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Missficklemedia, Gaea and Jenny came to Tea today!! And some Jewellery!

How I wish they would of come to Tea today!
We would of had small little..

Sarnies as my husband would say..
Small salmon sandwiches..cucumber
sandwiches..cheddar crumpets
Tea and Coffee..

I would of had my daughter too how
Precious she is to me.. She
is feeling down today. I told her how lovely
she is and in the eyes of the Lord!
There is Always Hope for Tomorrow and tomorrow
is Another day. Life IS a Gift!
Here is my Jenny she and
I look So alike. Maybe I like.. love
Faeries but really My faith is in The Lord!

"For with God All things are possible.."
Matthew 19:26

I love my girl Jenny

Our Lunch..
But instead Missficklemedia and Gaea they
were here in Spirit today!
as I fashioned some Jewellery from
Missficklemedia and Gaeas findings..

Here is My Latest Jewellery!

(Will be available in My shop soon!)

*Chain and patina rounds by Missficklemedia
*Gaea Ceramics
*A found Key!

"The Secret Key"

"The Snow is Coming"

*Jubilee house
*Green Girl Studio Leaf
*Light blue Sapphire beads
*Faceted czech faceted rounds
*Sterling wire and findings

"A Touch of Class"

*Gaeas ceramic crackle rounds..
WHO needs pearls when you have crackle?!

I hope You all have a great day!

Put your faith in The One who Never Slumbers Nor does He Sleep!

**Psalm 121:3**


Delightful, all! I am a sucker for anything with a key and little houses make me happy. I love all that you have done here. May they all go to good homes!
Enjoy the day!


Very beautiful, I particularly like the 'snow is coming' necklace. It does convey winter and coziness.


Love you too!

Gorgeous necklaces, love them. The heart one is so classy!


Love all the pieces I am a sucker for keys and I too would love to have tea with you and all of these fabulous ladies.


LOVE THEM! I knew I could convert you on those round white crackle beads! The little houses are killing me! Sooooo cute!


I think I too shall start to have tea parties like that. What an excellent idea. On tuesday's and thursday's, coz they start with a T (ha, there's a pun in there too ... I just realized). So many people in the beadingworld I wanna invite.

Love your new jewellery!

And you have a beautiful daughter!

All my best!


Oh what it is to have a daughter! A gift that is treasure and tested through time!
Love Love Love the Key! I am such a sucker for the symbolic!


Oh wow, I thought you really DID have them over! And the jewelry is lovely! I love the little house!




Thank you for your lovely comments!!


Oh I love the little house, feels all wintery and sweet!