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My friend Author Jean Yates is having a Lovely Sale!

You know I have Never met my friend Jean Yates.
But I would love to meet her because yes she is an Author
of this great Jewellery book. But because she is
such a lovely person. You just get a vibe with
some people and Jeans one of those people.

Two years ago Jean and her husband grew pumpkins
and measured them daily. I looked forward every
week to see how big these pumpkins grew!
Everyone was on their toes to as how big they would get.
Great post I hope she grows some more of them!

She has a great Blog but besides that Jean is always
doing something intresting. This doll I believe
was a design Challenge she entered for fun.
Something like this will crack you a smile and
brighten up you day!

Is this kewpie cute or what? lol.

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I hope Jean didn't start the dollies
rebelling! lol

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Here is Jeans Book

Please check her Blog out about this wonderful
Bracelet on Sale! Jeans Blog is here!


Thank you so much Janet! You are so sweet to publicize this sale in your blog in such a lovely way!

I think you are GREAT!!!

xox jean!!!


Haha he is so cute! That bracelet is sooo pretty too.


Thank you for leaving a nice comment on my blog. And yes I made them all. I love to sculp fairies it put my blothpresser down lol.


Thank you guys!
Jean I am so happy you Sold your necklace..what a beauty that was!
Thanks Kaozz <3
Liliane your sculpting is wonderful!
I keep wanting to sculpt. Need to buy some Cernit and get many things to do!


Glad you got to spend some time with your hubby, Janet! :)

Now...that jewelry you made is STUNNING! Beautiful! LOVE both pieces!