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Woodsey Jewellery!

Some Woodsy Jewellery!

This week we went on a wonderful
but I will tell you about that in my Next Blog!

My lovely husband has been home all week
on Holiday that was great! Not much
PC time for me as he played golf all week
online with his Uncles from New Zealand
and England. But a happy man is a good man!

Hopefully Missficklemedia will have her
Giveaway parcel tomorrow. I am
hoping she is as pleased with it as I was
creating and sending it..

I am patiently waiting for this hot weather to end!
Surely I moved to the wrong
place leaving the Mts of Virginia!
But I will Bloom where I am planted..
Texas to say the least is a challenge.
Great IF you like Summer forever.
Ach well onward to the higher calling!

Here are two Woodsy Necklaces I have
made. One quite Woodsey! Laurel
Stevens focal on this flowered Lovely
with smoldering green and ruby red rondelles.
Various lampwork on the Green leaf
necklace below.

Both can be found in my Etsy Shop on this page!

"Everlasting Beauty"

"Last Light of Summer"

Have a lovely!


These are great Janet. The first one definitely indicates a yearning for Fall!