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What did the first peice of jewellery look like that you ever made?! Comeon and fess up!

This is Gizmo but more about him later..

This is the one of the first pieces of jewellery I ever made..
see the hot dogs hamburgers popcorn and ice cream?!

* I would like to mention my friend Andrew Thornton. He is a very talented jewellery designer he has a blog here, and a jewellery shop here and be sure to look at the Basha beads! His family owns Green Girl Studios and they make hand forged wonderful focals. Go and say hello to Andrew!

* Id like to ask a Question to many of you. What did the first piece of jewellery look like
or something you made look like that you thought was so great and that you were so proud of?! Well I'm going to show you the one of the first pieces I ever made! I will always keep it because it makes me smile! It keeps me honest and grounded that I keep my head not way above the clouds no it keeps me who I am because we all had to start somewheres! I was so proud of this piece! It gives me a chuckle because its not inventive and its plain and well it is not a winner! So fess up and tell about something you made but learned from. Even post about it! And yes were all human. So tell something about what you made and how you grew from it..

* So the Bead party is over and that was a real lot of fun. Some pretty awesome pieces of
jewellery were created! Friendships were forged too! And so that's what it is all about.

* So the little fella above is Gizmo. What a darling little pug. He has many names! I believe
all pugs are alike. Bad beggars they snorkle, sneeze pass wind and snore. He is quite a joy with his little big bugged out eyes. His big joy in life is licking mostly feet. The taste tester. The food critic! He smells like corn chips. He cries when he can't seem to jump up onto the bed to go to sleep for the night. How sweet. Right now hes sitting below me chewing his bone so faithful. Gizmo is 7 now and will be getting old now soon. But to me thats where he will be one day be at the big Pearly Gates..just ahead waiting!

* Well Id better put Gizmo to bed with Adam my Son and get to my beauty sleep.

** Night everyone!

Stacey's Necklace and an Owls story! Also a Great Giveaway!

Theres been so much to do about barn owls lately! I was watching the live Owl cam Molly and McGee a pair of barn owls for months. A live cam in San Marcos California of Molly and her mate McGee. It was just Wonderful! Many friends were made in the process of watching this pair sit on a clutch of 4 eggs to their growing up and departing! The 4 owlettes were named Maxx the 1st born then Pattison, Austin and the little Wesley. At night you would see the parents bring in mice, rabbits and other rodents..two times live. That I never got to see! Then there was the mouse that escaped. All in the day of the life of owls! It was wonderful for 4 months and now the owletts are departed and many a sad person still going onto the chat.

So this is where many people were introduced to Stacey O'Brien who would pop into the chat room of the live Owl box. Everyone was always so excited. Here is the captivating book Stacey wrote. A book you couldn't put down. Hey Lori Anderson a good book here! A fellow bead maker who started the Bead Party btw in the last Blog entry!

Stacey's book..

Here is the necklace I created and designed for Stacey..I call For the Love of Wesley!

It will go out tomorrow..see the owl the nest and the squirrel?
The owl and squirrel are sitting on Mary Ann Carrols ceramic beads,
necklace is wire wrapped in sterling..and Green Girl Studio charms..

Stacey's favourite colours are saturated teals and said she loves
long this can be adjusted..

Here is Stacey OBrien and Wesley..

Here is Wes when he was little what a little joy he was to her..

I don't want to tell her story but what a heartwarming book this was! A story about a little owl who could not be released into the wild..

It was such a pleasure to make this necklace for her..what a sweet woman..


Ok on to some other great news..there is a wonderful giveaway! This is a real Motherload of beads and jewels. If you don't bead you may just want to start! A very generous giveaway and you just need to reply. Go here to Denise Yezbak Moores site!

The Bead Party Big Reveal and Im excited! Look what we made!

The Bead Party Revealed!

The Bead Party has arrived and I'm pretty darn excited about its arrival as I'm sure 96 other women are too! The Big reveal starts today June 19 2010! Lori Anderson (click here to see all of the participants) brought this wonderful party to fruitation last year and many of us rejoice in its arrival again. Ninety-six wonderful talented women have participated in a bead swap with partners to see what the others create with the beads sent to them. This year Kimberly Roberts of Bahama Dawn and my names crossed fate and we have sent our beads to one another.

Here are the beads I sent Kimberly..beads handmade by Gaea..

And this is what Kimberly sent me. A hand cut copper piece that says "Live Love Laugh" but in my finished necklace which I call Orange Blush I punched a hole in the bottom and added a Green Girl Studio bird and some sashaying beads..also Kimberly sent her lampwork beads and wire. I did not use everything but Love what I did make! Thank you Kimberly I just love the green and orange lampwork you sent! These are my favourite colours as well..

Here is my necklace I call Orange Blush! I have used Kimberly's lampwork pieces and her handmade Live laugh Love copper focal, other lampwork I have collected, brass I hammered, some pewter pieces from Mamacita Beadworks, sterling silver, and a Green Girl Studio flying bird all wire wrapped in Brass. Ive worn it many times and have gotten many compliments!

Buttons from my collection..

I hammered brass pieces here..

Kimberley's handmade hammered focal and a Green Girl bird..

This Party was so much fun with the exchange..waiting on the beads in the post and designing. I'm so pleased I was part of it!

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Andrew Thornton you are a little gem..

Well the days are passing by I still am working on my new location and getting things right with all of my Lampwork equipment. I received this lovely card and Original art work in the post from Andrew Thornton! Who ever has him in their life they're blessed hes I believe to be a feeling genuine person. I was so touched as it came out of the blue! Oh Andrew you Rock! I shall frame this in remembrance of you. And look he sent a pc of his heart..Andrew is quite a talented jewellery designer and his family owns Green Girl Studios for anyone who doesn't know. You can find Andrew here.

Slowly getting there here is the Creation Station that just came in the post..

The kiln in its place..

Remember the Roses I bought in this tub?

This is last years Rose and it is truly a sight..

This is this years rose growing nicely. From the tub to this. Unfortunately I lost 2 of them but atleast I have 10 left..

Where did I plant my tomatoes this year? In the front garden! The soil is so hard and clayish very devoid of nutrients here. This fall I would like to have 4 to 5 truck loads of soil delivered. I so envy people with soft rich soil.

This glorious creature visited me this morning. Isn't he wonderful as you can see he is quite a size by the penny on the table..We had alot of them in Scotland and they made some lovely doiley patterns in our pansy's!

I then moved him to the flowering canna for safety. I was reading about them just now. I thought upon first seeing him he was a slug but slugs have no shell. So he is a snail. I found some interesting facts as they have both male and female reproductive parts. They will lay about 30 eggs in the ground or a rotting log. They can be eaten by frogs, beetles, rats, hedgehogs, and other snails. As pets they can live to a year. With that said I shall pass!

What gifts we have been given!

Go out and have a great day!

Our Trip for Lampworking tools and a bit of Texas!

I'm blogging today about a really great trip my husband and I took 3 hours away to Austin Texas yesterday. This trip was to get my Lampworking tools! A really exciting day for me because I've waited to do this for 3 years. We had such a great time as we haven't ventured out of Houston alot. Probably because we never really knew where to go. Houston's so jam packed with cars on the roads we actually stay at home alot just stay off the roads and heat. Lesson learned=get out and do more things!

Here is a view from the car. We saw so many cows and hill and dale. Meadows and rolling hills but hard to capture from the car so I didn't take anymore from the moving car trying to get to our destination.

We saw this!

We saw lots and lots of corn..rows and rows of it for miles..

We ate here, The restaurant was called 290 named for the Interstate it is on I-290. There were lots of cars here so you know its a good place to eat. Lots of cars=good food! And it was. A charming place too where we also met a British woman with her George Bush look alike husband! It was great fodder as she and my Brit man talked about England..
It's a small world!

Some one I'm sure shot this rattler which was on the wall above out table!

Real quaint huh?!
It had alot of charm..

So we finally got to our destination Blue Moon Glassworks! It was so exciting to drive up to it! I knew what was making supplies, stained glass, PMC kilns, tools galore! The shoppe is located in a lovely area with old Victorian homes and old style homes with white picket fences and rose arbours a really lovely part of Austin. So we finally got to our destination. Blue Moon Glassworks. The owners Jim and Rose Berry were so helpful and such nice people where you don't mind so much parting with your hard earned money! Nothing like hands on to getting exactly the right things you need.

So we walked in and saw this..

A very exciting place!

These pictures are just a small smattering of what the shoppe has..

Here are the Owners Jim and Rose such a charming couple. Don't they take a great picture. He is holding this book which I would love to have about bead making from 30,000 years ago to present. I'd asked him about making beads how do I make some Id seen and liked..but not to copy. He then went and got his book he is holding and said "Janet its all been done before everything you see today many times long ago"! I got his jist! See the bead he is holding? Its the same bead (made by Jim) on the cover made many many many years ago. We all see things we like and we all are influenced and put our own spin our own ideas into what we see..

Some pictures I took they have everything all over..

I immediately spotted Marcy Lambersons torched beads in the pic below. Marcy who lives in Georgia is the Master specializing in people, vikings, Elvis, dogs and cats you name it!

Glass supplies..

Stained glass..

My husband looking at Lampwork tools..

There was a class with Jill Symons teaching. Many happy women torching here. Jim let me take pictures..

In this picture they had cut out copper ? not sure..and were applying it to the lampworked beads in the flame. I loved the blue nail polish btw!

This is what we bought..all of my and Ronald's Lampworking tools. The glass is wrapped in bubble wrap.

My husband was very impressed with the Chili Pepper kiln that was at one time made into a tool box thus you can see now it is made the same way. Fascinating. Here are the hoses and Oxygenator too.

See the Stainless steel table? I saw this older man at Lowe's with it on his truck and he sold it to me for $125.00 not bad! Very thankful at that..

After 5 hours there we hated to go but went home 2 pretty happy shoppers..

We will go back soon and take some more classes. Lampwork is very relaxing to do. When I first ever did it I thought it was a rust rush thing but tis not the case at all.

So I'm out to my finished garage now to sweep and rearrange things. Am I a diva?! I want Rome built in one day! patience Janet patience. I shall slay the Jabberwocky!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!