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Be patient....

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. - Rainer Maria Rilke 1875-1926

Some Etsy items finally and am I the Only one?

Here are two necklaces in my shop. Ive used some of Mary Ann Carols nice ceramics on the very top above wire wrapped necklace...intertwined with some lampwork , rondells Green Girl focals, swarovski crystals and some wonderful hand dyed ribbons. This next necklace is lovely with alot od brass, lampwork and Mary Hardings beautiful focal. I dont know what we would do without talented artisans who create these fantastic ceramics.

* Am I the Only One?

Does anyone else suffer with taking pictures and the whole process?

It takes me forever to:

1 Take pictures. (then find that the cat jumped up and I did not see the hair in the picture...then I want to scream) This happened last night and today. *sigh* It seems like I haven't gotten much done today. No I haven't.

2 Load them. Find them and edit them.

3. Re do them.

Does it take you long am I the Only one? It is frustrating and very tiring. I was up till 1 last night and still was taking pictures today. *sigh*

Finally Ive got some jewellery made to sell. Ive been keeping it or giving it away. Now at least Ive got some things in my Singingwoods shop! YeY bc this has taken some time. So I'm tired now wouldn't I be lucky if I had a husband that cooked... So I'd better get off to that shortly...but my backs hurting now oh how Id like a good lie down.

I'm wondering what the weathers like North of us as the TV speaks of snow snow snow!

Well I hope you have a great Relaxing evening!

Another FREE Giveaway...check this out!

Barbara Lewis makes really lovely torch fired enameled metal Jewellery findings and she is having a FREE giveaway! Here is her Blog <--------click here!

This giveaway she is offering to the person who is Ramdomly picked...3 SETS

and Each grouping will consist of:
4 - Head pins
2 - Pierced Bell Bead Caps, 17 x 11 mm
3 - Pierced Temple Beads, 14 mm
1 - Arabesque Bead, 20 mm
3 - Ridged Beads, 12 mm
2 - Daisy Bead Caps, 16 mm
3 - Ridged Beads, 6 mm

Generous!! Barbaras jewellery findings are so earthy and versatile I know I need to purchase some of her wonderful work!

Bunnys and Eggs!

Good afternoon or will I say Good evening now! Ive taken so long it seems to take pictures and load and upload a tiring thing! But rewarding none the less. Well its Spring timey weather here Ill have to go and search for some Crocus and daffodils soon. Meanwhile I guess Ill just have to settle with this necklace of Bunny's and eggs. Ive wire wrapped it in 22 gauge Sterling Silver its lampworked and a handmade Sterling toggle. Sellings a hard thing to do sometimes 'specially when you like what you've made and don't want to give anything up!

Next is a necklace I made with Carved pink Coral with a Green Girl Studio "Unbreakable" Heart I think its really feminine and speaks for itself on that. Its Wire wrapped in 22 gauge Sterling Silver with my handmade clasp. By MOI.

Next I made this Cool Lampworked Heart Necklace of matt chain. The lampwork is wire wrapped with 18 gauge wire.

The Bunnys on Etsy and the other ones will be on later this eve....

Well Id better get off of here as I haven't really gotten much done but pictures, uploading and edit edit edit!

Have a Lovely Evening everyone!

I was picked Winner for the ART BEAD SCENE


Monthly Challenge Winner!

Thanks to all who entered this month, your designs are truly inspiring and beautiful.

Congratulations to Janet Snowden McDonald! Her entry was picked randomly from all the qualifying entries this month.

Janet will receive beads from our three sponsors:Mary Ann Carroll, Humblebeads and SueBeads.

Join us tomorrow for our new monthly challenge!

I would like to thank the sponsors for their lovely beads! Above are Sue beads, Humblebeads and Mary Ann Carols ceramic beads. Ive received them and they are just wonderful! Thank you!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Here's Wishing all of You a Lovely day today filled with Love affection and Romance!


I made this at Michaels where I work. I made this for a workshop with the kids...a foam mailbox and all sugar~plum decorated...It has some little cards and treats inside for my kids!

The Bead Soup Party Roll On!

First off The BEAD PARTY was hosted by Lori Anderson! <------- (click here to see her page) And what a GREAT idea!!
Today all eighty three (plus) participants get to see what everyone else has done with the big bead exchange! I am so excited to get this picture up, a bit late due to computer problems. The bead party picture is of my beads from Kristie Roeder. She sent me this beautiful focal and set of beads. I've used some of her beads along with some of my own, due to wanting a lighter look to the piece. I wire wrapped this with copper and handmade the clasp closure. Check Kristie out, she has some great focals on her page available!

What else have I been doing? I created this fun lighthearted cloud necklace with lamp work for my Granddaughter. It is meant to be sweet and young not much bling as she is only nine years old. I wire wrapped it with brass and also made the toggle clasp by hand.

On a personal note, I am saddened my former boss has lost her job- due to a failed store audit. She had a tumor the size of a grapefruit taken out. In her place a newbie manager had taken over for a short time *two months*. Because of his lack of running the store properly, the store failed the audit. We all had much respect and she was well loved by us all, such a shame when jobs are so hard to find. So, I have made her this necklace, out of my beloved collection of lamp work beads. I wire wrapped the whole piece with sterling silver and a lovely pewter focal from Green Girl Studios. She is a 'biker chick', and I felt she would just adore something like this!

I have also had a fractured tooth. I WAS QUEEN FOR A DAY!! Receiving a crown from the dental office! Along with camera problems.. I am finally back to blogging again!! Now I am off to look at all the bead party pictures!