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Look at what Kristie sent!!

Kristie from Artisan Clay sent me this lovely handmade focal and beads for the Bead Party exchange! Really lovely combination of colours. The deadlines soon approaching February 11th, at which time many people will be running about seeing what others did with the beads sent to them. Will be lots of fun. And 83 blogs to look at! So I will be working on putting something nice together soon...

The Soup is getting hot!

My Bead party partner has received her beads for the BEAD PARTY! There are 83 people involved in this party and its a fun and exciting thing to be involved in, getting to see other peoples work and seeing the things they sell. But also making some new friends along the way. My partner is Kristie Roeder of Artisan Clay a very talented and vibrant woman who makes beautiful ceramic focals and beads! Some of her focals are so juicy as if they could be eaten as a little treat! Check her out here.
It was a hard call not knowing what to send Kristie but I chose this bluebird focal above by Heather Powers of humblebeads and I'm so happy she liked them! Also Id included a few lampworked pics and some wooden beads also a handmade toggle made by me. It will be great to see what she does with them. I cant wait to see what Ms Kristie sends me too!

Have a lovely day everyone !
Happy beading!

This is the day that the Lord doth made let us rejoice and be glad in it!

A Great Giveaway!

See these lovely Crabs?

Ive found this great Giveaway ! I was surfing for polymer clay
yesterday on Etsy and found this lovely young woman from Toronto named Afsaneh and here is her shop // She makes the loveliest
polymer clay creatures! The giveaway will be January 18th. Hurry because her little crabs would love to adorn your home! Her Etsy Shop is

There are 63 comments so far!
Check her out!

The Bead Soup Party

Bead Soup Party and Bead Swap!

Im still sick...but the show must go on! Lori Anderson of Pretty Things" is having a Bead Party as many already know! This was prompted by the Art Bead Scene by Heather Powers.

*You need a focal
*Spacer beads
*a clasp but not a lobster
* a Blog

There are 83 Party goers!

I decided at the last minute to join the Party. Party's are so much fun...I'm excited about this one! So today I'm sending off my packet to my Recipient Kristie of Artisan Clay. It will be so Interesting to see what she and I do with the beads we send each other. Our Bead Party pieces will then be shown on all of our Blogs February 10th!

I hope everyone's staying warm and not getting sick!
Getting sick means no Jewellery money!

It is so cold out!

I think Ive been away too long from the Mountain's of Virginia as I'm not so used to the blustery winds and cold were having here now in Texas! But I'm enjoying it alot nevertheless. I feel tho for the rest of the country as there are record Snowfalls all across the USA. So in essence being this far south we are spared. The most loss I think I might have is my Lemon tree and some Hibiscus. I have wrapped them tho. My Mum~in~law in Scotland said today as we spoke on the phone they are having record snowfalls as well. In her backyard the snow is up to her waist!

So tonite will bring a big chicken soup Ill have to start soon...maybe some homemade bread too?

Here's a Wintery necklace Ive made for the Art bead Scene monthly challenge. In the late 1860s Monet painted a picture of a mag~pie in a very cold Wintery scene. Thus the challenge is to create a piece inspired by Monet's painting.

Ive called this Snowbirds. Ive used a Green Girl Studios pendant and various lampworked beads. See the little acorn? Toggle handmade by self.

Stay warm everyone! I'm pretty darn happy Ive got an electric blanket for tonite as it will get even colder....