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Soaking Roses and a Tuckerton puppy Necklace!

I haven't posted in a few days so what have I been up to? Its that the days have been getting away from me. Do you feel like that too? Actually Ive been watching ----> the Molly cam all the time...thus less house work, blog time and everything else time! Watching these wonderful Owlets in San Marcos California. Carlos and Donna Royal put an Owl box up and the World has been watching. They have been watched internationally and have been on television. Home schoolers as well as some public schools have had their classrooms watching these guys and you can hear the children asking Qs. Ive seen them grow but not from day one. Where have I been? Watching them alot ! They have been addicting.

What have I been doing besides keeping a messy house due to owl watching well I made this Necklace I call Tuckerton. A puppy (I spoke about this pup in my last post) on a long chain! A short necklace. Look he even has his *thingies in the back. hee hee. This was a pleasure to make!

See the dog dish with food in it a ball to play with and a bone so he is a pretty content right now!

This is my table as I was wire wrapping him quite sloppy but I've done worse than this! I've been keeping a jar of rice to lay my beads in so I can see how they look! This is the best thing yet.

Ok here are my English Roses that came in. They arrived in this beautiful box (isn't it?) from Tyler Texas. David Austin Roses are originated in England cultivated by David Austin. They are available Worldwide now. A great thing bc they are virtually disease resistant. If I have to live in a crowded and everything place I can atleast strive for The *Secret Garden!

This is how they come bare rooted wrapped in plastic. Ten of them. This is what $240.00 English Roses look like! This took alot of begging to my husband they didn't come lightly! I have a wonderful husband. This was alot of work thankfully my Son dug all ten holes. We await their growth and beauty.!

Here they are soaking over night on the back porch.

This is the front yard with snap dragons looking real pretty.The snap dragons were planted LAST FALL and lived thru freezes this past winter and are bushy now and blooming. Id of never of believed it!

Well its late and tomorrow comes fast. This was a wonderful day and I'm so thankful to The Lord of all of His many Blessings...

Have a great Day!

New English Roses and a plump lampwork dog!

Well what have I been doing? Lots. Our AC unit finally fried so we had to have a new unit put in. Thank God(ness) my husband saves money. What do people do? All I can say is I really count our blessings and thank the good Lord for everything everyday! So that was that we are ready for a Texas summers which are brutal. If you don't water your grass on a steady basis it all dies, and the ground where I live is alot of clay so its hard to garden. Houston is a challenge!

Ok my husband just bought me many English roses from David Austin Roses in Tyler Texas. Mr Austin is a renowned Rose grower from England and cultivator. He now has operations worldwide bringing the unsurpassed beauty of the English Rose to many. Whats so wonderful is that these roses are virtually disease resistant. They are pricey but when you have bought roses from places like Walmart and they get black spot and look so crapped out you are happy to invest your money in a quality rose that will bring years of beauty and healthy specimens at that.

So above is what I ordered...all climbers. There is my order so you can actually go and read about the Roses if you go to David Austin Roses. The last date for ordering "bareroot" roses is in May so if your interested better hurry.

Next are two dogs made by Maria Grimes. Are they precious or what?! And well you can see that Doggie # 1 is a male! I am a beginning lampworker but this gal makes some really super lampwork aren't they just wonderful?! Many hats off to Maria! I'm looking really forward to my pug with his "thingies" hopefully soon in my mail box!

Well I had better get going as I have to work today...I sure hate workings Sundays no less weekends! Have a lovely day ox

Easter Wishes!

Ive taken a long needed rest from blogging and will be slow at it...time fleets so fast! The rest has been good and hopefully I can get back into the swing a bit again!

And so it is Easter time and a lovely time of the year when the trees are starting to bud that certain shade of green that one only sees at Springtime! And the Spring flowers it is a Joyous Season.

As a Christian this is a Season of Miracles when the Lord rose from His tomb! I watched a remarkable special on the television tonight on the Shroud of Turin and how with even more computer graphics and study they showed what is to be believed as the real face of Jesus. He looked Jewish and a kindly man. I was moved! If you didnt see it it is on the History channel and it may be viewed on the internet.

Here is the cake my Mother made when I was a girl growing up. I sure loved this cake! But at Easter I will make a carrot cake and a choclate cream pie. The kids wanted something totally different so I caved in...we will be cooking out on the grill. Changes are good!

Happy Easter Everyone!