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Birgitta Lejonklou is having a Wonderful Giveaway!

What a lovely Giveaway!

  Birgitta Lejonklou is having such a wonderful Giveaway and these Beads are just Sublime!
Britta's celebrating 2000 visits to her Blog posts. This is a Must to check out wow I would Love to Win these.. all of these beads are so earthy and seem to tell their Own little story! Check Britta out HERE!
A lovely and generous Giveaway!

Lookie a Great Give~away from Lori Anderson! This is Exceedingly Great!

Lori Anderson over at Pretty Things is having an oh so ever Wonderful Giveaway! Shes giving away this lower case stamp set from PJ Tool and Supply Company..their new line of Impress Art letter stamps! All lower case. Here is the set here, aren't they so devine?!

Lori was experimenting and made there lovely earrings to show what you can do with them! 

She does have some guidelines so..check out Loris page HERE!

A Wonderful Giveaway from Malin de Koning!

A Wonderful Giveaway!

Malin de Koning is having a Wonderful Giveaway to celebrate her 100th follower! Malin is from Sweden and has her own Special and unique style that I admire alot. The deadline for all of these beautiful beads is this Wednesday 21.00 Swedish time. There are a few guidelines so check her page out.

As you can see there are beads handmade from great Artisans in here. Wouldn't this be Wonderful  to win, the colours feel so good! So see what this is all about click HERE.

Heres my design for last years BLOG PARTY and Im really happy to have my new partner!

The BLOG SOUP Party has arrived!

The BEAD SOUP PARTY has arrived again this year and its so exciting to be a part of it!
210 talented women and men will have their names swapped by the creator of this wonderful Soup~Lori Anderson .

This was my last years entry 
for the BEAD PARTY.. 

My lovely partner WAS Kimberly Roberts of 
Bahama DawnI got to know Kimberly and we are now friends. We had so much fun with this!  

Im so happy to say that this year Ive been assigned to Angela Blasingame of HOPEMORE! Angela makes some lovely pendants. Check her out!

Here are the dates on the BEAD PARTY start and finish dates..

So I will gather up a Great selection of beads soon and send them out on the designated date of January 28.

Let the bead Soup begin!

(PS. This is so exciting!) 

The birds have been fed and the squirrels too

The birds have been fed and the squirrels!

They have all been equipped to stay warm...God Bless them all..

See these green guys? They are Quaker parrots that have either escaped or been set free. They are not native to the US. They are able to endure many winters in cold places due to their whopping nests they make, to stay warm. Often times their nests which can be as big as 3 to 4 feet wide are torn down by power companies in some cities because they build them in the transformers high in the power poles. Ive got a green guy like these guys. Hs name is "Cheeky".... most mornings he says "your a big banana or good morning my darling"..he is such a pleasure. He will try to bite me at times but my husband can do anything with him. He is indeed a Cheeky Monkey! I am so glad he doesn't have to endure the cold winters. We get him every morning from his cage and he is shivering a bit, so this must be his way to stay warm. But he does have Cherub his companion too. They are out of the cage as much as possible when no one is home, as they go after the boys, and they aren't trying to play! Tho I love my parrots dearly I would never consider buying parrots from a store or breeder again. Sadly one must find these things out after owning them. Parrots are flock animals and are very emotionally needy for the owner most of the time. So it is my feeling that it is just not fair to cage these beautiful creatures for captivity. We do let them out an awful lot and let them be free and happy. As the Bible says that man will have "dominion" over the animals, some should not be procreated for man are my feelings. But the little green Monster Cheeky is very happy to run around under the covers in the bed and pop around with my husband! We learn and do the best we can!

My daughter rescued a squirrel many years ago and we raised "Perri"..

My daughter gave me the link to how many animals are treated like the fox that are trapped and grown to become fur for people. But if I go into details it will make some people upset. I just joined PETA and am looking into some more options.

What gifts its always whats free that in the end are the greatest gifts..

Snow Pancakes..

Snow Pancakes

I came across this recipe for Snow Pancakes! I have heard of the English and Finnish doing this, and there are recipes online with slight variations. (Granny Miller has this on her blog here) Now if I had Snow you bet I would make these they look wonderful, and hey wouldn't it be worth a try. So here goes..

2 Cups of flour
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon sugar
2 eggs beat them well
1 1/2 cups milk

Mix and sift all of the dry ingredients. In a bowl mix the milk and eggs.
Add the eggs and milk; stir well.
The batter will be thick.
Heat your griddle.

SNOW----> Go and get 1 1/2 measuring Cups of freshly fallen Snow.

Fold this into the batter as pictured.

*Cook as you would regular pancakes!



Blow some Snow here Mr Arctic!
On a serious note I must go now to wrap the lemon tree we have its calling for a freeze tonight...

Getting in the Hot tub of Lampwork!

Well I have been on my torch for a week now. Yes a week. Ive taken a class and a watching class. My workshop is all set up and running. It is such a journey. I saw someone today say that to be really good at something you had to Suck at it first! And that is so true! I laughed. But starting one must really take the time that all valves are right and things are turned on and off all in the correct sequence. Plus the kiln had to be tweaked. The things on the journey are so IMPORTANT.

Yesterday was a great day as I was able to go for the 1st time to the Houston Society for Glass Beadmakers (HOUSTON HOTTIES). It was a wonderful thing to go to! The Clubhouse was set in a really peaceful subdivision with many stately trees and tall pines. So peaceful. Everything was just right. When I went in I signed up and was immediately given a packet of glass as you can see in the photo. So every time you go if you are a Member you get glass. How Awesome is that!? Awesome. First there was socialising with some hot foods, chips and dips. Then the meeting was goals etc. I learned about beads of COURAGE. Many people know about them but I learned more so about them than I realised. Lampworkers donate their beads to children who have cancer and other life threatening problems. The child picks her bead and will Always remember the milestone they were at when they look at it and wear this bead and remembers HOPE!

So at the the Meeting this what was done:

*I received the welcome beads (3) of pretty mauve and pink rods of glass. Glass is given out at the monthly meetings.
*There were about 100 marver tools to check out for the members. Just awesome.
* A demo every time.
*A book and a CD can be checked out monthly.
*Plans discussed for a Sale in the Spring to sell our beads and jewellery. Yes!
*They spoke about the ISGB organization of lampworkers and the yearly conventions.
*Two BIG coloured glass rods were Raffled off! About 25 rods of glass in each. One oranges, pinks, reds, yellows, and the other one greens, blues, browns and violets. And the same couple Won them both! Oh I wanted to Win those! (next month husband said he will join! Yes!)

It was a great day!


So it is COLD today and Janet has no slippers. Terrible! In Houston really cold weather is rare. Ive been caught with my pants down...need slippers!

Ive got so many things to do so I don't know where to start first..frustrating.

*must iron 8 shirts for husband who buys my Glass..
*clean the room my Son took over and move the beading and sewing...this takes much time *grrrr..
*need to torch 3 to 4 hours..
already not time enuf in the day!

That's about it really these are great wonderful stirrings!

My heart soars and I WILL POST BEAD pictures very SOON!


BEAD SOUP Party..Come join!

Come and join!!

Do you like Jewellery or have any interest? Come join Lori Anderson's BEAD SOUP PARTY! There is still time to sign up! For the last 2 years Lori Anderson of Pretty Things has had this wonderful Bead Party! You sign up..names are exchanged with a partner..sent to one another then there is the Big Reveal. It was SO much fun last year! The count is up to 145 women! Come and join its just wonderful! here is the LINK to Loris page!

They say the more the Merrier...whats more fun then participating, then at the big reveal getting a hot Cuppa relaxing as you go and see all what others have done!

Springtime Treasures!

My Springtime faves!

As the girls I worked with in Scotland in the Nursing home would say its"Col outside".. Aberdonian slang! Brrr its so great because one day here its 68 or 70 and then 5 days later its 46. So cold here is always so welcomed because it just never seems to stay very long! So in this cold I think of springtime and the little ducks and chicks I raised on my little 10 acre farm. And. there. is. Nothing like it!

Here are some great finds I hope you Enjoy them like I have! And I will have to be careful to buy something!


This is from JulieWhitmorePottery and everything Julie makes is a Treasure!
Unfortunately her things fly from her shop must really watch her shop. Julie can be found HERE..

This little one needs to come to my house...precious!

A print which speaks to Ones self..

A pattern by TinyOwlsMagicAttic..

Tasha Tudor wrote many beautiful books and her art was a small smidgen of Heaven!

Nan Emmett makes Wonderful Owl beads!

Honestly if other people can knit I can too. This pattern Is. it. not. lovely!

Little people making pies in this house!

This woman has such talent in her paintings! This may have to be a purchase, her Art takes my breath away..
Her name is KarenDavis and she can be found here at Etsy..

This is a little hand felted book by beautifulplace.
She hand knits bags, scarves, shawls and books just all things of beauty!


NOW off to Lampwork!
Have a great day and count your blessings today!

A New direction in an always HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In 2011 I am looking for unfussy days!
For My heart to soar..

Life is what we put into it right? Yes to a large degree, but in 2011 I am going to live less stress fully. Ive made some great jewellery but not sold alot, still I have been thankful! I have had some really nice people come to my Blog and comment. But I have been frustrated as I have not sold more jewellery. Maybe my prices were a bit high? Maybe I put too many elements into them forking out too much into one piece? But Ive made the best I could with genuine materials. It could be the economy? But maybe sometimes it is what it is as I am not the only person selling things. Ive not taken the time to submit to any Jewellery publications which I would like to do. And maybe I will in my time. I'm just going to BE ME. And if my jewellery supplies are low and I am out of everything I will not fret. Constant monies out. My hats off to those who can keep up! Ive wound down now and I just don't have the energy to keep up with it. LUCKILY I have been able to finally realize my Dream and start my Lampworking (yes talking about that again bear with me). This will be my main FOCUS now and really it gives me a big sigh of relief. I have alot of jewellery I have now made and love as a result so...

So in 2011...

* I'm going to strive to walk with the Lord more! Careful to be thankful for everything.

* I am going to be ME and follow what my heart says and not try to keep up with things like buying and selling of jewellery..

* I read beautiful Blogs but I am not going to be on the internet all the time chasing after dreams and hope people will follow me. Yes I would love for people to comment etc, but maybe this will be a natural progression and blossom. If NOT that's ok too I can live with that..

* I will be working on my Lampwork full time. It is a bit daunting at times but this is my GOAL..

* Take more time with some family dinners with my family at my home or going out with them.

* I'm going to strive to volunteer at a rescue shelter for animals that are neglected and abused...

* I am going to walk everyday rain or shine!

* I am going to draw more and feel the things I draw pulse thru my veins..

* I cook more simple meals..and eat less..

* I will strive to read my Bible everyday and take much needed time for God..

* I will embrace those who love me and try not to be judgemental..who knows how God is doing a work that I cannot see?

* I will STOP and smell the roses and be who I AM and be the best ME..

And that's it!