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A some what new necklace

This is one of my favourites. A lampwork tablet and all strung by me. I wear it very often its so pretty. I will have to post a few more pics soon of some other things Ive made.

Heres my newest Necklace

Finally I feel a my Jewellry creativeness is loosening up. This is such a lovely peice and it was hard to send it off... but the person was so deserving! Its so fairy like and delicate I will have to make another one. Cynthia Thornton sent me some lovely pewter peices, especialy a butterfly that is not listed on any sites. That made me feel especial. What a lovely thing to do and this Necklace was created just for her with love! xx

Dive bombing isnt such a good thing

Heres Cheeky the Quaker parrot and Cherub the Sun conure on my bed hanging out. Theyre so cute Cheeky is a real talker and every morning hell greet me with a "Good morning my Darling". They are known as wonderful talkers. But Cherub is the timid one as she prolly wasnt handled much as a youngster. But atleast they are bonded and have each other when we are away. Unfortunately Cherub doesnt get out alot these days b/c shes taken to dive bombing my Son every chance she can get! If only she could be more of a thinker!