elderly Mother. Big sigh here. So Ive prayed for them yes, and I have been torching little beads to make the daughter a necklace. 

Its got an Angel and it looks like she is bringing good tidings! I will make this necklace and give it to the girl telling her tho that No matter what happens in this life that the Lord loves her and to stand firm in her faith that God can open doors of change even if they right now are closing.

Here's the beads Ive torched. They are small and only a few fancy ones. I will make some twisties today and see about wrapping them around some small beads and see how they look too. I don't want big beads for a cumbersome necklace..something made that she could wear often maybe.

I hope everything will be ok for them and maybe she can catch up..Bless them!

Paying it forward..

Its really nice to make some good friends in the Blogging world and my friend Kimberly Roberts is surely one of them! She was my bead partner 2 years ago in the big Bead Soup Party hosted by Lori Anderson. Some friends you just nick with and they stay close..what a great feeling! Kimberly's so talented now doing ceramics as well as her Lampwork. I believe she does it all! 

Here's what Kimberly sent me. She had a Pay it forward and I was luckily picked. Shes made me 4 Lampwork beads (ooops I forgot 1 in the pic!) to match the handmade ceramic that she made. 

How lovely thank you Kimberly. You Rock!

And its Hot hot hot in Topeka!

Ive never seen so many birds constantly taking bird baths two at a time! 

Stay cool!

I'm off for some cold Green tea!

And thank you for stopping by!

Another Sublime Giveaway!

Some Wonderful Give~Aways this Summer!

Here are just a few pictures of another Give~Away..

This is a smashing Give~Away from Lori over at her lovely 

Blog  Pretty Things! She went to the Bead and Button Show 

this year and came back with some real treasures! Nine 

blessed people will Win! Here is Loris LINK. I personally 

would love to win the new Green Girl Studio charm of an bird  


A Big Thank you to Lori 

who is Always such a Sweet 

and thoughtful Blogger!

Lanas having this GREAT Giveaway!

A Wonderful Give~Away!

Lana Kinney of Somethinguniquebylana 
is having a really Wonderful Give~away! 

Here's only a smidgen of what shes giving away!

Beauty's from Gaea, Mary Harding, Jane Perela, 
Gardanne beads, Jennifer Haynen and many more!

You can go to Lana's Blog HERE to find out more
of her very generous Give~a~way!

Its time to Come UP for Air! My little Lampwork story..

Ever just get plain ol silly? 
Well if we don't I think we are indeed old! 
I Lampworked these beads and laughed when 
I showed my daughter *silly really My 
little story about my beads..

We had a great day at the beach!

It was really hot!

So we ran to the waters edge..
and jumped in the ocean!

The water felt cold after awhile, and we
were hungry so we ran up to the blanket..

and dug into the meringue pie Mother had made!

Oh and it was so good!

Here are my latest Lampworked beads, some of which may go to Sweden. But at any rate I'm working on the torch. Mornings are always exciting, you feel like a kid..Christmas it up and look inside. 

Ive got alot to learn! But its a journey I tell myself over and over again. Maybe Ill take another small class soon? Not sure. 
My good friend Kimberly from Bahama Dawn has invited 
me to come to Abaco in November. Shes having the lovely Lampwork instructor Cassie Donlen come. Wow Lampwork, the beach, shells..Kimberly and Cassie! And vegan food as Kimberly's a vegan! I hope to go!