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BTW and Paying it forward with Kimberly

Okies BTW (for those who don't know its Bead Table Wednesday) is here and I will share what Ive been doing!

 My Lampworked beads are meant to be small (with this Green Girl Angel charm) to make this a wearable necklace for a 13 year old girl..

To cut a long story short my neighbors are having a hard time and the owner who is being the banker called me and told me she was going to foreclose on them, they must of fallen way behind. Daunting very sad! The owner who sold them the house "for Sale by Owner" and is financing the house called me to ask if they moved out during the night and to call her if I "see" anything. My husband told me Janet don't do that, and I can't see myself calling her. I'm not the Alice Kravitts type.

And I feel very bad for them as she is a single Mom with a 13 year old daughter and her elderly Mother. Big sigh here. So Ive prayed for them yes, and I have been torching little beads to make the daughter a necklace. 

Its got an Angel and it looks like she is bringing good tidings! I will make this necklace and give it to the girl telling her tho that No matter what happens in this life that the Lord loves her and to stand firm in her faith that God can open doors of change even if they right now are closing.

Here's the beads Ive torched. They are small and only a few fancy ones. I will make some twisties today and see about wrapping them around some small beads and see how they look too. I don't want big beads for a cumbersome necklace..something made that she could wear often maybe.

I hope everything will be ok for them and maybe she can catch up..Bless them!

Paying it forward..

Its really nice to make some good friends in the Blogging world and my friend Kimberly Roberts is surely one of them! She was my bead partner 2 years ago in the big Bead Soup Party hosted by Lori Anderson. Some friends you just nick with and they stay close..what a great feeling! Kimberly's so talented now doing ceramics as well as her Lampwork. I believe she does it all! 

Here's what Kimberly sent me. She had a Pay it forward and I was luckily picked. Shes made me 4 Lampwork beads (ooops I forgot 1 in the pic!) to match the handmade ceramic that she made. 

How lovely thank you Kimberly. You Rock!

And its Hot hot hot in Topeka!

Ive never seen so many birds constantly taking bird baths two at a time! 

Stay cool!

I'm off for some cold Green tea!

And thank you for stopping by!


thanks Janet! you are so sweet! so glad we *met* 2 years ago :)


You have a sweet heart of gold! I know what you mean about not wanting to be the Alice Kravits type. That girl will treasure her necklace and her mother will be forever grateful for that kindness.

Love your PIF gifts!


Thank you Kristen! Talk about sweet ummmmn you are right in the front in that dept!


Janet, Your piece is filled with thoughtfulness and love! It is gorgeous! What a beautiful thing to do. I know it will be treasured.


What a sweet gift! I love the guardian angel ! Don't photograph on white - in most light it will throw a blue cast back into the camera!It's not your camera fault : ) unless you have photographic lights.You can also chnge your exposure with the +/- button I use +.7 or 1.00 to get the light I need