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I got to meet my friend Helen and Beautiful Jewells..

My visit to Helen's!

So this was our journey out of Houston several weeks ago, and it was marvelous to get away! I was finally able to meet my friend Helen Simon (!!) who Ive spoken to for three years now. She is a Lampwork artist who lives in Louisiana. Ive bought much lampwork from her and finally we were able to meet. That's really an exciting thing to do thru the world of the Internet. I was so as my British husband would say *chuffed to bits! We drove out of Houston in a torrential rain downpour which was on the scary side, the driving was dangerous. Ron wanted to turn back but I said well we should be out of this soon. A half an our later we were finally out of it and were exceedingly thankful. Almost three hours later we arrived at Helen's home in Louisiana where Helen and her husband own 6 acres. Her husband keeps the place so manicured and very prim as you can see. Here is the great arbour he built. She grows roses and all kinds of herbs..

So here is Helen with Tasha the beauty who shows off all of Helen's creations. It was neat seeing "Tasha" in person! Funny how things go round as I painted mannequins at one point in my life for a living. I wish I had that ageless mannequin beauty! Ron and I brought Subway for everyone which all promptly ate heartily. Helen's Son who's been home schooled joined us and a nicer young man you couldn't meet. He showed us the wire rings he had made (wonders why didn't I take pictures grrrr).

Helen has a lovely mobile home and has a small room for Lampworking. A super tight fit and you couldn't ask for better. Isnt she pretty?!

Here is my husband. Where is Janet? Always taking the pictures!

Helen showed us some things to do with lampwork. Some things which were ahhh yes that's how you do that. She showed us one thing to make but she asked us not to tell anyone so my lips are sealed. That was neat to learn something Special. How generous. Helen is a Christan like myself. I love my friend Helen she is so beautiful inside and out!

All of her lovely treasures in her china cabinet..

This is the *Other china cabinet that holds many Treasures..

Here is a cuff Helen designed isn't it lovely it is in her shop for one hundred and ninety~ seven dollars. No it isn't cheap but I admire my friend because she has worked hard and with her talent she does not give her things away. The economy may be not very good but a skill well honed is worth its weight..

Rings made by my friend!

This is a really beautiful handmade handbag with lampwork sewn onto it. The price of this handbag is one hundred and ninety~seven dollars. Just precious.

This lampwork above was a gift from Helen. I was so over the moon to of gotten it! But my husband paid her a handsome price for it. When we came home my Son said why Mom did he do that.. it was a gift. My answer was "True but my friend showed us lampwork techniques that you would of taken sometime to of figured out". And we really respect that..

Here is part of the finished necklace and it is surely Heavens Bounty!
I went out the next day to the post office and to the bank and the clerks who worked there asked if I made jewellery. Its is a beauty and will never be for sale!

It was hard leaving the peacefulness. Helen neighbor has a pond on the side of her house and Helen has one in her backyard..

Getting ready to leave..
And so we drove home wearily happy.
It was wonderful meeting my friend after three years!

Life is a gift isn't it!?

Im Thankful to the Lord for All of His Blessings..

Have a great day!

Featured in Another Treasury!

Featured in another Treasury!

Thank you LewisCooper for including my
*fruity buttons*!

Missficklemedia, Gaea and Jenny came to Tea today!! And some Jewellery!

How I wish they would of come to Tea today!
We would of had small little..

Sarnies as my husband would say..
Small salmon sandwiches..cucumber
sandwiches..cheddar crumpets
Tea and Coffee..

I would of had my daughter too how
Precious she is to me.. She
is feeling down today. I told her how lovely
she is and in the eyes of the Lord!
There is Always Hope for Tomorrow and tomorrow
is Another day. Life IS a Gift!
Here is my Jenny she and
I look So alike. Maybe I like.. love
Faeries but really My faith is in The Lord!

"For with God All things are possible.."
Matthew 19:26

I love my girl Jenny

Our Lunch..
But instead Missficklemedia and Gaea they
were here in Spirit today!
as I fashioned some Jewellery from
Missficklemedia and Gaeas findings..

Here is My Latest Jewellery!

(Will be available in My shop soon!)

*Chain and patina rounds by Missficklemedia
*Gaea Ceramics
*A found Key!

"The Secret Key"

"The Snow is Coming"

*Jubilee house
*Green Girl Studio Leaf
*Light blue Sapphire beads
*Faceted czech faceted rounds
*Sterling wire and findings

"A Touch of Class"

*Gaeas ceramic crackle rounds..
WHO needs pearls when you have crackle?!

I hope You all have a great day!

Put your faith in The One who Never Slumbers Nor does He Sleep!

**Psalm 121:3**

Ive been featured on Etsys Treasury!! Please pray or send warm Thoughts for this little pup!

Ive been featured on an Etsy Treasury!

thank you

My "Last Light of Summer"!

People are aleways so wonderful doing goodly things arent they?!

Please Pray for this precious pup or send warm thoughts?!
My friend Juls pup is having a terrible time..please read what she has written..

Chelsea has recently developed sebacious cysts, both on the surface of her skin and below it.
Her lower back and hind legs look like a road map of knots and bruising.
She can't lay still for even 5 minutes between itching attacks now,
and she whimpers every time she has to scratch.

The only cure for her condition is removal of ALL of the glands.

Her surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, Sept 21st

Please pray for this Little on that the Surgeons hand is skillful and that she is fine!?!

Thank you!!

Woodsey Jewellery!

Some Woodsy Jewellery!

This week we went on a wonderful
but I will tell you about that in my Next Blog!

My lovely husband has been home all week
on Holiday that was great! Not much
PC time for me as he played golf all week
online with his Uncles from New Zealand
and England. But a happy man is a good man!

Hopefully Missficklemedia will have her
Giveaway parcel tomorrow. I am
hoping she is as pleased with it as I was
creating and sending it..

I am patiently waiting for this hot weather to end!
Surely I moved to the wrong
place leaving the Mts of Virginia!
But I will Bloom where I am planted..
Texas to say the least is a challenge.
Great IF you like Summer forever.
Ach well onward to the higher calling!

Here are two Woodsy Necklaces I have
made. One quite Woodsey! Laurel
Stevens focal on this flowered Lovely
with smoldering green and ruby red rondelles.
Various lampwork on the Green leaf
necklace below.

Both can be found in my Etsy Shop on this page!

"Everlasting Beauty"

"Last Light of Summer"

Have a lovely!

My friend Author Jean Yates is having a Lovely Sale!

You know I have Never met my friend Jean Yates.
But I would love to meet her because yes she is an Author
of this great Jewellery book. But because she is
such a lovely person. You just get a vibe with
some people and Jeans one of those people.

Two years ago Jean and her husband grew pumpkins
and measured them daily. I looked forward every
week to see how big these pumpkins grew!
Everyone was on their toes to as how big they would get.
Great post I hope she grows some more of them!

She has a great Blog but besides that Jean is always
doing something intresting. This doll I believe
was a design Challenge she entered for fun.
Something like this will crack you a smile and
brighten up you day!

Is this kewpie cute or what? lol.

<span class=

I hope Jean didn't start the dollies
rebelling! lol

<span class=

Here is Jeans Book

Please check her Blog out about this wonderful
Bracelet on Sale! Jeans Blog is here!

My Give~Away Winner!

My Give~Away Winner!

will have 3 Winners..
So please don't take heart if you did not Win!

I want to THANK everyone who so kindly entered,
blogged, Followed Me
and facebooked this Give~away!


I really appreciate all of your efforts!
There were so many W
onderful Comments amounting
to over 100
and that counts the ones that were mistakenly
put on to my previous blog entry. This was alot of fun!

This was a Random draw!
I am happy to announce the Winner being

Miss Fickle please send me your e~mail to
me at
and I will get all of these lovelies + off to YOU!

Fairy homes..some Jewellery and My First GIVEAWAY!

First off My first Giveaway..

To Celebrate All of my new
lampwork tools and Journey!

I'm so excited about this my first Giveaway!
And here are All of the beads:

8 Green Girl Studio Charms for use in your Jewellery
And a String of Gaeas beads
And a beautiful Lampworked focal Rose by my friend Helen Simon

a koi fish pendant
a floating castle
a follow your heart NSEW flying heart
a faerie butterfly
mermaid faerie
a flying bee
a flying pig
a faerie round tablet
this string of Gaeas beads
a lampworked Rose

**And a Surprise Extra focal that you will Not be disapointed in!

Gaeas beads

A beautiful Lampwork Rose

At the End of this Blog I will tell you HOW TO ENTER..

Read below about all the Wonderful faerie
houses throughout the World!


Do you believe in faeries?

Come along..and see these lovely faerie homes all over the globe!

*this will be in my Shop*

I made this faerie like necklace out of some
Lampworked leaves last night..
added tendrils to keep the bugs off! I wouldn't say I was on a
faerie binge, but certain things lend themselves
to whimsy I think!

A Rainy day Necklace to wear..
with a Jade Scott focal and few Gaea beads

*this will be in my Shop*

This is my fireplace with the faeries door..

My house number is 7019.
Aren't they Copy cats for heaven's sake!

Look what they are doing drinking their drink
on the top of my china closet!

I put the night Camera on..
Naughty naughty faeries!

She sleeps in front of my fireplace.
When I lived in Aberdeenshire Scotland
I always went to Pasttimes..

they sold the most beautiful faeries Ive ever seen...

This is Lakewood Elementary School
where Mrs. Wrights kindergarten class
learns about the world..

This is part of her classroom..
See the faerie door?

Faerie doors even take residence in this painting!

Who would ever think?!

This is the Jefferson Market..
see the door way up high?

See the door?

Can you believe someone took the time
to climb all the way up to do such a thing?

Here is Nicolas Lovely is this?!
Sweet things and fancy make the World
a lighter place to live in ..

don't you think?!

A door in her book shop..

Here is The Peaceable Kingdom..

Do you think they were bad tenants?
All broken down!

Or touched by human hands, yobs my
British husband would say.
A shame..

Here is the lovely Red Shoes..

How to Enter for All of the Green Girl
Studio Charms, Gaea and Helens beads..

* You must follow my Blog and that is 1 point
You can get Xtra points if you:

** 2 extra points if you facebook this
** 2 extra points when you Blog this

Please let me know on your Comment
if you have facebooked
and blogged!

Tuesday September 7 @ 12 Midnight Central time

Enjoy enjoy!

*** I would like to Thank Jonathan from
Urban fairies for all of the pictures
of these lovely faerie houses!
You can find him at:
He is also on facebook: