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The Cost of Handmade $ and the Metals class we took!

(this is a Long Post..Bear with me!)
The Cost of making handmade from tools and Lampwork..
there is alot more to everything than meets the would be surprised!!
But before talking about the price of tools etc.. This is the Class we took:

No Solder, No Glue
Instructor: Gwen Youngblood
Here was our great teacher 
Gwen Youngblood..

This is a tool Gwen designed for riveting.
And it was a heck of an ingenious tool 
I hope to get one as soon as she has them available..

Ok my husband and I took this very invaluable class at Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin Texas on Saturday. The class was a bit hard for a beginner like me, I seemed to be all thumbs and for a person who is very hands on I was surprised. I think it was so because there was so much information! Gwen really packed alot into this class 4 hours. It was really a GREAT class! Even tho we were unable to finish we now *know how to do what we were taught and some things will just have to be practiced. You walk away with so much respect for the knowledge of the teacher and all of the techniques and cost of the tools. A very renewed respect I will add! These techniques must be practiced until your work is good enough to sell. And that in itself alot. But we now know and can incorporate other ideas into what we have learned!

This is my and Ron's pieces, not finished and there will be practice that will have to be done for future pieces!

Ron's piece is here.
Is that not Sweet he made my name on his..
unfortunately he messed the bottom a bit. 
But when you mess up..
You learn!

Here is mine!
(and it is not great and the flower is uneven)
The fluted piece is ok but by no means perfect!
And this will take time to perfect. The 2 dots
are too close, but well hey
I did it! And..
can go on from here..
Here are some tools that we 
bought while at Blue Moon..
these are for lampworking.

The economy's bad bad right now, but materials and the cost of tools is not cheap! It makes you really respect the cost and time that many talented artisans from Lampworkers to Metalsmiths put into their studios just to make beautiful things. We did receive a discount off of the glass bill below, but I am showing you what the cost is for many an artisan.
I'm thrilled Blue Moon Glass works had all of the glass in stock and I was able to see what we were buying.

This is price per pound on the glass we bought.
And these are about the going prices anywhere..
So do I respect my Craft? I sure do!
We bought many beautiful colours 
and CIM glass as well. Beautiful coloured glass 
is not for the faint at heart. The more brilliant and pretty the colours; the higher the price was told by a Lampwork distributor today on the phone (not Blue Moon) I see many Lampworkers just about giving their work away now. They must do this as a hobby. But why? A bad economy. I will continue to learn and strive..despite the times in this economy! I will be striving for One of a kind focals etc...

 Tools-We did not get this caliper from BlueMoon Glassworks, but this is to show what a very precise DIAL CALIPER runs. Need to measure beads precisely? Cost? $35.00. This makes me ever so thankful to be doing what I'm doing and learning to do!

This bead you can see is 12 mm.

Some of our Trip to Austin..
many parts of Texas are having a drout.
We were shocked to see all of the dead trees along 
the way for miles!
A small reproduction Texas town, but deserted and not operating..
The ever happy Jim and Rose. Lovely people and always so helpful! Their Shop is akin to a Candy land for many of us..

Here are a few of the many Showcased Lampwork in 
at Blue Moon Glassworks..

You know who this is!

This looks like Lauren Stumps work..

This? Heaven!

We had a great time!
Thank you for stopping by!


OMG!!! What fun - and yes I think many of us don't realize how much work and tools go into things. Did you see Cynthia Thorntons husbands video on casting? It's fascinating!


Hey Patty! Oh it is so expensive to get into Lampwork. My glasses were $55.00! I saw that video of GGS and my mouth was dropping open!! Thats right THE WORK involved in their casting and developing their focals. Did you see the price per pound on my Blog here? I was told today by Moretti and Moore that glass has just sky rocketed. But fortunately many Glass suppliers have alot of sales now. Why..bc of a bad economy. Sheesh I pray things will get better for this country..the World!


Very fascinating, Janet. I know sewing can be quite expensive too, especially if I want good quality supplies. I buy the best that I can afford and keep my eye out for sales. And then I hope someone will pay the price I ask for my items.
Great post!


What a lot of fun you are having! There is a price to what you learn and I think that it is worth every penny. You will become even more skilled the more you work at it. And all that glass! Wow. Those butterflies are beautiful. Looking forward to more beauty from your hands, Miss Janet.
Enjoy the day!


That metals class looks amazing! Love what you two made.

Interesting to learn the cost of glass rod, I had no idea. Each time I take a class these days I have to pause and add up the cost of the supplies, sometimes it's a deal breaker.


Thank you Anette! I remember sewing and my Mother sewing my clothes and coasts up until I was 23 yrs old. Material is high now! And the things you make are ever so lovely Anette! But a quality item with goodly materials are always worth it arent they?!


Erin thank you!! Yea we had alot of fun together doing this..Together!

Angie I know. More tools and then more $ out. We didnt buy any of the tools, but may inch into the simple end of riveting and some focals with the copper. You are so right the tools can be the deal breaker! We have spend alot on Lampwork alone!


Since I got into metal work I have definitely spent a bundle on tools. On the plus side, since I'm not working with precious metal, except for some silver wire, the metal cost is very reasonable.

Sounds like you two had a great time. Have fun with your new skills!


Seems so fun!!
and You guys made a god start with this new skill...cant wait to see what will come out of it :)
mmmmmmmmm looks pretty all those glass sticks .....xo B


Oh I think for first timers your pieces were awesome. I so further respect your venture into glass making with the costs that are involved but I am positive with your new shop you will recoup and then some!!!!


WOW!! a cold connections class!!! how fun!!! you and i talk about this all the time.....there is always so new tool you need for jewelry making!! but i love doing it so much that i makes it all worth it!


Leslie when I picked this to go into it was not reasonable cost! People just dont realize costs!

Birgotta thank you we will get to moving on the metals, now I need a tumbler. Another cost lol.

Thanks Kiesten. I dont know if Ill ever get the costs back! It will take years ach well..its a good journey.

Kimberly your sooo way ahead of me in the metals tool dept! Ive got such a ways to go catching up to you. The turtle can catch up tho I will try. We spent a wack on glass. What a cost of some of this glass yikes. I will not be practicing on some of this glass!

thx guys xx


so,what is the pink tool? I'm guessinga hard surface w/divets for riveting?(as in, the spread rivet on the other side is placed in the appropriate sized divet to hammer the side facing you?)


Boot~C the pink thingy is a tool Gwen designed to stick one side of your rivet in while your hammering the other side flat. Invaluable tool! Yes the holes are for the appropriate size.


Beautiful lines, and quite a treasure too.


Wow look at all that glass! I'm starting to make my own lampwork beads and I really appreciate all the work that goes into patterned beads. I've just discovered your blog and have enjoyed your previous posts on lampwork.
Deb x


Thanks guys..appreciate this!


Beautiful pictures, Janet. And a beautiful verse, too. :)

Have a great week.