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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
May the King of Kings give you Peace and meaning in this Season!

Its Christmas eve and Im still wrapping presents gah! I wish you every joy today that is possible, but the stillness of the Lord is my wish for you His peace that only He can give! 

Bead Table Wednesday Pictures pictures..yes!

Where have the days gone? Where have I been anyway?
And I said this in my last Blog too. But things have been turned sideways in my life, things I cant talk about here. But never the less life is so good anyway. So I have come back into Blogging and I have missed reading some really treasured blogs! Ive come back as well to very sad news and lives changed. If only I could change things in peoples lives. But I can pray and this is what I will do. 

And So..Christmas is upon us and I'm glad its a quiet and peaceful one. I haven't gone gone crazy doing alot of shopping plus the money tree dried up in the Texas drought this summer! Just quiet and goodness. Life is good! I'm my absence Ive had a few close friends ask where are you Janet and lovely Birgitta called me from Sweden. Fine wine!

So today is Bead Table Wednesday! And whats on my Table? I haven't blogged nor torched in two months and I'm so over joyed to torch again! Also I will take a private lesson from my lovely friend Helen Simon who is the Master of Lampworking. Ecstatic isn't the word. I'm so blown away I cant wait!

These are my purple torched beads that will fly off to Holland for some lovely people in my life..


Bead table Wednesday? My studio needs a really big clean. I need to call the elves?! This is the worst mess yet..

Today I wish you peace and joy..and then healing that only the good Lord and time can bring!

Im soooo out of the Loop! Family calls me away and some New beads!

I'm so busy with my family now and Ive gotten no Blogging in. Not being able to write on everyones lovely Blogs. I'm so sorry for that too! I have missed everyone and their Blogs! So this week I will catch up on everyone's Blogs!

But I have managed to torch a bit. 

Here are some new Beads..

Have a lovely day!

The WINNER of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box

The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box!

I tried 20 times for the Box! I know many people wanted to Win The Sisterhood of The traveling Bead Box, but there can be only 1 winner. But there is a 2nd runner up to the Bead Box too!

**The Winner of this Famous Box is..
the person who already has loads on her plate! It is Lori Anderson! As fate would have it fates dropped another good thing on to Loris lovely lap! Lori Anderson please send me your email address. I will contact you!

**The 2nd Winner is For My Sweet Daughter! This is for the bundle of beads..

I will contact you via your Blog!
A Happy time for a great bead Soup and winnings! Thank you everyone for all of your comments!


I have RE~DONE my Bead SOUP!
Please go to this POST!

I Have Re~DONE my BEAD SOUP!! Todays is the Day!!

The Big Reveal
Hi everyone! I want to say that I have Re~done my Soup!! The top picture is my Soup I did today. My husband and my Son said "look what you did that's ugly". Then I had an anonymous comment that said I was promoting my Lampwork. My intention was not to cover up Davinia's pretty focal. I felt so bad. Here is my Re~do. And you know what this is much prettier! What was I thinking? Here is Davinia's focal on a much prettier necklace. Yey.
Thank you Davinia for your lovely beads!

This is HOW my Post started before I re~did it..
This GREAT day has finally arrived..with 362 marvelous women's Bead Soup! Lori Anderson you ALWAYS Bring it! Thank you for so much hard work..ox

Davinia Algeri of Back Pocket Designs. Davinia is my partner. She gave me a right chuckle when I first saw her Blog she described herself as:
 Wife, Mother to two KIPPERS. (Kids in Parents Pockets Eroding their Retirement Savings!) I love that! Davinia makes lovely polymer clay focals and beautiful jewellery. Be sure to go by Davinias page to see my own Lampworked Beads that I sent to her and what she did with them!

** Also a Give~Away at the end of my Blog post here**

Ok here's what Divinia sent me for my SOUP:

My NEW SOUP folks..

Here is the OLD one..
the one above is so much prettier!

Here is the list of all the participants:

Bead Soup Blog Party Partner List in pairs :
The Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke

1. Aimee Wheaton and Barbara York

19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel

If you do not know..I am having a 2 part Give~Away
for the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bead Box!
This Give~Away is on my Previous Post.

This Give~Away ends Midnight Sunday September 18th Central Standard Time.

I will announce a Winner for the Box and the Other Winner for my Lampwork the next day September 19th.
I Wish everyone the best Luck in this. It really was alot of fun!