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Such a Wonderful Giveaway!!

A very Generous Giveaway!!

Wow look at all of this!

Andrew Thornton is having a really Wonderful Giveaway to Celebrate the 4 year Anniversary of his Blog! So many lovely things! Here is the link...go on over and have a lookie here!

Andrew Thornton is a talented jewellery designer and his family owns Green Girl Studios.

Andrew is always doing Something!

If not cooking mouth watering meals, hes out in his garden or writing about how he fits and feels about the Universe, and always very heartfelt things said..

he is such a lovely man...

My friend Artisan Ceramic bead maker is having a SALE!

A Lovely SALE!

This is a Blog about a very talented Artisan who makes handmade bead ceramics and jewellery (click here----->) Gaea Cannaday Gaea lives in a small town in Sunny California and I sure wish I lived near her! She is so very talented and often appears in various magazines. Her ceramics really hit the spot with me..everythings beautifully handmade. I urge you go and check her out!! She makes such earthy beads. The piece above is what I just snagged! (I work to buy beads!)

* *I really admire the Lampworkers for their time, ideas and beautiful beads. The classes they take to hone their skills. It takes so much time to learn the many aspects of Lampwork...

** The seed beaders as they take so much time and create beautiful pieces...

**The Ceramic Artisans because they make wonderful pieces from the thoughts spinning round in their head..

**And the Metal Artisans who must take time to learn their skills, make mistakes and keep on working hard..

And Gaea is having a SALE today and is starting to list more beads!! Yes I make jewellery but when someone is good, talented as well as really kind I feel they need credit due. She is One sweet woman!

Have a great day!

"For the eyes of the Lord are busy running to and fro over the earth"...
2 Chronicles 16:9

A Great Giveaway!

A Great Giveaway!

Fellow Artisan Andrew Thornton who makes beautiful jewellery is hosting a Giveaway! I know some of you don't make jewellery but this is a lovely Lampwork bead and for those who don't you can put this on a nice Sterling Silver chain!

For more information on this Giveaway go to Andrews page here!


Otherwise it is rainy in Houston raining all day and that's so nice because the suns not blaring open wide as it usually does..change is always so Welcome!!

Have a Great Day!!

This is ME my picture! And the BBC

Some people have asked me for another picture of here it is ME!

A portrait for Thursday!

So what have I been doing?

*Pulling my hair out trying to make polymer clay canes and wanting to scream! I am determined NOT to buy them, but making fruit canes is very difficult. So I'm just not sure what I will do. Try as I may quite hard my oranges and lemons have failed. Very discouraging

* Have gained a few pounds and just went to weight Watchers today It's a a real wake up call when you see how it works the amounts of food and how a person loses weight. I cant wait to eat all the right things again.


* Have been watching Poldark a wonderful BBC series set in Cornwall a few hundred years ago. The story is of the Poldarks. Ross and Demelza above their lives intertwined with smuggling, hardships, mining and intrique. The series reminds me of Daphne du Maurier who wrote of old Cornwall and some of her books were very well written and researched. If you are inclined to some swashbuckling and times of long ago ships etc. you may like these books. Daphne du Maurier wrote "Frenchman's Creek" "Rebbecca" "The Loving Spirit" and "The House on the Stand" was especially a great read.

* Some insight from the movie series Poldark..

Poldark a British Historical Drama
Poldark is one of the most successful British television dramas of all time. The popularity of the first series in 1975 was matched by enthusiastic reception of the 1993 video release. As a costume drama, scheduled for early evening family viewing Poldark was not unusual, but its exterior sequences, cast and immense popularity have made it ultimately memorable. The first episode, opening to Ross Poldark's ride across the Cornish landscape on his return from the American War of Independence, was seen by an audience of five million. As the series continued this figure rose to an average of fifteen million viewers. The two BBC Poldark series have been sold to over forty countries and ten years later a third series is being made by HTV.
All three of the Poldark series are closely based on the novels of Winston Graham, well known for his thrillers and for the screen adaptations of his later non-historical books, e.g. the Hitchcock directedMarnie (1964) and the British film noirFortune is a Woman (1956). In 1969 Associated British Picture bought an option on the Poldark best-sellers and commissioned a four-hour Cornish Gone with the Wind. However, the film project was dropped during the EMI take-over of the company. The option was taken over by London films who eventually collaborated with the BBC.

Thats about it...

Have a great day!

Raku how Wildly Devine!

Of all the colours at the Heavens hold Raku holds her own!
I'm so drawn to its fire and vivid frills..

So here is some beautiful Raku which is a finish that some ceramics artisans use.
Thru the firing process one never knows what will come out..reds or dominant blues..seconds make the difference when they cool and how much air is in the container to be burned out. Many variables to ever be consistent. How exciting to be the one who makes and creates these wild and beautiful pieces.

Here is a bit about Raku..

The founder of Raku ceramics is a potter born in Japan in the 16th century, named Chojiro. Chojiro adopted the name "Raku" after he was presented with a plaque containing the raku character by Japanese leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Raku became Chojiro's family name, and the name of the unique style of pottery he developed. Chojiro adhered to the Japanese philosophy of "wabi," which sought to see the beauty in things imperfect, and the essence of life in things transient. His pottery style reflects that in the way it is fired---no two Raku ceramic pieces will ever be the same, because the firing technique introduces an element of unpredictability. Chojiro's family is still making Raku ceramics to this day, in a 400-year-old unbroken line of ceramicists.

Raku is often used for decoration because of its beauty. Raku ceramics are also less water-tight than other ceramic ware, so this limits uses somewhat. While green tea cups are commonly made with Raku firing, vases that have water sitting in them for a prolonged period of time are very rarely made of Raku, because they eventually leak.

I just bought this Angel isn't he a beauty?! But maybe others wouldn't care for him..I am drawn to Heavenly things! I cant wait till he comes in the post! He looks like he was born in the celestial beginnings of time..

Here is more beauty..

Bead caps..

And beads..

So ravishing..

All of these pieces are made by wondrousstrange. She also has a Blog I have subscribed to here! She had stated her kiln is not working but it is up and running again. Her things are so very like her shop says..Wonderous~beautiful!

So to ME colours represent the Heavens and Heaven itself!!

Sun drenched skies..

the colour of pearly wings..

Autumns dark wonder when she stepped into her dress of steaming Splendor..

the iridescent oyster shells gleaming in the sun..

Skies that were pained as the Robins flew by in the predawn light..

and the bluebird as she made her way by evening winds her colours abound..

grapes that glisten..

from Rainbows to the spray of the is what drives the soul and keeps us

and grounds us from whence we came..

Have a great day!

May your Fourth of July be Blessed with all of this!

***Happy Fourth of July!***

May you be Blessed this 4th of July with many good things! Fireworks..maybe a picnic or a day at the beach or even in The Lords house!

Maybe you will have some pretty All American Jewellery on!

Maybe you'll go to a hometown Parade..

and see many wonderful sights!

Much Fun and fancy!

And some of this for the kiddies!

What ever you do be Blessed! For we live in the Land of the Free and Home of the brave! And I thank our Lord for all of these freedoms..the money and jobs, lots of food, jewellery supplies and the Love of our families!

Have a wonderful day!

A Great Giveaway! Come see!

A Great giveaway!

Here is a great giveaway!

Kate McKinnon has written a wonderful book on metal smithing!! Many many aspects are covered in her book to making jewellery with silver metal clay. Its a book I would just love to Win! Talented Andrew Thornton (click on Andrews name) is giving this book away..go to his Blog page and he tells more on the aspects of Kate's book! This is a wonderful book many people will NOT want to miss!