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Grandmothers in life are the Chocolate chips!

"In the Cookies of Life - Grandmother's are the Chocolate Chips!

I miss my Grandmother after all of these years!

I remember as a child we used to go "up" to Grandma Jeans. Up meaning from NY to NJ. We did all kind of great things. How I loved her! I still miss her...sometimes it's like shes not gone. Strange. But she is. One time in summertime we went to homes open to the public. These were backyards on show with nice gardens and pretty rose bushes. And many of them had teas and refreshments. Those were the days. But they were great days. Then where my Grandma lived was a very big Lake. Lake Shawnee. There was a sandy area where you could swim...a big area and with little tiny tiny frogs. And you had to wear a badge. Oh you had to have that badge and that was a worry to get that from Grandma! Funny how some things loomed so big then! A respectful worry. An order to how things were done. Good grand and wonderful days! The area she lived in was very hilly and woods in her backyard. Me and the neighbors girl would go thru the woods and one path was to NY and the other path to NJ! I miss Robin...and I bet she may still think about me too...I miss my Grandma Jean alot. She also made these magnificent eggs. She would "blow" the contents out of a chickens egg by two little holes in each end. Rinse out and when dry paint them. She saved old cards from all occasions and put them around the edges of the egg after she cut a hole out of the middle for a scene. The "scenes" sat on cotton. They were beautiful and its not bc I "remember all things lovely". They were works beautiful eggs! Some she made jewelled eggs sitting on pearls, strands of pearl jewellery she collected from garage sales. A few years ago when I was still in Scotland my brother sold them and so many things at a BIG garage sale when she moved, even her ironing board! But he had his kids and their friends helping, so many treasures are now gone. Anyway I thought I'd write a small glimpse of the days I still love.

What are your Memories of your Grandmother or favourite Auntie? The Lord is so good...He gives us gifts of Grandmothers!


As the years pass things don't seem as special as they were years ago. Maybe it's just age that shows us the flaws in life. Or possibly that the pride and respect people once had is whisper in the wind?

You will always have those wonderful memories like sunlight to warm you when life feels cold.



That is such a sweet picture.


Both of my grandmothers are gone now. I too am thankful for the memories. I especially remember the strawberry cake my mawmaw (my Dad's mother)use to make us. Thanks for helping us remember.

I want to be a wonderful "chocolate chip" some day!


Awwww yea me too Patty!
Yes she is a beautiful Grandmother!!


I miss my Grandmother, too. She baked, cooked, sewed, quilted, I wish I had asked her advice about everything!



I miss my grandmother too. We called her Fann. Her name was Frances. She taught us manners, grammar and took us to church. She showed us how to arrange flowers and she had amazing food all the time for us. She was the best of our family!


Yes, my grandmother...I miss everything about her...

Thanks for stopping by, you MUST post about your cabbage project! You are going to love it! I am happy just looking at it!


Janet - Are you my newest follower?! Thank you, and welcome, welcome! Oh, I am so glad to meet you through your blog (and mine)- your blog is so very beautiful. I love your spirit and your gentle soul. Your pictures are so beautiful. The one about the grandmother almost made me cry - as I just recently lost mine. I am so glad that you found my blog. I have somany lovely things to share with you and some wonderful contests for the future. I will be back to visit with you here very soon.



My grandmother had each of her weekdays planned for what she did. She was so organized and dressed in her best when she "went to town". I was priviledge to sew on her treddle sewing machine and now it sits in my dining room. She was the best cook and I loved her angel food cake with coconut icing that she made for Sunday. Such wonderful memories and now I will be a grandmother in August.


Thanks for this special post... sharing a moment for us to reflect on our Grandmothers. Unfortunately I never got to know one of mine very well as she lived in Japan. She had the sweetest smile. But my Grandmother in Baltimore and I very close. She was the best cook ever... I sure miss her apple dumplings, Hot Milk cake and chicken and dumplings...