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Whats on Your Bead Table Wednesday?

Today is bead Table Wednesday..
And it is a quiet day here but steadily heating up. Last night it was so oppressive it felt like a sauna as soon as you stepped outside. I saw a medium sized frog the other night too and was shocked to see him as we never get water. Amazing! 

If your on face book then you have already seen these two Sets. So they are whats on my BTW. They can be found in My Shop too here at SingingGlass!

News is scarce! Ill be torching today and I will try something new!? Hope that goes well.

Have a great day and keep calm and cool!


Hope the heat is less oppressive today. Your beads sure look cool in all their glorious splendor!!

Sending some lavender smells your way :) Like you, I have so much to do but it's easy to get sidelined and want to create with another medium. I have to stop and take care of what needs to be taken care of now!!

Happy Wednesday,


Janet, these are beautiful! Every time I stop by your blog I'm amazed... your beads have always been lovely (right from the beginning), but they just keep getting better and better! I love them all!

Can't wait to see the something new. Have fun!


Those beads have so pretty colors love them...and Im very curious about what new beauties You are making ! xx


Hi Gwynnie! Like you adore Lavender my most fave is Lilacs! Love love love that smell. Thats what I need is a Lilac oil. I wonder is that is available in an oil? Thank you Gwynnie!


Rebekah you always me me feel good! I really appreciate your lovely comments. My beginning beads were so different I know. I smile when I look at them! But oh do I have a journey here a long one. But its all good!


Birgitta I made 2 mushrooms yesterday. I need to go and look at them..afraid to open the kiln up lol. Thank you Miss B xx