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Easter Wishes!

Ive taken a long needed rest from blogging and will be slow at it...time fleets so fast! The rest has been good and hopefully I can get back into the swing a bit again!

And so it is Easter time and a lovely time of the year when the trees are starting to bud that certain shade of green that one only sees at Springtime! And the Spring flowers it is a Joyous Season.

As a Christian this is a Season of Miracles when the Lord rose from His tomb! I watched a remarkable special on the television tonight on the Shroud of Turin and how with even more computer graphics and study they showed what is to be believed as the real face of Jesus. He looked Jewish and a kindly man. I was moved! If you didnt see it it is on the History channel and it may be viewed on the internet.

Here is the cake my Mother made when I was a girl growing up. I sure loved this cake! But at Easter I will make a carrot cake and a choclate cream pie. The kids wanted something totally different so I caved in...we will be cooking out on the grill. Changes are good!

Happy Easter Everyone!


I love the bunny cake -- and I LOOOOOOVE your new header! So romantic, and I'd kill for that dress!


LOL yea me too and the figure lol am working on it!


<3 Easter Bunny cake!


Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


I enjoyed your blog! Very insightful
here's one you will like!
God Bless you friend, Bob West