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Just beautiful...a live Cam here of a hummingbird on her nest!

Here are some screen shots I took this morning and just now...
so precious!

This has been a very exciting past 2 days as I've been watching a LIVE Cam of "Phoebe" in Southern Calif on her tiny Nest! I found this thru the beautiful blog of The nest is in a rose bush 7 feet off of the ground. The owner has a live cam and there have been over 4000 people at one time watching worldwide. Home schoolers as well as some schools are broadcasting this. There are two small holes from the little one trying to peck out of the egg, and when she flys back to the nest you can hear the Woosh of her wings (turn sound up) . Go have a look ----> here! There are wonderful facts about Phoebe as they have done this before!

I can ONLY Imagine ever having a hummers nest on any tree or twig in my yard!

Meanwhile have a great Spring day!


Hi Janet
Thanks for sharing is gorgeous!!

I love all nature and birds in particular so this was just amazing to me.

Hope you are well.


Did you go to the site they have a *live* bird cam with a hummingbird on the nest!


Sad Update: A lizard came and scared her away, but she did dive bomb it! Egg may of been bad. The height of the cam viewing was 4000 people! I still go the chat it is so clean! "Phoebe" has have many clutches and many babies to live too. God love all these creatures! Owner expects her to have another clutch soon as she has 4 nests in the rosebush. Wow huh?!


Beautiful pictures today. I know how it is to be a bit overwhelmed with blogging and everything else life requires. Take your much needed rest, and we will see you when you return.



Just found your lovely blog...your blog header is amazing. Have a restful time off..I know the gets soooo busy and trying to fit in blogging is sometimes difficult.
Your images are so lovely. xo


OH She is back on the nest again!! After 1 1/2 weeks!