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My Invitation to Spring and tulips

Springtimes in the air and look at these beautiful Gardens! There are places like this...wouldn't it be wonderful to have some tea and sandwiches there. This is the Mead Tea Gardens near Bath England established in 1937. I know these places exist in America! That's what moves the Soul is beauty...the touching of pleasantries...birds that sing and warm breezes. My husband says its too cold but I say "ahhh its a cold Spring day"! Its hard not to spend monies as a jewellery person don't we all know it. Lampworking... am pouring my monies into glass...then bead again with my own...ah but we do always need the sisters and brothers being the ceramics...

This is what my hands were inclined to make today! A Touch of Springtime...

Well Id better get off of this PC I seem to spend so much time on it! My house needs to be made beautiful..talking about beauty lol. And food needs to be cooked!

Have a great day everyone who walks unto my page....


hi it's nice to meet you...
i'm actually from Canada!

i love your jewelry creations..and the stunning spring photography!

you are following me...and now I've come to follow you too!
ciao sweetie


Gorgeous! Makes me think of the Azalea Festival at springtime :)


Those necklaces are beautiful!!! You are a very talented lady.
Thank you for visiting my blog today and inviting me over.
Let pray that Spring makes its appearance soooooon!


What a gorgeous, gorgeous piece, Janet!! I absolutely love the soft spring colors (sure makes me wish that warmer weather was here already). The composition of your necklace is really beautiful... this is my favorite now of your jewelry!


Oh, would I love to walk in those gardens just now... sigh! Lovely necklace!


Carmelina~ You are sweet! Im gionna keep an eye on you lol!

Kaozz~ I know...the Azalea Festival in Summerville SC. I miss it too!

Traci I love your blog its really lovely!

Cindy~ you are ever faithful! Thank you so much I just loved making it lol. Ive got so many ideas for lampwork too!! They are sprouting from my

Stregata~ Your blog is wonderful so prettty so Serene! I know a garden is so peaceful....

For those that may believe in the Bible..well The Lord put man in a Garden makes sense it is a refuge...!


Hi Janet
How wonderful to meet you! Your jewelry looks so beautiful along side the pictures of spring. Just gorgeous! I'm sure you'll find the same kind of beauty near Houston, too. It's so beautiful in the spring time when all the wildflowers grow along the hwys here in TX. I was amazed the first time I saw it.

Thank you for leaving your wonderful comment on my blog. I hope you find a great dress form soon.
Patricia :o)


Your gorgeous pictures make me dream of Spring even more.... Off to read some of your past posts...
Have a lovely weekend!


Your jewelery is simply stunning! I am totally in love with that tulip necklace. Is it for sale! Simply gorgous!!!