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Zuleykhas package and the happy dance and GAEAS Contest!

I was pretty happy yesterday to receive these polymer clay fruit beads in the post (see...right above this post) made by Zuleykha. Aren't they wonderful! She lives in England and makes the BEST polymer clay fruit and flowers! Here is her blog. There was a jewellery challenge about one month ago with 83 women participating and Zuleykha was one of the women who made jewellery to submit. Everyone was so impressed! We all swapped beads and then all ran around to 81 blogs to see what each other had done with the beads they were sent. That was alot of fun and great anticipation too! So today I strung this button necklace with Zus fruit you can see above. I am going to try my hand at some fruit making if I can get the time...time is always running away! But really they don't get much better than Zu! Actually what got me started was Gaeas (<----- click here) blog about What is the strangest thing in your fridge? In my fridge it was a silly plastic lemon I keep in it. Read her Blog its a really cute Post which is also a contest where you can Win her beautiful beads! Thus the necklace was born!

This was blooming when I went out of the front door today...def a pick me up....

Today is overcast and a tad cool but slightly humid! Humid is a hard thing to live with especially here in Houston. And especially being that I came from beautiful Virginia. But as the Lord has said..."to be content in All things"!! My husband has a great job and we all know how the job situation is! So my complaining turns into Thankfulness! So even tho its overcast Miss fancy pants English rose took the edge off the dreariness. Quite cheering...

I seem to take so much time to blog and put pics up... maybe the Mad Hatter didn't murder the time like the white rabbit said but I sure do!

So Id better get to moving around here the day goes to fast!!
Have a wonderful evening everyone!


Oh that necklace looks like candy! I like it!'re right it does coordinate with my blog post today....there must be something in the air that's making us use these pretty colours! oh wait, I think I know what it is...


beautiful creation...
and also the flower is stunning!
ciao bella


Hi Janet! Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to learning more about you and beading! :)
Beautiful necklaces!


What a fun necklace. Just lovely. Have a great day.


Followed your link on Gaea's site had to see what you came up with. The necklace is super cute. I love buttons AND plastic lemons lol.
Visit my blog sometime:


Gorgeous necklace! Have a sweet day!


Lovely necklace - and beautiful work on Etsy...I am so jealous!!

Love and hugs