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Christmas from Norway!

Christmas in Norway

My Grandparents Gudrun and Hans were born in Fredrickstad Norway. Han's was the only one of many brothers who Immigrated to the United States. I only remember being told one brothers name as Osbourn. Gudruns brothers were Burger, Svette and Lilly was the sister who also immigrated lived in New York. So many times I wondered what life was like for them and their families in Norway. My Mother has a picture of Gudruns family the Trundsens. Her Mother wore a long dress to the floor and their clothes were very old fashioned as her parents were born in the middle of the 1800's. I remember some of the food my Grandmother made in her flat in Flatbush Brooklyn. Now as we always do I wish I could turn back the pages of time and ask many Questions you don't think to ask as a young girl!

The beloved artist Tasha Tudor once said quoted in one of her books "Mother what was it like when you were little"? And this makes me think of the very well known Nordic artist Carl Larsson. Carl was born in the middle 1800s in Sweden and I think his paintings were so loved because you were drawn into them as he so many times painted someone looking out at you! He gave a wonderful glimpse into his life in Norway.

Kirsti's Sleighride

Now its Christmastime again

Christmas Confetti

Christmas Evening

Brita as Induna

This is Norwegian Jewellery called Solje
My Mother has very beautiful Solje from Gudun
very long earrings similar to these..

Gudrun would make Krumkake a Norwegian waffle..

I remember walking to Halvorsen's bakery to buy some very delicious Limpa bread as pictured here..

This is Fiskeballer or fishballs.

My Grandparents never asked us children to eat this. My father most likely did! It may not look wonderful but by the Recipe I'm sure it's quite tasty!

Here is the Recipe for Fishballs:

* 5 pounds cod or sturgeoun fillets
* 1/2 lb potato flour
* 2 quarts of milk
* 1/4 t ginger
* 1/4 t allspice
* 1 t nutmeg
* 1/4 t mace
* 3 medium onions ground

  1. Grind fish five times.
  2. Add potato flour and spices [and stir].
  3. Add milk gradually, beating [by[ hand.
  4. Fry or boil by the tablespoonful
  5. Fish Sauce Recipe: Melt 2 Tbsp. butter in sauce pan and then stir in 2 Tbsp. flour and cook for 1 minute. Add 1–1.5 cup warmed milk or cream and stir until sauce thickens. At this point, you can either add some curry powder to make the color yellow as in photo, or instead add some shredded cheese (up to 1/2 cup as desired--experiment with type of cheese you like best or combo of cheeses). Stir sauce until cheese is melted and incorporated. Then add juice from a half of a fresh lemon (more/less as desired. (Optionally, in place of lemon juice, use a tablespoon or two of Dry Sherry or dry white wine.) a child I thought much of their fishy food was something I couldn't eat but the Recipes I have are very good..

fish pudding

A small glimpse of Norway from My Home to yours!

I hope your day is wonderful today!

A Snowman for all the young at heart!

For all of the young at Heart!

The Snowman..


Many years ago when I lived in Scotland my British husband introduced me to The Snowman a book written by Raymond Briggs. The Movie was then made into a 26 minute animated Movie. The voice of the young boy singing was of a 13 year old choir boy named Peter Auty. A now beloved story of the British and peoples of the world over. The Snowman takes this child on a journey over Oceans and onto a journey into the woods and meets many Snowmen! But I will leave the rest not to take away from it! This is only a small clip but such a Joy!


My employers Millionaire Estate was Sold. Im so shocked!

One never knows whats around the bend?!

I live in Texas now. But before moving here my Immigrated British husband and I lived in Virginia. This was a very difficult move from the beautiful Ablemarle county~Charlottesville Virginia. Land of Monticello home of Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence. My Father had a beautiful farm in a small town named Lovingston, but years ago he got very sick and died and so the place was sold. But we still came "home" to where my Mother and brother are. The beauty was asounding the vineyards, feilds and meadows up against the Blue Ridge Mt's. Surely purple plains of majesty! I worked here at the KLUGE ESTATE. Driving to work was utter peace into the countryside to Mrs. Kluges Estate. There were two massive big wrought iron gates on each ends of the estate you would drive into. I felt so Blessed to of landed a job there! These are pictures I have to show you.

** The 300 acre Estate which has now been auctioned off by Sothbys for $45 million
**The contents of the house all furnishings were auctioned off by Sothbys
**The jewellery was auctioned off at 15.2 million

This is where I worked the house having 45 rooms..

The Kluge Estate

I was in this Master bedroom many times for the Lady of the house..
it was so beautiful. All gone now..

This was a hallway lined with beautiful statures..

Formal dining room only for dinners and parties..

This is where Mrs Kluge and her husband William Moses ate in the mornings. The view at the table looked out unto the greens expanse..

The statues in the hallway led to this beautiful room..

This was a small darling Cottage for guests if they so chose..

The whole place is gone now, the Winery is now in bankruptcy. There was also a horse barn and an auction room as Mr Kluge Mrs Kluges X husband once sold expensive horses.
The property also had a thatched cottage, a picture postcard church with Mrs Kluge and her X and child painted on the ceiling walking thru fields. Snowdrops led in springtime along the front walkway. The church also had lamp post style posts with globes for lighting next to each pew for lighting. It had to of been quite beautiful at night. Mrs Kluge and Mr Moses were very pleasant people to work for but you did not elbow with them..

I'm sorry to see Mrs Kluge lose her home, but who really knows the All of it what monies they have left? Only them. But one thing I'm sure they aren't pinching pennies! I wonder where their next journey will be?

Am I religious? Yup my God is Sovereign and has surely watched over me! He said He will "direct My paths"! Had we bought a house and settled we could of lost our home..everything! So despite the crowded and heat of Houston..

I Will Bloom where I am planted!

PS I Sell Jewellery! And its on my page MY ETSY Shop on the above Right! ----------->

I was Thankful! And still am..

We had such a Wonderful day yesterday!

My Christmas~Thanksgiving Cactus bloomed just in time..

Here was the table in all its finery..

And my two Sons sat at the bar...didn't want to open out the I said well ok.
We had a great time but I don't think the turkey was completely thawed..never done that before. So it took longer but the meal was wonderful with all the fixins!

My Daughter and I went out this early this morning to Half Priced books @ 7:15. The store opened @ 7. But all the bags with the vouchers for $5 off were gone all 100 gone. Some people had 5 of them on their arm. *Shakes head at that. But we still got the 20% off that only lasted a few hours so a yey on that! Now out to fetch my Grandson and go shopping for his Christmas...

What are You doing today?

Have a great day..


The Lord is soooo good!

All for Love...a Journey..some Holiday and my Lampwork doings..

So What have I been doing?

Well this is about some Jewellery but
it is a Journey of Love too..

Well it seems my posts become stories..but we all have a Journey a Story to tell a web to weave with the threads of life...Stay with me and I will tell of My heart too of Booboo the Cat.

I have made this It should be called "Miracle on 43rd Street"!

Some nice glass dice beads a Jubilee house
and a few Lampwork beads, andsome Industrial chic too..
(this will be in my shop)

See below Cat? So how far does Love go..

Its been a painful journey with My beloved long haired Booboo. This cat has been my heart forever. Isn't she pretty? It hurts to let go of the people we Love, no less our pets. Ive had her for five years. She came from Virginia with us..she has history..a part of us. My Son brought his pug home two years ago and the cat was so unhappy really stressed never ever got used to the dog. She lost weight and her hair became dull. But we all persevered and my girl she did put on weight again but was some what still she was scared of the pug. The pugs is so friendly but how can an animal know this? She just couldn't. I guess cats act out and my lovely soiled on this lovely couch she did *both items. I could of died! Then she soiled on my other couch. I don't know why my husband didn't throw her out then but in shock I tried to be sensible. So heart in mouth I took Booboo to the Shelter. She cried the way in her carry cage, I brought her in bravely and held back the tears. Maybe I'm just not practical..or a bit foolish? But I CRIED all the way home..just sobbed. I called my cousin and friends and they said how could you do that would you want tomeone to do this to you? But no matter what anyone said I knew what I had to do. I went back on the Monday and got her. I took all the covers to the dry cleaners wow what an ordeal. Did the cleaners take the smell out? No. Thank God for "Natures Miracle". It took all the odor out! So after this was all done I have been very hesitant to put my furniture together again. I just couldn't go thru that again...

And here under these words is Booboo..

This was my living room two years ago. I hope to have it back to looking like this again this year!

This is how I lived for two years. Furniture all piled up to keep the cat off. What a way to live eh? How far does Love go? But this was the way of Love for me. Foolish well maybe, but I always felt **Something** would give that somehow something would change. I look at these pictures and now chuckle!

By the way this is the picture of mine of "What the Bears do in the Woods". I love this picture! We do store up treasures don't we?!

This is my other handsome chair that was covered..

You know I pray about alot of things in my life, and I always wondered how I would get back to normal with living this upside down situation. It had been two years. What if and when we had some family come to visit? My Daughter had gotten a new apartment. Two dogs she had and for some reasons they didn't work out and she had to re home them. She called one day and said "Mom I can take Booboo because my new kitten could use the company". I was like ohh okk but that's two cats and all. She said its ok Mom. So Booboo is atleast with our family still. But I sure do miss her little fluffy self. She hides over there sometimes being a new place and all and doesn't like the kitten but atleast its not the terror with the pug. Sometimes things don't seem fair tho. Maybe before long my Son will get a place and I can bring her home! I really miss her..

Yes this is a long post..almost finished!

I went here the other day. Houston is so so very crowded. No fields like in Virginia that I miss terribly! But I can drive by this reservoir for a mile or so all woods to a beautiful restful nursery. So I ventured to Cornelius..

Hard not to spend when one is determined to pay off her bills!

Look at this wonderful owl tree!

This wreath was $259 wow not cheap. Maybe next year I can make one like this one. Its so beautiful. Maybe today I can drag my husband out there to visit it..

A candy room and candy galore trees..

I bought this little guy on the left. He is now an orphan as I left his Mother in the store!
Looks like I will have to go back and get her..

What a cake! I had it in my hands! Even at $30 it was hard not to buy it. *Sigh when you are determined to pay your bills off!

TODAY.. My husband played his key board and we sang Edelweiss was so nice. It was pretty sweet as my two Parrots swayed as the music was played..

This afternoon we finally after months of waiting get down to it here is my husband and Adam drilling holes in my stainless table for the creation station for my Lampwork. We turned everything on and off and went over all preocedures. What will we do tomorrow? The same thing over and over!

And buy a fire extinguisher!

THANK YOU for stopping by..
have a wonderful day!

May the Lord Bless you!

Here is little Dot a Lassie to cheer up your day! She is wee!

Its overcast here today..and a wee Dot definately brightens up MY day!

I hope she will do the same for you..isnt she wee?!

Incredible eh?!

Broken Wings..thoughts of the forgotten and loved..

So very Beautiful!

Praise to the Lord of the small, broken things,
Who sees the poor sparrow that cannot take wing,
Who loves the small child, and the wretch in the street,
Who comforts their sorrow, and washes their feet.

Praise the Lord for the faint and afraid,
Who girds them with courage and lends them His aid;
He pours out His Spirit on vessels so weak,
That the timid can serve and the silent can speak.

Praise to the Lord of the frail and the ill,
Who heals their afflictions or carries them till,
They leave this tired frame and to paradise they fly,
To never be sick and never to die.

Praise Him, Oh praise Him all who yet live,
Who've been given so much and can so little give,
Our frail, lisping praise God will never despise:
He sees his children through mercy~filled eyes.

~Dan Forrest

Very beautiful these are my thoughts today!

Have a great day!

Costumes and a Handmade Vine Wreath!

Isn't this little Cactus girl the Sweetest?! I think she is my
fave what a Darling!

Pie ala mode anyone? Blueberry Mmmm...
Vanilla ice cream!

My fave Cracker! Awww

Look at these pooches...

My Wreath..

My patio you can see is really something..
as this Jasmine Vine has really shaded the whole top of the veranda.
In Springtime is looks like Snow the whole thing awash with small white
flowers covering the whole thing..really a sight!
And the fragrance is just sublime..
Here is the wreath I made..a Jasmine Wreath

A Vine gone wild but beautiful..
here is the side of my patio with this
Magnificent Vine!

I sent my Son to cut if off the chimney and this is a small part of the Vine..

The Vine had really Covered the chimney. These vines get under the wood and must
really be kept in check!

Vine wreaths can be made out of ANY vine that is long and green..
just cut and wrap. This vine when dried out will sit on my hearth!

I hope your day Is lovely!

**For This is the day which the Lord hath made..let us be glad and Rejoice in it!**