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My fave and I sent it away to South Carolina

This Butterfly necklace was just sent to South Carolina! Its hard sending somethings off that you really loved...shucks!

Happy New Year everyone and be Blessed in 2010!

Merry Christmas!

At Christmastime I am reminded of my husbands home of Scotland how in winters icy grip out would come the snowdrops and how Majestic they were. The delicacy and beauty of them how can one not feel overjoyed when you see something like them?! They reminded me of summers princess lace the utter beauty of them.....Then came the daffodils which also at times came up in snow so very winter hardy. Do we have a Infinite Creator...ah yes we do.

Well I think if another two weeks could be added to Christmas the holidays that would be fine with me! Finally things are getting back to normal....husbands feeling better and today I finish getting my house clean. Hate a not clean house! Its warmed and it feels about 68 degrees here....I miss the really cold winds and icy chill! Maybe it will come back!

I am Wishing all of you a very lovely Christmas and Blessed new year!


A new day

Today's a New day and a Wonderful day! My husband was diagnosed with a 99.9% blockage in a main artery in the accident this was found. I so rejoice he is still with me. I'm so thankful to my was only by accident that this was found out. His old cardiologist had moved and they couldn't get his number. So they sent him to another one. This new Dr said right your going in for an angiogram right away. The Providence of the Lord! He was with the Indians and the settlers when they began and He is with me and my husband today...this is my Christmas...

So finally I made a few pieces of Jewellery! Ive been so busy and tired and now the TOP 1/3 of my tree is out. Gotta love these problems they are nothing And all the stores are out of lights but we did find some @ Target on a late night romp shopping last night. Sometimes me and Kibbie go out and shop late its fun to run out while everyones asleep and put thine self to magic!

Im so happy today...
Have a lovely day xox

I just had to write this

No this is not about Jewellery...

Ive got this friend, hes an internet friend and he is well educated college admin campus recuiter etc.. His name is Dai and he lives in Katmandu. I feel so utterly BLESSED to have so much so much richness so much bounty in this country. And his blog entry really reminds me what we can so easily take for granted. So here is a bit of what hes written. It really touched my heart....this is what he said...

"I think I am getting a bit depressed by all the negative news coming in from every direction. The electric goes off when we need it most every evening after work and there are queues at the public water tap here. Nepal is as usual in huge political chaos with strikes, demonstrations and forced shutdowns. Burning tyres in the roads with clouds of acrid black smoke is the norm here. And it's freezing cold here with no heating in Kathmandu's buildings. People have to queue for hours to buy petrol and it is in very short supply.

As far as the office is concerned, the news is depressing also since the UK Government is set to severely tighten the rules for Nepalese students wishing to study in the UK and this is going to drastically cut the number of students applying. We have now started to teach IELTS preparation classes here. It's so cold to study I think.

So things are not so good here right now and I was hoping to find some bright things to write about. There are so many negative things going on that I can't get into any festive mood for the approaching Christmas and New Year period."

Daunting words for this world...worldwide. It made my heart very heavy. I pray and I pray.

I will post some Jewellery pics soon...Ive been so tired, a house full of family and too much to do! But Thank you Lord for it ALL.

Bright Blessings today!