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Here are my fids!

Cheeky is the green Quaker parrot.
Cherub is the Sun conure.

They are gifts despite how terribly messy they are.

This was my house in Scotland 3 years ago

Something to share of my life in Scotland with my husband who was born and raised in England. Life is harder and I will say it takes longer to get ahead in the UK. My husband had a very good job as an engineer but lived with a coal fire for twelve years. That was difficult with some rooms cold all the time you always felt things just werent right. Came home to appreciate things here with eyes that saw all differently. Jobs are tight as well as money. I saw people very conservative and less apt to spend as easily in the UK. Many differences but to describe Scotland would be the land of lovliness. I miss my house but I dont miss being as poor as I was. A shame really look at that house I do miss it! My house was in a wee villiage named Tarves outside of Aberdeen.

Thoughts of today and tommorow...

The unblemished green leaves and glad blossoms of early summer are a brief, but the midsummer garden is a more lasting affair. Outside the front porch and on either side of the path that runs in front of the house, the lavender harebells and summer roses bloom faithfully during the hot July days. Throughout the rest of the garden, the foliage of plants and trees becomes heavier and greener, and the grass requires mowing less frequently.

So it is with anticipation that I look forward to the days ahead as well we may journey back to the green foothills of Virginia! I will be praying for favor to the one who never slumers nor does He sleep! I hope for us to go home soon to Virginia!

My Singing woods...

I am Norweigen by my family tree and my name is Janet Snowden McDonald. I currently live in Texas with my British husband. I have gone to Parsons School of Design and the New School in NYC. I have recently set up house with my husband Ronald in Houston at my home I call "Singing woods" and I am setting up a work studio.

Many huggs ...