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Time is a gift...and I used her today...

I had to give a class today and show some young children and adults how to paint. It was alot of fun bc I got to relax! How many of us *Takes time* ??? It seems its a rushed life now. I love the internet but I KNOW There was a time when people *took time* and had a coffee and or teas sat and talked. Picniced by a stream or lake etc etc etc the list could go on...So it was really nice just to paint something today. I used to kind of cringe and painting had to be just so. Now I just "DO IT" and get ion with it not so afraid and things come out quite well. So these are two paintings I painted today. Simple and quiet. Maybe not world smashing but like in the Movie Babe when the Man said "That ill do Pig" So I will say "This will do"

Time is a gift isn't it?!


You really should paint more, you have such talent. Those are so lovely. I can't decide which I like the best!


Ill get the heart one framed for you!!xox


Hi Janet,
I think your paintings are very nice. You're very talented. Thanks for sharing them with us and thank you so very much for your sweet comment...Oh and for becoming a follower, how very sweet of you. I do hope you come and visit again soon. Have a wonderful Monday.

Hugs and Kisses,
♥Ana~A Petite Cottage


your blog is so colorful! i love that you put up "inspiration" photos for your jewels, great idea:)


I love these little paintings. They are soo pretty. I love pretty, and vintage and then altered and grungy as well. I have two parts to my personality - and I guess thats how it comes out!!
Thanks for following my blog - you are inspiring me to make and photograph things as I go.



I love to paint~
We have much in common. Your paintings are beautiful. I am off to teach kindergarten art to our homeschool group. I will come back when I get a minute.
Your jewelry is wonderful too~
I will be back soon!
Have a blessed day!


I saw your comment on "Farming on Faith" and had to pop over. Yes, time is a gift. Your paintings are lovely. I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Have a great day.