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I got to meet my friend Helen and Beautiful Jewells..

My visit to Helen's!

So this was our journey out of Houston several weeks ago, and it was marvelous to get away! I was finally able to meet my friend Helen Simon (!!) who Ive spoken to for three years now. She is a Lampwork artist who lives in Louisiana. Ive bought much lampwork from her and finally we were able to meet. That's really an exciting thing to do thru the world of the Internet. I was so as my British husband would say *chuffed to bits! We drove out of Houston in a torrential rain downpour which was on the scary side, the driving was dangerous. Ron wanted to turn back but I said well we should be out of this soon. A half an our later we were finally out of it and were exceedingly thankful. Almost three hours later we arrived at Helen's home in Louisiana where Helen and her husband own 6 acres. Her husband keeps the place so manicured and very prim as you can see. Here is the great arbour he built. She grows roses and all kinds of herbs..

So here is Helen with Tasha the beauty who shows off all of Helen's creations. It was neat seeing "Tasha" in person! Funny how things go round as I painted mannequins at one point in my life for a living. I wish I had that ageless mannequin beauty! Ron and I brought Subway for everyone which all promptly ate heartily. Helen's Son who's been home schooled joined us and a nicer young man you couldn't meet. He showed us the wire rings he had made (wonders why didn't I take pictures grrrr).

Helen has a lovely mobile home and has a small room for Lampworking. A super tight fit and you couldn't ask for better. Isnt she pretty?!

Here is my husband. Where is Janet? Always taking the pictures!

Helen showed us some things to do with lampwork. Some things which were ahhh yes that's how you do that. She showed us one thing to make but she asked us not to tell anyone so my lips are sealed. That was neat to learn something Special. How generous. Helen is a Christan like myself. I love my friend Helen she is so beautiful inside and out!

All of her lovely treasures in her china cabinet..

This is the *Other china cabinet that holds many Treasures..

Here is a cuff Helen designed isn't it lovely it is in her shop for one hundred and ninety~ seven dollars. No it isn't cheap but I admire my friend because she has worked hard and with her talent she does not give her things away. The economy may be not very good but a skill well honed is worth its weight..

Rings made by my friend!

This is a really beautiful handmade handbag with lampwork sewn onto it. The price of this handbag is one hundred and ninety~seven dollars. Just precious.

This lampwork above was a gift from Helen. I was so over the moon to of gotten it! But my husband paid her a handsome price for it. When we came home my Son said why Mom did he do that.. it was a gift. My answer was "True but my friend showed us lampwork techniques that you would of taken sometime to of figured out". And we really respect that..

Here is part of the finished necklace and it is surely Heavens Bounty!
I went out the next day to the post office and to the bank and the clerks who worked there asked if I made jewellery. Its is a beauty and will never be for sale!

It was hard leaving the peacefulness. Helen neighbor has a pond on the side of her house and Helen has one in her backyard..

Getting ready to leave..
And so we drove home wearily happy.
It was wonderful meeting my friend after three years!

Life is a gift isn't it!?

Im Thankful to the Lord for All of His Blessings..

Have a great day!


Janet, how wonderful that you were able to meet your friend in person after corresponding for 3 years! I can imagine the wonderful conversation and all of the great little tips you learned. Your special necklace is beautiful.


Thanks for the memories, Friend! That was a fun day.:)I could kick myself for not dressing better & putting on makeup...oh, well. My Christmas Open House will be day after Thanksgiving, and oodles nicer, so do come back. Everything is half-price that one day, my Christmas gift to my Friends. Love, Helen ♥


Does Helen have a website? or a blog? I would love to see more of her work; the beads in the necklace were beautiful


How awesome it was for you to meet! I am so happy for both of you!!



Looks like you had a nice time. Loved seeing the pics, never got to seem them!

What amazing work she does!!


oh!! what a beautiful day!! you told it very well.; and a lot of pictures... i would like to be a little mouse , just for see in her secret cabinets.... very pretty things.. and her Necklace ...!!! what a piece of art!! thanks for sharing!!


What a very special visit, how lovely to be able to meet after so long. Looks as though you had a wonderful time. ps thank you for following my faerietale blog x


Thank you for all of your comments!

Moonlit you can Google Helen on her name Helen Simon!