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The Bead Soup Party and My Partner!

Its Bead Soup for Tea! 
As My British husband would say.."Janet whats for tea"? And that means whats for supper..and so the Bead Soup Party continues!

And so I am pleased to say that my partner 
for this years Soup is the lovely Devina Algeri Aussie 
from "Polymer Clay Beads Baubles and Buttons". 
She does wonderful polymer clay!
And makes beautiful jewellery to boot!

Today I will torch her some Lampworked beads. 
What to torch..I'm just not sure? 
I will play with my new 
and see what comes 
out of the kiln!

I've to meet my Muse in the Studio today
and she needs to be on time! 


Oh, I love her blog! And her beads are yummy indeed :) Can't wait to see what you get, what you give, and what's created! Oh, and I hope your muse is on time too....mine never is ;) She usually shows up at 2am. ha.


Holly! You are a woman after my Own heart! Yea she does really nice things! I found her on fb she hasnt responded yet, but I saw her photos. Her jewellerys lovely too. My Muse want here yesterday thats for sure!


What a great pair-up, I'm looking forward to seeing all the creativity bloom!