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Down the rabbit hole I go today

This is the closest necklace I've made to dedicate to "Alice in Wonderland". Ive never named it so perhaps today I will name it "The Chesshire Cat"! Wouldn't it be Smashing if it had a Big Grin!!??

Today's the day for Alice! I'm pretty excited about it! So I said to my Son Adam this morning "Lets you and me go run out and see it"! So well be going at noon today. The Movie is 2 hours and 5 minutes wow it should be a real work of art. So I had better get ready but before I go here's a few more things...

Here are some Avatars I've just got for my Etsy page..I'm excited aren't they pretty? I love them!

Ill be back this afternoon hopefully brimming with happiness at the Movie!
Have a wonderful day down your Rabbit hole!


I love your necklace! Did you make that amazing cat bead? Hope you and your son enjoyed the movie.
May I ask who made your avatars? I need one badly for my own Etsy shop.
Divine depth Designs


Hey Raj! I did make that necklace and I love it lol! No a close friend made it! Im in the process of buying a kiln and lampwork tools...Im pretty excited! Here are the two women who made my avatars their work is very pretty!
I had the 2nd woman design the big fat bird one for me.
The movie was Fantastic!!!


I want to see that movie too! What a nice necklace to go with it :D


Thanks for stopping by my blog, Janet! Your jewelry is beautiful! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.



Hi Janet
Yes, if you were in VA, I bet you'd come to the class tomorrow too and we'd have so much fun.
But it looks like you had plenty of fun today seeing the new movie! Your necklace is amazing!


Come in via Ornamental - and I love your jewellery as well. Its so pretty.

I am looking forward to reading the entries and getting to know you online.

Sara - still struggling to make loops with pliers, as a beginner :)


lovely, janet! and lucky you for getting to go see the movie on the first day of release....x


Love the necklace, just wonderful imagination!
Your spring necklace is gorgeous, just wonderful detail.
So sweet of you too to feature the banner. Hugs,


I LOVE that necklace! My daughter and I will be going to the UK this Summer! We have been dreaming about it for years, so seeing the lovely photos on your blog is just making me want to go sooner.


Darling thanks so much for visiting my cottage and for joining my followers, much appreciated. I am delighted that our blogs crossed, now I have a lovely world to visit on daily basis. Have a week filled with blessings.

Love & Hugs


Time is truly a gift!!!! It appears that you are using yours very wisely, friend.