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My fave and I sent it away to South Carolina

This Butterfly necklace was just sent to South Carolina! Its hard sending somethings off that you really loved...shucks!

Happy New Year everyone and be Blessed in 2010!

Merry Christmas!

At Christmastime I am reminded of my husbands home of Scotland how in winters icy grip out would come the snowdrops and how Majestic they were. The delicacy and beauty of them how can one not feel overjoyed when you see something like them?! They reminded me of summers princess lace the utter beauty of them.....Then came the daffodils which also at times came up in snow so very winter hardy. Do we have a Infinite Creator...ah yes we do.

Well I think if another two weeks could be added to Christmas the holidays that would be fine with me! Finally things are getting back to normal....husbands feeling better and today I finish getting my house clean. Hate a not clean house! Its warmed and it feels about 68 degrees here....I miss the really cold winds and icy chill! Maybe it will come back!

I am Wishing all of you a very lovely Christmas and Blessed new year!


A new day

Today's a New day and a Wonderful day! My husband was diagnosed with a 99.9% blockage in a main artery in the accident this was found. I so rejoice he is still with me. I'm so thankful to my was only by accident that this was found out. His old cardiologist had moved and they couldn't get his number. So they sent him to another one. This new Dr said right your going in for an angiogram right away. The Providence of the Lord! He was with the Indians and the settlers when they began and He is with me and my husband today...this is my Christmas...

So finally I made a few pieces of Jewellery! Ive been so busy and tired and now the TOP 1/3 of my tree is out. Gotta love these problems they are nothing And all the stores are out of lights but we did find some @ Target on a late night romp shopping last night. Sometimes me and Kibbie go out and shop late its fun to run out while everyones asleep and put thine self to magic!

Im so happy today...
Have a lovely day xox

I just had to write this

No this is not about Jewellery...

Ive got this friend, hes an internet friend and he is well educated college admin campus recuiter etc.. His name is Dai and he lives in Katmandu. I feel so utterly BLESSED to have so much so much richness so much bounty in this country. And his blog entry really reminds me what we can so easily take for granted. So here is a bit of what hes written. It really touched my heart....this is what he said...

"I think I am getting a bit depressed by all the negative news coming in from every direction. The electric goes off when we need it most every evening after work and there are queues at the public water tap here. Nepal is as usual in huge political chaos with strikes, demonstrations and forced shutdowns. Burning tyres in the roads with clouds of acrid black smoke is the norm here. And it's freezing cold here with no heating in Kathmandu's buildings. People have to queue for hours to buy petrol and it is in very short supply.

As far as the office is concerned, the news is depressing also since the UK Government is set to severely tighten the rules for Nepalese students wishing to study in the UK and this is going to drastically cut the number of students applying. We have now started to teach IELTS preparation classes here. It's so cold to study I think.

So things are not so good here right now and I was hoping to find some bright things to write about. There are so many negative things going on that I can't get into any festive mood for the approaching Christmas and New Year period."

Daunting words for this world...worldwide. It made my heart very heavy. I pray and I pray.

I will post some Jewellery pics soon...Ive been so tired, a house full of family and too much to do! But Thank you Lord for it ALL.

Bright Blessings today!


Happy Thanksgiving from Texas

Here's wishing everyone a Blessed Holiday with Peace and the spirit of thankfulness. Were so blessed in this country with such a bountiful horn a plenty of food, a warm home to shelter under and a gracious Heavenly Father who watches over us all. We may have hard times but He gives us courage to soldier on and brave this life's trials.

Its finally gotten coldish 45 is getting cold here in Texas. A respite from the hot hot forever to forever warm. How I love the cold! I will be finishing some wire wrapping today then on to this messy house. Pies to make yikes I'm already out of time!

I will be thinking about my loved ones as I straighten the messes here with love and thankfulness that they are in my life. Even the people I don't know but care for very much on this Internet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone over this beautiful land we call Home!

A tithe for the fae

Well I just announced that I was taking a break from Jewellery making
and then I made this piece! How can one stay away from their passions the things they love? They cant just plain and simple. As my wire wrapping is rusty it took a while to make this. But all beginnings are good beginnings. So without further ado here is "A Tithe for the Fae" as Ive titled it for the November Art Bead Scene. No more stuffy designs. I feel like Ive had a breakthru and thank goodness for those!
Here is a Mary Harding focal, Gaea ceramic rounds, some lampwork, brass chains and a green Girl Studio bird. Isn't life grand!

A different twist to the Orininal "Snowman" from Iron Bru the makers of the British soda

Watch this link!

As my husband is British so I am fimiliar with the soft drink Iron Bru!

Do you remember "The Snowman" video and book?

Well Iron Bu has a really cute video ... so GO and watch this!
A differnt inventive advert of a twist!

Happy November 11th!

Dear Today and the Secrets it unfolds....

Right now I'm listing (a bit early I know lol) to some on-line Christmas came in my e-mail so I figd why not? So here I am and just finished my coffee. There are still warm days here and the other night I wore sandals to the store. I am such a old fashioned person when its November I want it cold, I want to wear sweaters! It is chilly this morning. I sure miss Virginia and all its coldness and stark beauty. But I am here and we must soldier on. So many people lost jobs and my man has a great bloom I must were planted.

Ive lived in rural Virginia for so many years as my Father had a farm there, a big stocked pond oh those were the days. Sadly he came down with a very rare form of cancer and he couldn't keep up with it. I remember frosty mornings and the cold Mt air with the Mt's always to greet me as they were on all sides of his house. He was not isolated tho as you could see the sprinkling of some houses here and there. The horse was always waiting to be fed. There were vineyards below it was very beautiful like a patchwork. The farmer across the way put fathers hay up and it always was a fun time. Country life has a richness and Id loved to of even put up Maple syrup but we never had those trees! He owned 50 acres.. fields a stream pond and mountainside. That was a gift a legacy he gave my children too to carry on the savor like your hot choc late. (inserts smile here) My child Kibbie always said "Grandpas so rich" it was nice and I felt pride with that lol. Going to town was a treat, something special. I liked being separated a bit from things...they weren't so in your face (like Houston). You went to things when you wanted or needed to. You made the choice and in that choice you bc stronger...empowered. The stillness the birds cold air the dried flowers everything seeps into you. Its a beautiful life in ruralness. Maybe you wont feel all of that But I think you will.

I am enjoying Cynthia's Thornton's book "Enchanted Adornmens" book!. How generous she was to have given so much spilling over. Hopefully I can do somethings.(Later how I don't like that word. My family's here and taken all of the rooms. When I get annoyed tho I am thankful I have them all again for I know a short time and it is already like a cherished memory them being here. One last song of being a Mom.) I see how shes described to make a mold and everything. I hope she does very well in selling her book, but I'm sure she will.

I am not really a morning person but have come to appreciate it the earlier it seems the more lovely the time is! Untold secrets linger in the early morning shadows of "might what might unfold today"! (I could almost go back to bed. But the day awaits and I must go drive up to Humble to take care of an urgent matter.) So with that I wish you a good feeling day and the beauty of stillness!

Taking a leave...

I am taking a leave just now from Jewellery making...and leave you with this beautiful image of the Lords Creation! My familys all moved into our home for now and Im just out of room to do much of any creating...hopefully I will return with much Vigor! I shall still Comment and read some of yalls Blogs!

The Rabbits is in the garden!

I had alot of fun making this necklace! Its a rabbit sitting on broccoli in the garden of lettuce squash tomatoes and carrots. My husband and I made the cording out of silk ribbon holding to chopsticks with the silk tied to each end. You then go clockwise and twist. When it is very twisted you then let up on it and the whole thing twists up as you can see in the cording on this necklace. I dropped this piece after making it!!! The top of a carrot broke off, but thanks to E6000 glue its a wonder as its the Best out there! But remember it is considered cancer causing in the state of California as stated on the tube. Always craft and design with care!

Maybe this is a better picture?

Hopefully this shows up better!

I think I need a better pic of this! Its so brilliantly coloured and I love the way it came out this bird nest amongst the dark nuggets and czech faceted rondelles.
My husband Ron has been in hospital and that's worrying. His company sent for ambulance bc his blood pressure was out the door high. Two days of tests and more tests. He sees the Cardiologist in 2 weeks. But they did say his heart was strong...I thank the Lord! Ron's so precious to me Ive got a lovely British kind and gentle but not a wimp husband. I pray for One can never be too prayed up in my book. Heaven awaits me that's for sure.
I am going to be doing some more jewellery soon, but meanwhile Houston where we live Ive never seen such heat! I told my husband today lets go back to Scotland its cooler there. Ive been working on alot of Halloween projects at my work. painting and carving display pumpkins having fun and keeping busy. One project was 3 pumpkins all stacked up one on top of the other each painted different colours like purple, orange and lime green. Glue them one on top of each other, mind you cutting off some of the bottoms so they sit right. Then write the house number say 450 each pumpkin a different number. Then paint the numbers in black and when dry put those googly eyes in a row over the numbers. Top with a spooky black bird. Work is never dull!
Good Night and Bless you all! x

Thinking of Scotland tonight

Thinking of our home in Scotland tonight! My husband keeps saying how he wants to go "home". I don't know what the future brings but who knows? With the global economy the way it is the UK has also suffered many job losses. But Aberdeen is the oil capitol and we would be going to Aberdeenshire if we do go back to my husbands home. Scotland is the land of loveliness. There are just castles everywhere. And the land is green belted where they don't let developers tear down and bulldoze everything like they do here in Houston. I believe the old saying "bloom where your planed" but well the UK is utterly beautiful. They have really great food and sweeties like mince and tatties, haggis which I loved, trifles, morning rolls or "rowies". And the little shops everywhere are a real delight.
Well its getting very late Id better turn off the water sprinkler and get to bed.
Night All!

Ive won a book from the Art bead Scene

I was going thru my Blogger contacts and looked at The Art bead Scene and saw that I was picked for the Wire book featured as a drawing! Im Blessed! This looks to be a great wire wrapping book and I am pretty darn feeling great about it as I just bought a 15 lb Anvil and a vice grip. Im very thankful to Heather Powers for this Art Bead Scene the many hours she puts into it. It brings many beaders artisians together, and there is alot to learn from her online site, projects, books, The Monthly Challenge just to name a few. Thank you and Thank you!
Have a great day to all the lovlies!

Im so broke right now but got Blessed!

I'm so broke and monied out right now I hate it and have obligations! I cannot wait to be paid.
But today I was so Blessed. My man took me out to Harbour freight a goodly hardware store and bought me a wonderful Anvil and a vice grip plus a good hammer! Is this girl Happy? You betcha. I didn't know if I should get the Anvil or the vice grip which has a plate on to hammer on but he said ahhh get both. I was well ok, so he paid the bill and I was chuffed. Ive had brass for months now and its time to pull it out and see what we shall see in a design or two. Slowly crawling I guess. Next a *proper* work space solid oak of some sort. how about a different house with a separate work shop away from the house on 4 acres? Who knows? Its way crowded in Houston and alot of crime, 5 shootings nearby in this *good* area with in this year. Why oh why are their so many clowns around. Live peacefully and keep their greedy hands to their selves? Anyway maybe well move wanted to go back to Virginia until the country went bust and thousands of layoffs. Maybe will move to the countryside here.
Anyway I'm really happy over this! I really rejoice in good things that come my way. And I thank my Lord for it too.

Have a grand weekend!

Thou shalt be...

Something I found from the wonderful Helen Sterner Rice...

1. Thou shall be happy.
2. Thou shalt use thy talents to make other people glad.
3. Thou shalt rise above defeat and trouble.
4. Thou shalt look upon each day as a new day.
5. Thou shalt always do thy best and leave the rest to God.
6. Thou shalt not waste thy time and energy in useless worry.
7. Thou shalt look only upon the bright side of life.
8. Thou shalt only look upon the bright side of life.
9. Thou shalt have a kind word and a kind deed for everyone.
10. Thou shalt say each morning ~ I am a child of God and nothing can hurt me.

I need to put these Upon thy wall!

Something nice that purrrrs

I think I am too covetous of my jewellery!

I never hardly want to sell any of it! I guess tho

we can always be bought for a price. Ive finally

given this lampworked red kitty a home amongst her jewels.
Shes keeping close watch tho on the sparrow and

the squirrel which are crafted by such talented people

at Green Girl Studios in the Mts of North Carolina.
My wish from the bead fairy is

more beads more beads!

This book will Exceed your expectations!

I love to make Jewellery and don't spend as much money on it as I really need to! Here is a new book by Cynthia Thornton an amazing multi-media artist. Cynthia and her husband Greg Ogden of Green girl studios have created a line of wonderful pewter focals for jewellery! Their work is featured in many magazines and books. Every time one turns around there work pops up around the world, even the lead singer of the Rock band Aerosmith has been seen with some of Cynthia's focals adorning his apparel. This is Cynthia's first book "Enchanted Adornments Creating Mixed-Media jewelry with Metal, clay, wire & more". The book will be out in November and you can pre-order now here! And this is the link to their facebook page: There are some Contests on the go as well. Check it out! I cant wait to get my copies!

Memorial Day and pondering

Yesterday was Memorial day, we had a great time my family and I cooking out in the green flowery garden. Back in my teenage years we always went to Jones beach for swimming then home to a big cookout and going over to my Cousins. But last night I felt a bit sad for all the people who have died for their freedoms and the freedoms of others. People even hundreds of years ago too crossed my mind. If you lived in Britain there were forever marauding peoples ready to steal your food, pillage and rape. All died for the same reasons for safety and their values.

On a lighter note this is what I have strung today. The lovely pewter toggle bird clasp is handmade by Green girl Studios. I cant wait to wear it! I need to tailor my wardrobe around my handmade jewellery! Bird was born in the flame!

Have a lovely evening all!


I Won the Art Bead Scene Monthly Clallenge!

Im pretty Happy that I was picked at the Winner for Mays ART BEAD SCENE Monthly challenge! YeY! This necklace has been sent to Scotland long gone now. I need to create more, maybe enter some magazine competions!

What have I been doing?

Well Ive been pretty busy at my Michael's job hosting parties and demonstrations. The other day I had to do a YuDu screen printing one. Not the easiest without water. It was good bc only 3 people came and asked about it! Getting things ready now for Mothers day events for kids.

There was a sale on at the store thank Goodness 60% off. Ive been busy and made a wreath for my front door. Silk flowers can be expensive. This wreath was $48.00 to make on sale. Regular prices would of cost $80 to $100. I also made another wreath like this one but all lovely shades of greens and yellow forsythia to be sold at Michael's I put a tag on it for $129.00. Now that felt pretty good. I need a camera phone to show all that Ive been doing. So pretty happy about that. This wreath could easily sell for $300.00 and up as Ive seen some pretty high priced things in some shops here. My husbands daughters coming from Scotland so sprucing things up a bit. I think Ill start my chicken salad tonite for them. What I do is put 4 chicken breasts in the crock pot on low with a can of cream of celery, cooking over night. In the morning all is so tender! I then take it out of the liquid and put it into the fridge for later. The meat is wondeful, to me that is the only way to cook it is in a slow crok pot. Later I add celery and whatever else you like.

Also two new necklaces here that Ive submitted to the Art Bead Scene. Opting to understated elegance...simple and elegant!
Other than that all is well and its starting to get a bit humid. Not looking forward to that, when all the flowers will shrivel. No matter how much you water them its just too hot here in Summertime.

Must get finished up here and off to some beauty sleep. Night all!

Some good news about work...

Well finally I was able to secure work again even if its only part time. Ive landed a job at Michael's. The craft store that has zillions of everything. I'm an "event coordinator" so my job is to make sure all displays are up on time fix the displays glue flowers on them etc etc. Go to the bank for the store and give demonstrations for crafts as well as talking people to throw a Birthday party at the store. Now I haven't done this yet but I also have to host the party's. I was errmm but the job is really good, keeps me really going, so it should be ok. I guess if I wasn't a people person I wouldn't be able to do that and talk talk to people. So the monies will be nice. Other than this alls well, I haven't really done any new pieces lately. You ever get like that a bit slow? Ill have to start on something new soon.
Other than this have a great day!

A toast to Mom and Happy Valentines day!

Here's a toast to Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines day! I have had to move far away from my Mother from Virginia to Houston TX. I dont get to see her now. I wish I could give one of these necklaces below to my Mother for Valentines day. Shes 86 now. When we went to see her last the clothes we got her werent worn and all the jewellery Ive showered her with lieing on the dresser un touched. I said Mom do you wear the jewellery, and the jacket we bought you, but I could see the tag on it and it was un worn. Its so sad shes a bit tunnel vision now in a sense and she stays on a small path. My brother said (with kindness) Janet dont send her anymore clothes or jewellery she has too much and its piling up now she dosent wear it! I still want to do things for my Mother! I want to shower her to show how I love her...Its Valentines day and I sure miss and love my Mom. I guess thats what flowers are for...sending them. I will send some today.

Purples passion!

This is my Newest Creatin for Springtime! I had alot of fun designing it, but with a painful back afterwards! I have submitted this to the Art bead Scene website,

Springtimes serenade and planet Ksispy

My newest Springtime necklace and the planet "Krispy"
Ive had this glass daffodil for sometime now, and finally today I was able to put this peice together. A springtime wearable. It's amazing the way springtime, flowers and green grass make us feel so good. None the less alive again. If anyone wonders how long it takes oh it takes hours of fiddling with the Swarovoski crystals, beads and the colour alignment. Then glueing the end peices into the clasps! I special ordered the hand dyed ribbon for effect. It seemed to take a few my backs killing me now and I have gluey sticky fingers, but well worth it. Being happy with something we were hoping for a good outcome. Now my house is all a messy still so Ill have to run around and clean it bc I hate messes lol. Luckily I have a Jenny~O frozen turkey Ill shove into the oven real quick for din's. So that was my day.
On a funny note...last night I went to bed late and couldn't seem to get to sleep, so in my moving around and squirming I must of woken Ron up. So at 2 O'clock we started taking about this and that. So to show off my intellegence I thought I'd throw some real facts out to him. I said "what planet is closest to the Sun"? I'm sure some of you already know that but sometimes the simplest things we remember we don't. So He thought and said "I don't know". So I proceeded to tell him it was Mercury. He said "No it isn't...its planet "Krispy" LOL. Well we had a good laff over that. How if you lived there you were a Krispian and were maybe a Krispitarian (librarian). I have to admit it was funny. Then to end it off...said husband let out a real big bag of wind, loud and proceeded to say "that was an atomic bomb from Planet Krispy"! LOL Funny ramblings in the today I spoke with him as he was at work and he said "well have to write a story about planet Krispy" lol. So the saga might be continued!

I just found out my friend died...

My Singingwoods.....
I just found out my friend died...
Today is such a sad day for me as I just found out my close friend Bob died. I met him on the Quakerparrot forum I belong to. He was so interesting. He was raised in Alaska and for many years he ran a pack of dogs on a sled. Later moved to the Mts of Idaho in the beautiful countryside. He had so many stories to tell! I hadn't heard from him since August 30 as he always sent emails about his faith. I didn't think anything of it until recently I had this niggling feeling "oh No I wonder if something happened to Bob". So I copied and pasted his contacts the header part of the emails and sent a note to all of his contacts. So this morning I got word from his close childhood friend said that Bob had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit an tree and he and his dog died.
I guess I'm crying for me, but I am so so sad that he died. He was cremated and his body is back in Alaska. I'm a Christian and you know I believe in all of Gods promises. Its not always easy tho, bc life isn't easy. And waiting on the Lord is sometimes hard. Our McDonald's mindset we want it now...I want it now. And the heart aches. I know. But I just cant not have faith. In these perilous times for me personally I see all crumbling the worlds foundations shaking. But the Lords promises will Always stand.
One fine day I will meet and see Bob wont that be something!