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I Just Love Thanksgiving!

I Just Love Thanksgiving!
But the real reason I love Thanksgiving is not the food—honest. It’s the actual giving of thanks. Of course, that’s what we should be doing every day of our lives—giving thanks. But somehow at this season (and I do think of it as a season, not just one day) I find myself wanting to be more intentional about thanking the people God has so graciously put into my life for what they mean to me. And, of course, thanking the God Who gave me these people. I watched two old Movies on Turner Classic movies the other day and they touched me how in these old movies they said Grace and also prayed and gave Thanks! So long and forgotten feelings on Sad.

In America, the First Thanksgiving Was a Sincere Act of Joyous Celebration. The Pilgrim company had survived the winter and harvested sufficient to feel themselves bountifully blest. "O give thanks unto the LORD, for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever" Psalm 107. I am really looking forward to another Blessed Thanksgiving!