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The March Hare is here and some Lampworking News

March 1st is today and she is certainly a take charge woman...taking out the old and bringing in the new! Here's an Ode to March!


March marches to the beat of her own drum,
Angry in the way of eager youth,
Rebelling against what she will become,
Challenging the too-long-frozen truth.
How beautiful, this month of rage and ruth!
Nicholas Gordon

And who is the March Hare?
According to Alice "The March hare will be the most interesting, and perhaps since this is May he wont be raving mad~at least not so mad as he was in March"!

"Mad as a March hare" was a common phrase in Lewis Carroll's time.. And it is based upon popular belief that hares' behaviour at the beginning of the long breeding season lasting from February to September in Britain. Early in the season unreceptive females use their forelegs to repel over enthusiastic males. It used to be incorrectly believed these bouts were between males fighting for breeding supremacy.

So like the famous friend The Mad Hatter the male feels compelled to always behave as though it is tea~time because the hatter supposedly "murdered the time" whilst singing for the Queen of hearts. Sir Tenniel's illustration also shows him with straw hat on head, a common way to depict madness in Victorian time. So thus we see the beginnings of why the hatter is considered mad!

I am reminded today of My Mother she is 88 years young now still with us Bless her. Here's a beautiful cup and saucer from the China dishes she has given me. Its called "Beverly" and very lovely. The rabbit I gave to her when I was a 12. We treasure the things we hold dear to our hearts...don't we?! When I set this set out for a special dinner I am one again a young girl!

Wonderful News!
After 3 long years of waiting yes three years! I've gotten the monies to make buy my lampwork supplies. Is this a happy woman? Oh yes Sir...a wing and a prayer have been answered! The Lord is good! Ive considered this for awhile and taken two classes and still want to do it. How can a dream die that is some how planted? It cannot. Are there many people doing lampwork? Yes. Lots and lots. But I've got my own ideas and I will be pretty happy when I have learned to make better and better beads. We all have to start some place! And today its March 1st and the March hare is about and I shall go have my cuppa tea today in my Mother's china cup and rejoice!

Have a wonderful March~hare day!

PS When I was a child I used to stand up in the mirror on the vanity in the bathroom thinking I could actually walk thru the glass into Wonderland. It never worked lol. What a world that would be?!


Nice loverly post about the March hare and the ode to March!


Hello Janet
What a great post, I agree! Nice picures...especially the treasured tea cup from the set from your dear Mother. And the bunny from when you were just 12! I wish you the best as you follow your dreams...and start down the wonderful road of glass bead making!


Hi Janet--love the hares, your blog, your etsy shop and for sharing your faith!


Lovely post. I feel spring already, just reading about it ;)


Thank you lovely people! ox


Hello darling, you have an interesting blog and a lovely teacup. Have a blessed Sunday.

Love & Hugs