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Fairy homes..some Jewellery and My First GIVEAWAY!

First off My first Giveaway..

To Celebrate All of my new
lampwork tools and Journey!

I'm so excited about this my first Giveaway!
And here are All of the beads:

8 Green Girl Studio Charms for use in your Jewellery
And a String of Gaeas beads
And a beautiful Lampworked focal Rose by my friend Helen Simon

a koi fish pendant
a floating castle
a follow your heart NSEW flying heart
a faerie butterfly
mermaid faerie
a flying bee
a flying pig
a faerie round tablet
this string of Gaeas beads
a lampworked Rose

**And a Surprise Extra focal that you will Not be disapointed in!

Gaeas beads

A beautiful Lampwork Rose

At the End of this Blog I will tell you HOW TO ENTER..

Read below about all the Wonderful faerie
houses throughout the World!


Do you believe in faeries?

Come along..and see these lovely faerie homes all over the globe!

*this will be in my Shop*

I made this faerie like necklace out of some
Lampworked leaves last night..
added tendrils to keep the bugs off! I wouldn't say I was on a
faerie binge, but certain things lend themselves
to whimsy I think!

A Rainy day Necklace to wear..
with a Jade Scott focal and few Gaea beads

*this will be in my Shop*

This is my fireplace with the faeries door..

My house number is 7019.
Aren't they Copy cats for heaven's sake!

Look what they are doing drinking their drink
on the top of my china closet!

I put the night Camera on..
Naughty naughty faeries!

She sleeps in front of my fireplace.
When I lived in Aberdeenshire Scotland
I always went to Pasttimes..

they sold the most beautiful faeries Ive ever seen...

This is Lakewood Elementary School
where Mrs. Wrights kindergarten class
learns about the world..

This is part of her classroom..
See the faerie door?

Faerie doors even take residence in this painting!

Who would ever think?!

This is the Jefferson Market..
see the door way up high?

See the door?

Can you believe someone took the time
to climb all the way up to do such a thing?

Here is Nicolas Lovely is this?!
Sweet things and fancy make the World
a lighter place to live in ..

don't you think?!

A door in her book shop..

Here is The Peaceable Kingdom..

Do you think they were bad tenants?
All broken down!

Or touched by human hands, yobs my
British husband would say.
A shame..

Here is the lovely Red Shoes..

How to Enter for All of the Green Girl
Studio Charms, Gaea and Helens beads..

* You must follow my Blog and that is 1 point
You can get Xtra points if you:

** 2 extra points if you facebook this
** 2 extra points when you Blog this

Please let me know on your Comment
if you have facebooked
and blogged!

Tuesday September 7 @ 12 Midnight Central time

Enjoy enjoy!

*** I would like to Thank Jonathan from
Urban fairies for all of the pictures
of these lovely faerie houses!
You can find him at:
He is also on facebook:


I follow you, and I'll facebook!


I have never seen that before. I will start watching. I do believe in fairies, I do!
I am a follower you know!
Enjoy the day!


First, thanks so much for sharing all the sweet fairy doors!
What a generous giveaway,please include me! I am a follower


Hi Janet
Thank you for opening the door to a whole new world...the land of fairies. I was not familiar with their mystical doors.... really sweet examples here.
Your new necklaces are the tendrils in your fairy necklace!
I added the give away today's blog post! :-) This is incredible, Janet. Would love to win!


Such adorable stuff! I love the little fairy door!


so much fun! I just became a follower. Would love to win that beautiful stash!
Erin S


Lovely fairy doors!

As far as the giveaway is concerned, don't trouble with entering me. (I've got a good source for Green Girl pieces!) ;-)

Good luck though. I hope it brings in a lot of traffic and followers.


I'm following...thanks for sharing about the doors, I've never heard of fairy doors before...I'll have to keep my eye out.


Beautiful shinies!!! Thanks for sharing all the marvelous fairie doors and fae-inspired jewelry!!
I'm following you now as Sprite of Sprite Creations and posted this on Sprite Creations' page on Facebook!


I am already a follower and would love to win :-)


I am now a proud follower and have posted you site on facebook. I love the fairy doors! I've never seen them before but I'll be looking for them from now on!


I am following you and the faeries! I've never heard of faerie doors, but will be on the lookout from now on! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.


How wonderful that there are so many fairy dwellings with such beautiful doorways! I would certainly patronize a shop that also catered to the little people.
I'm a follower and I'm putting you on my!


And I've also listed you on my blog in the Give-Away sidebar.


I wish you would at least give credit for my photos and perhaps a link.

~Jonathan, Fairyologist


jbw I was in such a hurry to finish this blog that I did not post where I found the pictures! I would like to thank you and apologise at the same time! I have put your links up! Thank you for getting my attention on this..everyone will love your pages!
kind regards,


I am now a follower, I love all the fairy doors......I want one on my house


My Grama's Soul said...
THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY today and leaving a comment on my blog. I cherish each and every comment.

Now for the give-away part.....oh yes....please enter me in your give-away...I've told you before I am always so amazed at all the wonderful jewelry designers out there and the beautiful things you make.



September 2, 2010 5:40 PM


Kristi Bowman said...
Awesome giveaway, thanks for the opportunity. I just put FB'd it for a couple of extra points. THANK YOU!!

September 2, 2010 8:12 PM


Doreen said...
What a great giveaway. I am a follower. Please enter me!


Oh what a nice giveaway! Lovely beads :D

Those doors were lovely, such a shame some people have to be destructive in some of those pics.


Wow Janet, you are super generous!! What lovely pictures. I love all the wee fairy doors. ANd I know Past Times well! They have lots of very beautiful stuff. Please count me in, I'm a follower already! I'll blog about this one too later today but I'll let you know when I have. Thanks!


I am now a follower and will blog about it.


I just love those fairy door pictures! I've never noticed them before. I am a follower and just blogged about your giveaway at Raida


Beautiful jewelry and I love the fairy doors! I'll have to go looking for my own little fairy door now...there must be one around here somewhere! :D


Oops! Forgot to mention that I'm a follower! lol


What a beautiful giveaway! And I love the fairy doors. I'm going to have to start looking for them!

I am a follower already!

Have a wonderful day!


I just posted this on my FB Page.


Hmmm, my previous post didn't seem to show up. I'm a follower of your blog. Sorry if this is a duplicate post!


Good morning! Love your blog!!! Please count me as an entry. I will FB you too. Have a great day!


I follow you. Thanks for this pretty giveaway.


Just added you to my 'must read' list of blogs to follow!
Love the the whimsical feel they give me....hoping I can win the fabulous goodies you are giving awat!


Lovely pieces! I just became a follower, and I posted on FB under my business (Cornerstoregoddess) account.


I posted the following on my facebook: Faerie Moon Creations "There is a lovely little giveaway going on at Janet's blog - if you'd care to stop by. The post is also filled with lovely little faeries. How sweet indeed!" Obviously, I included the link!!!


My first comment didn't show up! I am now following your blog, and I thank you kindly for visiting with me. What a lovely giveaway in a faerie-filled post! Theresa


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space September 3, 2010 7:53 AM
What a delight! Great post dear one! Thanks for the sweet time! Blessings.


Gaea September 3, 2010 8:38 AM
That is too cute! I had no idea about all the fairy doors! What fairy wouldn't want that loot to play with too! Awesome giveaway Janet!


Lorelei September 3, 2010 9:49 AM
I am a follower!
Please count me in for this super awesome giveaway prize, wowza!


Melissa September 3, 2010 10:01 AM
I followed your bread crumbs you left on another blog.

What a great give-away. I would love to win! You see, I have been wanting a charm bracelet forever, it seems. I have some charms, but haven't gotten my butt in gear to actually make the thing. Maybe this will help me. (come on butt, get going!)

I adore all those little doors and all those places with them. How wonderfully fun!



Tyne September 3, 2010 12:26 PM
Love them! You have beautiful stuff. I would love to win them and use them in my necklaces.


Cottage Garden September 3, 2010 12:50 PM
Such lovely pieces here Janet and a fascinating post! Yes please do enter me into your draw. I am not on Facebook but I can put a link to your blog on mine if you like...

From tomorrow I am away on my travels for a week or two and will catch up with you on my return.



Faerie Moon Creations September 3, 2010 12:43 PM
Well hello there! I am stopping by to visit you with. SO many lovely faeries here! I'm so thrilled. :) I'd be honored to join your little giveaway. I'm about to follow you right now. Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me! Theresa


I have to tell you this is the first I have heard of "Urban Fairy Houses" But my son and I make them with his school every June its a blast!


What a Sweeeeet giveaway~ and I LOVE the Fairy door pics. I'll have to take a pic of the one on my house and send it to ya.

PS~ BEAUTIFUL necklaces!

PSS~ Of course Imma follower. :~)


I'm a new follower. Loved your pictures and those cute little doors!


Fun post and great giveaway! :) I alreadt follow.

~ Laura (Moags)


Love your piece "Fruity Buttons!"

I've added a post about your giveaway at

Best regards!


I've never seen a fairy door before - how adorable! Thanks for such a great giveaway and I love your blog.


Hi. Lovely work. What a wonderful giveaway. I blogged about it on my blog . Thanks for this opportunity. I will also be posting this to my Yahoo group StitchMAP. A lot of Crazy Quilts are made by the members and they are always looking for charms and beads to put on them. So, I hope you don't mind. :-) Moon


Wow I have never seen anything like those tiny little fairy houses - so cute!

Well for your first giveaway you have really outdone yourself... what an awesome array of goodies! Thank you so much for offering them.

I am a follower of your blog!



Hi - I have just also blogged about your giveaway!

Thanks again,


Well, I don't do Facebook because it freezes up my computer but I am now a follower of your blog and I did post this on my blog so that is good for 3 points... :)

I hope you visit my blog to see my newest fairy crazy quilt that I made for my granddaughter. It is the teacup block...the little girl is having a teaparty with her fairy friends. :)

I LOVE that flying pig charm!!!

Thank you for such a fabulous give away!


Cottage Garden said...
Such lovely pieces here Janet and a fascinating post! Yes please do enter me into your draw. I am not on Facebook but I can put a link to your blog on mine if you like...

From tomorrow I am away on my travels for a week or two and will catch up with you on my return.



Faerie Moon Creations said...
Well hello there! I am stopping by to visit you with. SO many lovely faeries here! I'm so thrilled. :) I'd be honored to join your little giveaway. I'm about to follow you right now. Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me! Theresa

September 3, 2010 12:43 PM


I just became a follower. I love fairies and have a friend that I truly believe is a fairy. Love the beads and hope you draw my name.


Hi Janet:

You came to visit our "Baker's Dozen" blog, and asked how you could see Thearica's tea time block, so here's the link. Scroll down to find her beautiful block.

Janet, I love your blog!!!!! And I will definitely blog about your give away on my blog:

I would love to win your wonderful give away!!!


I am a follower!


Follow! Blogged! Facebooked!

Love the necklace, it is so vibrant and fresh!


Love the doors!

I have become a follower, and have blogged about it:


I've also FB about your giveaway!



I blogged, facebooked and will follow you anywhere! ;)

great post, Janet!


I'm a new follower! Lovely little doors!


I just followed you and I facebooked! :) Love all the Fairy doors! Never knew that existed!


I follow you!.... I've been thinking about fairy doors all summer ( esp. for my 8 yo grand daughter). I love your beads!


What an interesting post!!! I found you through Craft gossip! Thanks for a chance to win some fabulous goodies! I'm a new follower!


What a lovely blog. I adore fairy doors. I am following and blogging!!


I don't think I've ever heard about fairy doors before. How cute!

I follow your blog and have blogged about the giveaway (at Wild roses and blackberries).


I want a fairy door! how adorable! I now follow your blog :)



We had a babysitter one summer at our cottage when we were kids who believed in fairies - we even exchanged letters (they used to leave them on the woodpile). Perhaps they used the trees instead of doors.

I am now a follower and will post your giveaway on my facebook page.


I am a follower, but I do not believe in fairies, at least not yet. But seems like there are many that do! Love the little fairy doors, maybe you will make a believer out of me.


I follow you here and am FaceBooking in a second...thanks for the post/pics on Fairy doors..never knew of these.


I'm a new follower - very nice blog, I've enjoyed the posts : )


I am new to your site, checked out your store, you do wonderful work!
I became a follower.
I would love to win.


I am following you and I did a facebook and a blog at typepad and blogspot. I hope I win because I am in the middle of my Christmas work. Some I donate and some are gifts to family and friends.


I've always loved fairy doors and think it's a wonderful idea. I've never seen them in such interesting places before! Thanks for the pics.


sharon said...
Oh Janet! Your kind words have touched my heart. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to tlak to you about my religion at another time too!
Please enter me in your beautiful and generous giveaway! I am a follower!
Big hugs to you!

September 4, 2010 9:59 AM


This is so cool! I facebooked about it. Your work is wonderful!


Love fairies! I was just telling my grandson after spotting mushrooms in the yard that fairies lived under them. He disagreed, said there were no fairies. I told him "yes, in my world there is." His response, "Um, okay, grandmama." And then we moved on to talking about Star Wars.


I'll certainly follow and facebook - what lovely jewelry!


I'm a new follower. Love your pictures!! Thanks for the chance to enter your first giveaway.


Oh I do love your work. Pretty. Pretty. And the Fairies Doors. Well you're never to old to learn. How sweet!!


I follow you, thank you for sharing I love all the fairy doors! :)



I follow you! I can't believe you found all those doors - how great is that?


What absolutely wonderful fairy doors!
I have yet to spot a fairy door tucked into a local business, but I will certainly keep an eye out for one.

Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful beads.
I follow your blog.


I'm a new follower thanks to Cindy of Sweet bead studio. here my facebook post!!!

Thank you for the giveaway. Your blog is interesting!!


Hi Janet,
I enjoyed this fun post and great pictures!
Wow, i am in love with your Rainy Day Necklace! :)
I am a new follower and i am looking forward to visiting often.

cyclona66(at) aol dot com


Your jewelry is beautiful....(one L ) (thot you would want to know). I want to make a fairie door now!!!! I will follow your blog!!! Here's mine!
Thanks for having a 'giveaway'!
love from the daughter of a mom from Scotland! :)


So Gorgeous, and Inspiring (to infuse, impel...breathe into...)
I am facebooking you...
Love your new work ;)


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Janet, what an awesome giveaway! So generous. And all those fairy doors. Wonderful!
I wish to win all the beauties, so therefor I:
1. am already a follower
2 and 3. have blogged about the giveaway
4 and 5. have shared on facebook

Wish me luck!
All my best,


I am following, and I have facebooked. What an amazing giveaway!


Erin said...
Hey Janet! Thanks for the invite to your giveaway! Wonderful, amazing beads! Wow! And I love all the fairies! I'm already a follower, please count me in! Thank you! :)

September 5, 2010 3:44 PM


Thanks for the fairy tour!!
Your necklaces are lovely.
Congratulations on all your new toys!


ok so ditzy me commmented on the wrong post!!!
i am a follower and going to facebook about this now :)
loving those fairy doors :)


Such a nice blog and giveaway :D Thanks for the chance! I'm a new follower and I blogged about it over on



Just posted it on my blog... which I bet you know, since you're y newest follower. Thanks!


I'm following you, Janet...and I got "lost" over here last night (or was it the night before?). I got into "Faerie Land"...and - well - need I say more??
I found you via Eleanor's blog (which I also follow) - and now I'm obsessed with looking for Faerie Doors everywhere!
I've posted on my FB Profile, and - well, that's all I can do...haven't started blogging yet - I spend too much time on OTHER people's blogs! Thank you for the peeks into your world!!


Loved the faerie doors! Thanks for sharing. I've linked to your giveaway. Hope it brings you a few new followers. Best regards!


I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I am now a follower.

katkiley@ aol. com


I am now happily following your blog through any fairy door that appears!

Love and light,



Oh I love your stuff and I love, love fairies. I am following you and I will facebook. Thanks!


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