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Tis the Season for Gala Balls and Shimmering Nights!

Its cooled off with chilly days and some coldish nights in Houston now. So it makes my heart rejoice to say Thank you Lord! This weather makes me feel alive!
Well Ive got a lovely Jean jacket that I purchased from Cracker Barrel a comfortable restaurant if one likes the country. Its got hoes, rakes farm equipment hanging from the ceilings just everywhere. On the walls are many pictures of husbands and wives from when photography first started. Some are a bit grim looking with their stoic stares men in their suit's and women in their finest long dresses. None really heavy looking...I'm sure from walking places and on the farm no one had a chance to get heavy like you see nowadays. You just know there was not violence, rape and pillaging one sees today. People had a reverence to their maker. Even believed there was a God. I sure do believe that there is a God The Great I AM who is the Alpha and the Omega the Beginning and the End! A life where things were easier...
Getting back to the Jean jacket I purchased at Cracker barrel its so pretty with brown and green leaves embroidered on the front of it is why I made these two pieces of Acorn jewellery!


I like that its nice!!


Hey Bro here Janet your work is Wonderful! Send me some more pics ok?