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Today is a brand new day! A Playdate of beads yey and Todays Friday..

Do you ever start a Blog and not really know what to say? Wear your heart on your shoulder or just get on with it? 

I will say..this life is not for the faint hearted!
Sometimes I say to myself Janet your too touchy feely. But no this is the real thing. But sometimes your heart is so broken. Theres been a serious family problem, but this too shall pass I say.
Have I torched? No at times you just cannot do anything but grieve. But today is a brand New day and things are gonna be ok.

Here is a set of purples that Ive torched 
and Not shown before..

 They have a play date with Gaeas beads and are fighting for their placement with my Lampwork lol..

My Lampwork on L and Gaeas beads on R

 Here are my new loveys from Birgitta at 

 I'm bad for hoarding and not wanting 
to take these beauty's to create to sell!

My husband was home for a week on Holiday. No torching then. Then the catastrophe in the family and here's my glass and tools that have piled up and not been brought into the Studio. I'm really good at freezing up and not being able to create when this happens..

So I raise my glass to everyone and wish you a Happy Friday and may the good Lord Bless you!


We should form a club...Bead Hoarders Anonymous.... Love those purples, and mixed with Gaea goodies? Nummy indeed! I, like you, tend to lose the creative impetus when faced with life's difficulties. But honestly, that makes me enjoy creativity so much more when it does shine again! ::hugs:: and positive energy to you :)


Oh Holly I Love you! Let me count the ways! lol. Creative you are!! Yes I freeze up and just cry and cry. Thank God for His Mercys are renewed every single day. I have sooo many focals hoarded! But they arent always focals that are reproduced so I cant sell them. No way!


I love it when my beads from different artists come out to play together! They all get along so famously.

I know about the time crunch. When you are focused on family matters all else does not matter. But the cool thing is that you don't have to be without creativity. Why not pick up a sketch book and start a journal of designs so that when you do get back to the torch or the jewelry table you are all set? Or I like to pick up a book and actually read it. Shocking! I just finished a great one, The Help, that is coming out in a movie next week. Sweet! And the good thing is that those materials will patiently await your return to the torch. You will get there my friend! I feel the same way about my clay!
Enjoy the day!


Purple, the color of royalty, creativity, mystery, and...


You have got magic in your fingertips and in your heart!

Wish I could be there to cry and play...


I love the swirly bead in the top photo at the top. I tend to hoard my favorite vintage linens, lace and buttons instead of creating with them. I'm beginning to think if I use my favorites then maybe I would actually sell something!!

Life has a way of taking over doesn't it? I find it hard to do much of anything when burdened with a crisis. I know your heart is hurting and I will continue to pray for you and your family!


Your beads are lovely...I hope your heart becomes lighter.


Thank you Miss Erin its been a trial here. But things are looking up! I havent torched now in weeks. Dang time is wasting away. huggs xx


Thats beautiful Gaea..lovely Gaea xx

Yea sometimes we need our friend to be nearby..I believe we would have some great fun and laughs getting together! Maybe a lunch date in Topeka? lol


Anette I am exactly as you! I tell myself well if you used this and that you could make some great jewellery! But I wont part with them! They are sometimes not easy to get again and one of a kind, or the journey to get them was hard..and so how can we give them up? We cannot!


Thank you Wanda! How are you doing theses days? Your Blog is so beautiful and peaceful!! I feel I can rest my Soul when I visit xx


aaahh ... those are such lovely colors and very feminine ...just like You with the big heart filled with compassion!! I am sure the creativity will soon fill Your spirit again and then lift Your heart <3


Hi Janet,

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement the last time you came a-callin!! You know I think we all have a bit of the hoarder in us. "I mean who could possibly love or appreciate these beads as much as I do??" seems to always come into play every time you think about using a piece of from your stash. Besides when they are gone they are gone is always a bit of a broken record in my thoughts. :)

Maybe it's not so much "This too will pass" as much as it's living with and accepting the changes to our lives, that cause so much of the turmoil?? Sometimes it takes all the energy we have to manage to work though these things without becoming a bitter, unhappy person. No worries your creativity will patiently wait for you to take it back up. In the mean time be proud of the person you are becoming. That is one of our greatest creative challenge.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.


Janet, your beads are so beautiful. I really hope you find your way back soon!
Take care,


Thank you! I know that Time is my best friend...ox


Haha I agree with Holly! Bead Hoarders Anonymus! I'm in lol


Hi dear..Very cute information.Thank you so much for sharing about Today is a brand new day! A Playdate of beads yey and todays Friday.