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Costumes and a Handmade Vine Wreath!

Isn't this little Cactus girl the Sweetest?! I think she is my
fave what a Darling!

Pie ala mode anyone? Blueberry Mmmm...
Vanilla ice cream!

My fave Cracker! Awww

Look at these pooches...

My Wreath..

My patio you can see is really something..
as this Jasmine Vine has really shaded the whole top of the veranda.
In Springtime is looks like Snow the whole thing awash with small white
flowers covering the whole thing..really a sight!
And the fragrance is just sublime..
Here is the wreath I made..a Jasmine Wreath

A Vine gone wild but beautiful..
here is the side of my patio with this
Magnificent Vine!

I sent my Son to cut if off the chimney and this is a small part of the Vine..

The Vine had really Covered the chimney. These vines get under the wood and must
really be kept in check!

Vine wreaths can be made out of ANY vine that is long and green..
just cut and wrap. This vine when dried out will sit on my hearth!

I hope your day Is lovely!

**For This is the day which the Lord hath made..let us be glad and Rejoice in it!**

I have found such a Wonderful Blog..a Birthday Boy and Beads I Won!

Some Blogs are just Wonderful and they speak for themselves..

And in the blog world as many of us do we look at this blog and that one and so thru anther's blog I have found this Wonderful Blog. This woman is so talented..she home schools (how many would or could do that?!) cans many a fruit and vegetable in massive amounts as well as raise some of their livestock for food. So I admire this Woman alot. The best thing is that she is a Godly Woman after the Lords heart! And maybe because Ive always leaned that way..raising livestock years ago, canned and had massive gardens. And of course there IS NOTHING like the country!

"For Surely Heaven will be filled with so much Countryside and Beauty"!

Thy Hand hath even sounds beautiful~she has so many wonderful Recipes of which I finally tried today. Here below is the Pumpkin bread I made from her Blog...and let me tell you it turned out just Devine. Bit by bit and as you can see the bread just popped out of the little loaf pan so readily. Theres not one thing you would have to change!

For the Recipe for this really wonderful Perfect Pumpkin Bread you can
go to her Blog RECIPE here. As I would not want to take any glory
or credit from her..

So this is the bread I made today and
my Scottish husband did a jig!

This Recipe on Thy Hand Hath Provided..calls for 6 small pans. I used FIVE (5)! This is why my loaves are way high. I did this by accident and love the result.

I did add a bunch of chopped pecans on top..

See how clean it came out? No probs coming right out. But I did grease the pan first...

I'm so Pleased Ive Won these from Halcraft Beads! Wonderful for fall Fiery Nights and a winters theme..You can find Halcraft beads at Michael's and on Facebook HERE..

We Celebrated my youngest Sons 22 Birthday the other Night and had a great time at Cracker Barrel..Happy Birthday Adam!

So that's about it! Texas is finally cooling off thank God! I envy many a person Up North with the cold to cooler weather!

***There are a number of Jewellery Designers right now who are having Auctions to benefit a friend of ours Andrew Thornton's hospital stay. I would like to THANK them for what they are doing! I have chosen to add some monies into his Pay pal account...
Thank you Andrew for being YOU!***

Another Necklace in a TREASURY! Problems and Blessings..

Today was a Hard day..
a day of problems problems that swirl and are like Arrows!
But there was Indeed a Light thru the Clouds.
I was featured in a Treasury of rainy

Thank you for featuring my

Singingwoods *Cloud Necklace*

on your Treasury Lizabeth!

**Lizabeth who has a very beautiful shop has featured my Cloud Necklace "Follow the Wind"
in her Treasury of RAINY DAYS. All things rainy are featured. Thank you Lizabeth you have made my day bright and Sunny! My Necklace has not sold yet..but it quite Beautiful when it hangs around the neck!

**Along the lines of Water, we had a blockage with our washing machine line. Ive been without the use of a washer for one month but we improvised draining the line to a big washtub on wheels. Thank God for those wheels by golly! The Plumming Company could not get it fixed and had to resort to running a Camera down the line. The CAMERA use ALONE was $400.00 charged to us! But it still made me think of people in country's who wash in the river a river polluted. So I have been thankful..things might break down ..we still have a good great life. Life is HOW we look at the picture and HOW we handle it all the Sorrows..all the Blessings. When I find myself complaining I stop and say No I have so much and The Good Lord has been so good to me and my family. You know my husband had a 99.9% blockage found in the MAIN artery in his heart. I am SOooo thankful that thru what I would say is yes Divine providence a change in Dr's quite by accident a glitch of an accident he would not be alive today..a direct quote from the Doctor. This happened last year. The line was paper thin that the cardiologist showed me. I was humbled so HUMBLED and the tears welled up. So close to death! So I am thankful even in the hard times and when I struggle. And struggle when my kids grown kids..adults are blind to the issues of life as well. And when it all seems to be falling is when I catch myself and say Lord I CANT do it..Help me! And things seem to work out in time time time. Will something bad happen to someone I Love or me or just Something..I put my TRUST in the One "WHO NEVER slumbers nor does HE SLEEP!

I'm so thankful for this day for my family our home and all of the family...I will Trust in the Lord Forever!