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A Scottish necklace and beads..and happiness!

Sleeping late is so bad. I wonder how many of you do this? The bed calls your name, and your back in it. Such a bad habit, so I'm working on this. (even worse to admit it!) But there's so much to do. Lampwork ~ I burnt my arm with the torch recently, a right good burn. Thankfully its healing well. Hopefully after torching I'll get a little gardening in.  Torching takes time time time.

I've made this necklace and I have to say that I love it!

I call my creation "Valliant" seems fitting reminding me of some sort of Scottish treasure!

*My Lampwork from SingingGlass my Etsy shop I've   
  incorporated on this piece.
*Beautiful hand forged focal by Tracy DiPiazza at pipnmolly.
*Wonderful Gaea Beads.
*Cynthia Thornton's Baby bird girl charm.
*Wire wrapped in sterling silver.

Some other really nice beads I've gathered over a period of time when I wasn't blogging..
Great Beads by Grubbi..


This heart is by Sue Vandever
Mary Hardings lovely beads here..

And Cynthia Thornton's necklace
I could not resist ~ was a gift to myself!
Such a Missy of a faerie isn't she?!

Well the day is getting ahead of itself again! My wishes to you is a sweet day of sunshine and pleasantries, or a rainy day with a good book..

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Wisdom of the ages!
Psalm 146:1-10

Miss Gaea has a Wonderful Give~Away!

Gaea~lovely Gaea is celebrating her
success with Lima Beads
They carry many of her her handmade 
pendant's and beads
As well as other very talented artisans.
So head over to her Blog HERE and you can Read about her Great Give~away!

Beads to LOVE!
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