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Ive been so out of Blogging because..and the Traveling Bead Box

Where does the time go? Its so blasted hot here its been 104 degrees in the shade! And tonight it is 95 at 9 PM. 
The ACs been running non stop. My front yard is burning up. This is really bad heat to handle! My Studios really warm and hard to Lampwork in now. We were really kind of hoping the hurricane would hit here! Maybe another will come..its rained 2 very small showers this whole summer. Never seen anything like it.
I've been busy with my family..a good thing! This is my latest Lampwork below. Meanwhile I Won by a random pick "The Sisterhood of The Traveling Bead Box"! I was so happy to of been picked the winner after 20 tries at the I'll be posting about that in another week and a half.
News is Ill leave you with my latest Lampwork. I guess my style these days is Shabby chic Lampwork as I call it! My Lampwork has been selling a bit well..and I'm so pleased! Lampwork is such a learning curve believe me. Thank you for those who have bought! I Always put a little extra something in the bundles I send out too!  I Love to work with glass and its really relaxing these days especially when another skill is mastered.
 I love this set because it reminds me of the fall harvest when there's a bounty. Red cabbages, eggplants and rhubarb! This can be found in my Etsy Shop HERE.

I hope everyone is ok and surviving this heat and hurricane..
God Bless you!


Wow those beads are beautiful!
Ouer summer is really bad, we have rain and it is so cold it feels like it's autum:-((


Beautiful beads and congratulations on winning your chance with the traveling bead box. I too am wishing for fall to hurry up and get here this has been one hot summer!


Beautiful beads Janet!! If I had the bead box in my possession, I don't think I would be blogging alot either! I would have my hands buried in that box!! :)


Thank you guys! The Box has been a great excitement..weighing 18 pounds!! I wish it would rain here..trees are dying everywhere *sigh*. I cant wait for cold or cool weather!!


Janet those beads are yummy! Congratulations on winning with the traveling bead box. Stay cool my friend.


Janet ~ I'm loving those color combinations! I picked up a variety of gemstones at Bead Fest this month and they would work perfectly with them...heading over to your shop to SHOP! Hope someday I get picked for the box too!


Thank you for your kind comments! I really appreciate them xx
The Box I know its so heavy! I was shocked Id won after so so many tries! ox


Janet, Congrats on winning the big bead box! I would love to see how it has changed since I had it here in VA so long ago. You must be having fun going through it!
Your new "shabby chic" style beads are really pretty - that is a beautiful color combination!


Lovely beads of yours and congratulations as well..

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Congrats on winning the box..that will keep you busy for a while. I hardly ever go to the torch in Summer..even some Spring weather is too hot in my little 'studio'...some days I get up super early or late at night..but then there is the issue of the kiln running through the night..which I am not keen on doing.
Your beads are coming along really well...and some purples are quite hard to work with..aka the EDP and frits that contain it. Well done.


Thank you again guys. Am about to list the BOX up for grabs on a post!


WOW your "Shabby Chic" is no where near shabby girlfriend! I love them!!!!