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Bead Table Wednesday!

It is Bead Table Wednesday!

That's the Latest for me! That's what is on my Table and went to visit with all the other beadie friends in the Shop LOL. 

You know when I torched this I did not like the beads! Why well I dunno. Silly I guess. When they are all bundled they look like a beautiful arrangement! We all need a little more faith sometimes don't we?!

I hope your day was wonderful. If not remember tomorrows another day..and that the night washes away the sediments of today! Have a great day everyone..


These are gorgeous Janet, make me think of toffee....yum.


Oh yes! Toffee... with marshmallows on top! :D I think I'm hungry!

And thanks for that little bit about tomorrow. I really needed that. Yesterday was NOT my kind of day. Today will be better... I just know it!


Thank you Davina!

I hate having off or bad days Rebekah but they are always bound to come arent they? Im so glad you are better now. I had some dillys for bad days recently with my Sons situation!! Im always so glad for the tomorrows.


Love the colors and the dottie ones the best!
Enjoy the day!


The colors remind me of fall, my favorite time of year!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my name! Only 1 friend ever called me Gwynneth and with everyone else it's Gwynnie. The childhood friend I miss is Janice. She moved away when we were 10 and I thought my world collapsed.

Have a wonderful evening, dahling =-)


Thanks Erin and Gwynnie!

Gwynnie I remember a few kids that moved away..and I still miss them today! I know Im an adult. But I do I always missed them! I guess we are all like kids inside still. or atleast I am lol! xx


What a lovely soup...and a fab looks BIG..will make quite a statement...very pretty colors.


Great soup, Janet! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


J- friends and colleagues are often such great sources of creative soup - may we all share more ingredients. B


That's some beautiful soup ingredients you have there, Janet. Can't wait to see what you make!


I can't believe I missed this many posts!!!! You got a pretty cool soup there and I so look forward to your creation!