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Ive been featured on Etsys Treasury!! Please pray or send warm Thoughts for this little pup!

Ive been featured on an Etsy Treasury!

thank you

My "Last Light of Summer"!

People are aleways so wonderful doing goodly things arent they?!

Please Pray for this precious pup or send warm thoughts?!
My friend Juls pup is having a terrible time..please read what she has written..

Chelsea has recently developed sebacious cysts, both on the surface of her skin and below it.
Her lower back and hind legs look like a road map of knots and bruising.
She can't lay still for even 5 minutes between itching attacks now,
and she whimpers every time she has to scratch.

The only cure for her condition is removal of ALL of the glands.

Her surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, Sept 21st

Please pray for this Little on that the Surgeons hand is skillful and that she is fine!?!

Thank you!!


Woo! Way to go! Maybe someone will buy it hehe.

Aww poor little puppy, hope she is ok, will pray for her!!


<3 Thank you so much for posting about my girl~ Chelsea and I appreciate you! <3

That's a fabulous treasury~ a fitting place for your gorgeous necklace! Congratulations!


Congrats on the treasury! You so deserve it!

Sweet pup has my prayers already!!



Congrats on the Treasury..what an honor!
I'm sorry to hear about Jul's puppy..I saw that on another blog. WE are all thinking of the poor pup.


Best wishes for the puppy and congratulations on being featured.


Amiable post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.


Your jewelry is really wonderful maybe I will get some spare cash soon!