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More and more jewellry

Some pcs I never put up...The mermaid and her babies done with mother of pearl. Nexts the mermaids family Ive gotten many compliments on this one. My hydrangea beauty and the mer~cat which is a real fave of mine. Lots of Green girl material here!

Some other peices Ive made

Well Ive been wanting to show some recent pics of some Jewellry Ive designed and strung.

Funny how we find our own "style"! Ive often said to myself why dont you string this and do that. And then I knew the wasnt my style. So with that we all sparkle and shine in the tapestry of life.

Chinese New Year beads

This top peice was made from Chinese New year beads brought to me by my lovely Daughter in law Yao. She was visiting her Mother in Tiawan and I was so pleased to recieve them and Immediately strung them! Notice the green girl studio heart on the end! The next is a favourite pc I wear of a lovely koi...who swims thru glass pads!

Hurricane Ike

It was a very scarey night here the eve hurricane Ike blew in! I made sure we all prayed for safety! We are 60 miles from Galveston and that was a good feeling to be atleast that far. It was pretty windy and during the Night I wondered if any tornado would we went into some safe havens of the house. Heres some pics of my yard as you can see all the fences were blown down. Epps Im so thankful we were all ok.