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My Give~Away Winner!

My Give~Away Winner!

will have 3 Winners..
So please don't take heart if you did not Win!

I want to THANK everyone who so kindly entered,
blogged, Followed Me
and facebooked this Give~away!


I really appreciate all of your efforts!
There were so many W
onderful Comments amounting
to over 100
and that counts the ones that were mistakenly
put on to my previous blog entry. This was alot of fun!

This was a Random draw!
I am happy to announce the Winner being

Miss Fickle please send me your e~mail to
me at
and I will get all of these lovelies + off to YOU!


I have won 2 things in my life and this is the second!!!!
I am so ecstatic!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

my email is;


Sounds like you had fun with the giveaway! Glad it went so well.

And congratulations Missfickle!


Yay, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. Well, unless that person was me. Just kiddin!

Congratulations Shannon!


Congrats to your very lucky winner!


Oh Shannon is a wonderful person and she so deserves this win!!!


Your blog is stunning. I enjoyed to read this blog and look at the beautiful jewelerey that you made. Funny to see those pictures of the fairy doors. I have to show them to my husband because I need a fairy door for my house next to my front door. I have a lot of fairies inside my house and they neet a door to leave my house :)


Or should I say Thank you..You guys Rock!


how wonderful that Miss Ficklemedia has won your generous giveawy! I am very happy for her!!! It was a fun entr and wonderful prizes, Janet!!!

xox jean


Yay for Shannon! Ouch for the dollies!


Thank you guys!
Naughty Jean and her dollies lol!!