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My Lampwork tools finally! From Blue Moon Glassworks!

So this is where me and my Man will be going June 5th!

Firstly I want to say how very Happy I am so overjoyed! Ive waited so very long for this day! Ive PLEADED with my British man for so long to get me my Lampworking tools, and he has finally relented to go shopping for them! I have done alittle lampwork but not much. Wow such a Dream come true and I am so very Thankful! He often talks of going home to Scotland but if we cant do Lampwork there I would think twice about Not going lol. Really. Life is really hard over there. Simple good lives we take for granted over here in the US are hard to obtain over there. Believe me I know it Ive lived there 4 years with him. Moneys not spent as easily in Britain as jobs don't pay as much even if its a real good job. I would say it is 2 to 2 1/2 times harder to get ahead in Britain than here.

So today I spoke with the owner Rose of Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin Texas about all of my supplies, and she has set aside everything. So awesome...I will count the days until June 5th! We went over everything and thank my Lord they are only 3 hours away. I cant wait to also speak with her about proper Metal punches for copper etc. To go to a FULLY LOADED store is going to blow my mind lol. I will have to contain myself. Really.

Maybe sometimes some of us have to wait and pay their dues? I've bought alot of lovely Lampwork for a few years now. There are some Awesome Lampworkers out there! Now may God give me the gift of my hands to be fruitful!

So here's some of the friends I will be coming home with!

Many artists have been where I am right now and many lampworkers. But we all have to start on the road SOMEWHERE! I have always really beiieved that the Lord said He will give you the desires of our hearts if we really sought Him. And today I'm so very thankful for all of this and His promises!

Must get ready for work now...thank you for stopping by...
go out and have a great day!
God Bless you!

We went into the Countryside!

Well I haven't really done much in a good while. Mostly because Houston Texas is such a madhouse. Zillions of cars and the roads are packed all the time which is a normal thing here. It is not my favourite thing to venture out alot because this is the landscape for lots and lots of miles. Cement and subdivisions forever. But my husband and I ventured onto a little town not far from here and its a small bit of what hasn't been swallowed up by builders. So my daughter Jenny and I decided to go over to the town of Tomball today and I thought Id show her the sights and some good fresh air to boot. On the way down the many roads Ive seen this darling old house a few times so today I brought my camera and took some shots. Its surrounded by subdivisions and stores, what a shame. How I hate subdivisions! Now the *older parts of *towns are ok tho. I guess I have my likes and dislikes. So here is this lovely house and I went up to it and took some pictures. The front porch is slanted down from age but the house was very sturdy. Why do I feel sad when we see these old homes? Maybe because they have a charm in the structure, hardwood floors and maybe a porch and a time when life wasn't so rushed... Ill take an old home like this to my pretty big brick home anyday..

You can see the front porch..

Up the stairs..I wonder what was up there? The house was void of anything and it worried me a bit to go up there. Theres alot of crime in Houston and maybe I thought a mean person might be up there to harm me!?

Old hardwood floors. I felt a sadness that this house once a home probably to small children running up and down those stairs...that the home was no longer loved! I imagine there were fields around this old home at one time too. The house was so rock hard solid!

Next Jenny and I passed open Texas fields. This is a long drive to an old cute home..lots of land!

A close up of the home thanks to my zoom in lens. I could not even see this detail from the road...amazing!

More fields on the way to Tomball

This is the neighborhood in Tomball where the bird shop is that we go to to get toys for my parrot *Cheeky monkey the Quaker and *Cherub the sun conure

Here is the pet shop

Lots of hand raised babies!

This is a Caique if I were to ever get another parrot it would be this parrot. They are real clowns and will roll all around their cages and play all the time. Unfortunately they are $1000. So I don't think so! Ill be happy with what I've got plus these parrots live to be 15 to 25 years old..a real commitment.

Lots of toys

This was such a cute shop

Nice things

And this was the owner an older gentleman and a bit crabby I think lol but pleasant nevertheless

He lives upstairs in his shop but we went up, his bedroom is off limits

A dentists chair?

Now I want this! Bringing husband back with the checkbook!

And I fell in love with this too is it not lovely and stripped you could make a fine piece!

This was one place to eat but we did not check it out!

So on the way home Jenny and I went to this odd place. I guess some people would think it was a dive but we thought it had charm!

You cant really see it but is was cute

Old timey! And that was our trip it was so great to go out to this small place away from where I live!

So when I came home Kimberly Roberts pkg was in my mail box waiting! I was very pleased on what she sent me for the BEAD PARTY! Sterling silver beads, semi precious beads, some coconut rounds, a handmade copper Love laugh love pendant and her handmade lampwork! Thank you Kimberly! More info here about 97 happy women artisan beaders participating!

So that was my day and it was a great day. I need to play Lottery more to buy land and antiques!

Bead Party Time Rock On!

Another Party!

So Bead Party time has rolled around and I am really HAPPY to be involved again! Everyone had so much fun last year! Lori Anderson of Pretty Things is the Hostess and you can go have a mosey of whats going on and all on here page here. This year there are 97 wonderful happy women participating in this 2nd go round. So this means all of us will be paired up with another person, we exchange beads by post and then there will be the final reveal. Ninety seven of us will be going round to see what each other has made. Lots of fun Blog hopping! And so many great creations I can't wait to see them! So my partner this year is a very exciting artist named Kimberly Roberts who lives in the Bahamas and makes her home on the island of Abago. How exciting is that?! (Kimberly send me some nice shells and sea glass!) She makes vibrant coloured island Quilts and is a beginning self taught lampworker. Check her out!

I am mailing Kimberly my package out today...and here is a sneak *Peek!

I hope she is happy with my selection!

So with that I'm off to watch the owlettes Molly and McGee on USTREAM a lice cam in San Marcos CA. The owlettes are fledging and their peach fuzz is all about gone. It has been an exciting journey from the hatching of the 4 eggs to this now. Here's the link go and watch them!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Lorelei is Hosting another what looks to be a sure winner of a Book on Jewellery, bead weaving and metal rings by Cindy Thomas Pankopf ! The winner will be announced later today so there is still time to enter!

Blessed are the Mothers!

My Mother is a far 18 hour drive up to Virginia, I wish I could be with her today.. I miss my Mother she is very old now! One must be strong in this life when you cannot see your Mother when you want!

So Ive got to be getting ready for work just now. Work today ach well Ill be off next week! Have a lovely Mothers day to all the Mothers...