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Taking some much needed time off...

Everyone has their own agenda...and I'm finding I need some time off from blogging...I will still be making some Jewellery though and that will be on my Etsy page! But I am finding I am needing rest and the getting of things done. I will be here and there and reading blogs when I can but this is something I must do at this time! Yes that's what it is balance...

I love you all and the many Beautiful blogs I have found...a bit bit of Heaven some of them! I am not don't forget me! I will return when I am able...


You are so right. How important balance is. I need to do some of that also. Blessing to you.


Balance is always good and we each must decide what that is, where it is, and then move toward it as best we are able.

Let me know when you are back!

...special thoughts and prayers for you!


So so sweet you two are and I mean that! I want getting things done! And I knew thats not right. Lotsa huggs ox


Hello Janet, I have only just seen your comment on my blog - sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I hope you are enjoying your blog break - time is so precious and blogging should never take over.

I look forward to your return.

Jeanne x


Enjoy your break..I have enjoyed looking at your blog.


what a gorgeous photo...enjoy your little break...i take them to from time to time...just to regroup...i appreciate the words of support you left for me, thank you very much!!!


Balance, every girls dream! You go right ahead and take your break, there's no set rule for how much or how often we should post, so hopefully you don't stress about it!

Janet, i'll be here when ya get back all fresh and new and revitalized!

ciao bella
creative carmelina


Just checking in with you and see you are taking a much-needed break. I completly understand and will be here when you get back! :-)


Taking tome off is good...even Jesus needed to get away at times. I'll visit when when you get back...have a nice break.
Your new follower.