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The WINNER of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box!

I tried 20 times for the Box! I know many people wanted to Win The Sisterhood of The traveling Bead Box, but there can be only 1 winner. But there is a 2nd runner up to the Bead Box too!

**The Winner of this Famous Box is..
the person who already has loads on her plate! It is Lori Anderson! As fate would have it fates dropped another good thing on to Loris lovely lap! Lori Anderson please send me your email address. I will contact you!

**The 2nd Winner is For My Sweet Daughter! This is for the bundle of beads..

I will contact you via your Blog!
A Happy time for a great bead Soup and winnings! Thank you everyone for all of your comments!


I have RE~DONE my Bead SOUP!
Please go to this POST!

I Have Re~DONE my BEAD SOUP!! Todays is the Day!!

The Big Reveal
Hi everyone! I want to say that I have Re~done my Soup!! The top picture is my Soup I did today. My husband and my Son said "look what you did that's ugly". Then I had an anonymous comment that said I was promoting my Lampwork. My intention was not to cover up Davinia's pretty focal. I felt so bad. Here is my Re~do. And you know what this is much prettier! What was I thinking? Here is Davinia's focal on a much prettier necklace. Yey.
Thank you Davinia for your lovely beads!

This is HOW my Post started before I re~did it..
This GREAT day has finally arrived..with 362 marvelous women's Bead Soup! Lori Anderson you ALWAYS Bring it! Thank you for so much hard work..ox

Davinia Algeri of Back Pocket Designs. Davinia is my partner. She gave me a right chuckle when I first saw her Blog she described herself as:
 Wife, Mother to two KIPPERS. (Kids in Parents Pockets Eroding their Retirement Savings!) I love that! Davinia makes lovely polymer clay focals and beautiful jewellery. Be sure to go by Davinias page to see my own Lampworked Beads that I sent to her and what she did with them!

** Also a Give~Away at the end of my Blog post here**

Ok here's what Divinia sent me for my SOUP:

My NEW SOUP folks..

Here is the OLD one..
the one above is so much prettier!

Here is the list of all the participants:

Bead Soup Blog Party Partner List in pairs :
The Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke

1. Aimee Wheaton and Barbara York

19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel

If you do not know..I am having a 2 part Give~Away
for the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box!
This Give~Away is on my Previous Post.

This Give~Away ends Midnight Sunday September 18th Central Standard Time.

I will announce a Winner for the Box and the Other Winner for my Lampwork the next day September 19th.
I Wish everyone the best Luck in this. It really was alot of fun!

A BIG Give - Away! THE TRAVELING BEAD BOX and some of My Lampwork in a 2 part Give~Away!

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box is up for grabs again!
**This is a 2 piece Giveaway!**  

This is a Giveaway for The Traveling Bead Box..and also a Separate Give~away for a Bundle of my Lampwork from my Etsy store SingingGlass!
(Please Read Carefully..)
The Sisterhood of the Traveling bead Box arrived 2 weeks ago to my house. Was I ever Over~joyed to of won this Box! I am the 20th person. Alice from The Bliss Guild was the previous winner and it is my turn now to pass this 18 pound box of wonderfulness to the next person. Alice put some extra gifts in for me which I loved..thank you Alice! There is a cool Journal to write in and add about your experience with the was wonderful reading it. My Best wishes to the next winner!

The Box was born from Heather Powers Humblebeads lovely brain and great generosity! There have been wonderful designer beads and lots of semi precious stones and all sorts given, taken out and replaced. I have added many GREAT focals to keep this Box great!

 Please add Wonderful Things to this Box!
No Junk!

You Must Do The Same Please or else the Box becomes useless and will die. Pass it Forward!

Here is what I took out of the Box..

acrylic leaves

Everything in here..

Detailed pictures below:

FOUR bundles of My LAMPWORK here Included..

And all of this..

Round Rabbit and Birgitta Lejonklou focals

Gaea and Mary Harding focals

Nan Emmett of SpititedEarth and Kylie Parry focals

Green Girl Studio focals

Captured Moments focals
(1 cuff and one focal)


Kylie Parry, my Lampwork and Green Girl Studio


Brigitta Lejonklou of AngelWhisperer focal

Industrial chic, Gaea and Kylie Parry focals

Jade Scott Cloud pendant


Patina brass 

Gaeas log

Scary Lampworked fingers!

 Gaea heart and firefly pendant, Juliana Cannon Lampwork, and Green Girl Studio pendant

The 2nd Give~Away the
2nd Runner up will Win this One
Bundle of my Lampwork from 
SingingGlass my Etsy Store!

These are the previous Winners:

1. Heather Powers of Humble Beads- Michigan

2.Mikki Ferrugiaro of MFD Beadwork Originals- Utah

3.Nancy Dale of NED Beads- Vermont

4.Hannah Rosner of Good River Gallery- New Mexico

5.Chris Neit of Good Quill Hunting- Maine

6.Sandy Spivey of Sandy's Treasure- California

7.Katie Nelson of Katie's Creations- Texas

8.Kristie Roeder of Artisan Clay- Pennsylvania

9.Lorelei Eurto of Lorelei Eurto Jewelry- New York State

10.Becky Caldwell of The Gritty Bird- North Carolina

11.Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio- Virginia

12.Cindy Gambrone of Lampwork Diva- New York State

13.Paige Maxim of Paige Maxim Designs- Maine

14.Cristi Baxter Clothier of 2 if by Sea- Florida

15.Tracey Nanstad of A Beadiful Mess- Wisconsin

16.Marianna Boylan of Star Girl Jewelry & Lampwork - Michigan

17. Lois Moon of Qué Onda Q'town - Georgia

18. Collette Collins of Firefly Myst Artisan Jewelry – Michigan

19. Alice Peterson of Peachtree – Kansas

20. Janet McDonald of Singingwoods - Texas ~ that's me!

21. YOU!
The give~away: The entire Box of goodies.

The Stipulations: You Must have an Online Blog to host the give - away. You must live within the United States to enter and be willing to pay $15.00 for shipping via Pay pal.

The Rules: You'll take what you want from the box, add in items from your own bead stash of EQUAL value to replace the items you took, and do the same on your give~away on your Blog. Let's keep the Box going!
To Enter: Leave a comment, be sure to include your e~mail. 
Bonus: Blog, facebook or twitter about it to enter more than once. Leave me comments telling me how you have spread the word. These rules have applied to the previous Travelings of the Box.
 The Winner will then have 2 weeks to go through the Box and pick out items, contribute to the Box and then Host their Own Give~Away. Heather asks that each time the Box passes hands, the winner email her when the next Give~Away starts so that she can enjoy the Traveling and promote your give~away!
International Bloggers: Sorry but due to the shipping cost only those in the USA may participate.

This Give~Away ends Midnight Sunday September 18th Central Standard Time.
I will announce a Winner for the Box and the Other Winner for my Lampwork the next day September 19th.
I Wish everyone the best Luck in this. It really was alot of fun!
(Whew this took TWO hours to write and edit! 
I need someone to take me out to dinner lol)
Have fun and promote!